Our Love Story – Part 9


If you’re just joining this series, be sure to read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6Part 7 and Part 8 before you read this post!


After taking  an unexpected break from writing Our Love Story posts, I’m back on it! I’m excited because this week I’m telling you about our wedding.

After months of planning, meetings, dress fittings, planning, praying, organizing and praying…oh, and showers (the bridal kind), it was our Wedding Day – February 11, 2006.

A glorious day!

I got up early and started getting ready at home.  My bridesmaids were staying with friends, so I spent time with my amazing family.  It was precious.

I decided that this was “my/our” day and I wasn’t going to worry about details any more.  My mom and my sister answered questions and solved problems that I didn’t even know about….that I didn’t need to know about.  I was able to completely enjoy my fairytale day.

My sister drove me to the church to meet my love.   It was really important to us to have most of the photos taken before the service, so that we wouldn’t be leaving guests waiting…and waiting…and waiting.


We had a fun morning of wedding photos (in which my veil got tucked in my brother’s jacket during a picture and then yanked off my head when he stood up), broken zippers (on a bridesmaid dress), smiles, laughter and a light lunch with Our Fabulous Wedding Party.

I relaxed as we waited for the ceremony to start. The music was breathtakingly beautiful.

As guests arrived, I peeked out to see who was there.  I’m so nosy like that.

About five minutes before we were to walk down the aisle, we lined up.  My little niece, a bridal attendant, decided right then that she had to use the bathroom.  At this point, the bridemaids were already starting down the aisle, so I whispered to them “walk slowly.”

I took Aliyah to the bathroom and she wanted to take her dress off to go potty. No way in the jungle was that happening. Just in the nick of time, we got back in line for her to walk down.  Whew!

The doors closed.  I had my Daddy’s arm. {precious moment}

The most glori0us music filled my ears as the doors opened for us.  I saw Ernie waiting, but my eyes didn’t stay on him.  I looked at all the guests as I walked down. It was so special for me to look at them and thank them with my eyes.  It is something that I won’t ever forget.


My dad performed the ceremony.  Our vows were meaningful and heavenly centered.

Remember when I told you about the necklace that my Dad gave me when I turned thirteen?  Well, Dad asked for it back that morning.  I didn’t know what he was going to do with it, but part way through the ceremony, Dad began talking about the covenant I made with he and Mom – to keep my heart.

Dad pulled the necklace out of his pocket and gave it to Ernie who now had my heart. I’m pretty sure at that point, everyone had at least one tear in their eyes.

When Ernie and I started “courting,”  we agreed to wait to kiss until we got married.  It was not always easy, but it was worth it.  And it wasn’t awkward at all on our wedding day. 🙂

I loved being pronounced husband and wife…after fourteen years of thinking we would get married!

During Our Reception, I was so busy talking to guests, that I didn’t eat anything except one bite of cake. That was a mistake.

The children started screaming about how it was snowing outside, so everyone went to see because it never snows in Alabama. On February 11, 2006, it snowed for the only time  that winter. I’m convinced that it was God’s blessing on our wedding day. 🙂


My brothers along with the help of many others, decorated our car.  It was such a mess, that our first stop was a gas station and then the car wash.

As we left I smelled something funny, so I asked, “What is that horrible smell?”  My brother Luke, said, “Go, Go, Go!”

He had attached smoke bombs to our car. How nice.

So we were off.  On a cold, beautiful February afternoon.  Driving into the sunset to the rest of our lives.

What is your favorite wedding day memory?


  1. I shouldn’t read these at work. It’s kinda weird for guys to walk in and you be crying at the computer. Oh well, I’ll just tell them I got alloy dust in my eyes. BABE, I LOVE YOU.

    1. Oh my goodness you two are too much!! I just read this whole series and it is precious!! I love that you courted each other and kissed for the first time on your wedding day. I want to raise my children to court their future spouse (no dating) and to save their hearts (loved the meaning behind the necklace!).

      My husband and I had a whirlwind romance. We were friends first for about nine months, dated for four months and were engaged for four months. I caught the bouquet at his cousin’s wedding and he proposed that night. This December we’ll be married 9 years and have four beautiful children. 🙂

      I pray you both have many more happy years ahead of you!

  2. My husband was the ultimate bachelor. He was the very LAST of all his friends to get married and everyone kept teasing me that he wouldn’t show up at the church. So I kept asking everyone I saw that morning, “Have you seen Michael? Is Michael here?” Now of course I knew he would show, but it was hours before I saw him or talked to him. We also had pictures taken before the wedding. So my favorite memory of that day was when they cleared out the sanctuary and placed him at the end of the aisle and had me walk down from the back to meet him. Our photographers were the only other people in the room during this time, so I have amazing pictures of us seeing each other for the first time. Precious day! Priceless memories! I have loved reading your stories too! They make me reflect on own fairy tale day!

  3. I love reading your Love Story posts, so sweet. I love that you and your husband decided to wait to kiss until your wedding day, me and my hubby did the same thing. I think it’s great because we got to kiss twice during our wedding ceremony and we have pictures of our first and second kiss. You don’t hear of very many people doing that, so it’s great to hear you guys done it too!!

  4. What a sweet love story! I especially love the part where it snows on your wedding day (In Alabama no less! I’m an Alabamian too. ;)! I’m sure that was like the icing on your wedding cake, to the most memorable day of your love story. 🙂
    Whitney´s last blog post ..Hooo Are You

  5. I came via Traci and I’ve been hopping around all over! What a lovely story! My husband and I met when we were 18- one of the first days in college. We dated on and off for 3 years and then went our separate ways for 5. The Lord prompted a re-communication (I just made that up) which slowly grew more frequent over the course of a year+. We saw each other again for the first time in March 2000, were engaged in May, and married in October. It’s been a wonderful 10 years! (the nitty gritty is on my blog)

  6. Your love story is one for the books. I and my friends really admired your story and couples like you whose relationship is rooted in God’s love. We’ve already read this post for over a couple of times now and yet it never fails to touch us. We are so inspired! Thanks for sharing. Advance Happy Anniversary!

  7. What a beautiful love story! I love hearing God-stories like yours that give Him so much honor and glory. I read it while in labor with our sixth child and it brought tears to my eyes different times. May God continue to bless your family!

  8. I read your story and I think it is beautiful! Thanks for sharing it. I wish more couples would court…and also save their kiss for their wedding day. A few in our church have done that.

    But it is so wonderful that our loving, forgiving, Heavenly Father makes all things new when we come to Him with a humble heart.

    Love is such a gift from God!
    Linda´s last blog post ..Awesome… Vince Gill Singing About Jesus!

  9. Oh wow, I read the whole thing from the day you met! Amazing story and I’m so glad God still weaves stories like this when people are willing to follow Him!
    I am also very blessed to be living modern day ‘fairy tale’, we got marrier August 2006. I knew my husband as part of our youth group for 8 years and the thought of marrying him NEVER crossed my mind, until we went on a missions trip to Russia together and God showed the real us to each other, we came back a knew we would marry each other and he proposed just 3 months later. I fell in love with his soul, well, and him too 😉

    I wasn’t raised by Christian parents, but so thankful my extended family was Christian and when we immigrated to U.S. from Russia the only friends that spoke my language were in church, I know I would have been lost to this world otherwise. God changed my heart, through youth and actually a great many Christian boy friends, I kept my heart for the one I would someday marry 🙂 I am so blessed and thankful that we have such a marriage when all I see around me is relationships falling apart. Truly when something is built on Christ, it will stand through eternity.
    Thanks for sharing your story!
    Anastasia @ eco-babyz´s last blog post ..STOKKE Scoot Stroller Giveaway {$599}

  10. Thanks for sharing your story. I was 11 when I knew I was going to marry my husband. He waited until we were 18 to figure it out in a “duh” moment. We will be married 10 years this July and will be having our 4th baby the month after. God has blessed us and strengthened our love over all our years of being together.
    A random question… Do you like your name? Myra is on our list if this baby is a girl but I have never meet a Myra. We have Anna, Laura, and C Lara so if ewe get another girl it fits with our theme,

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