Our Wedding Reception


This week, for Show Us Your Life at Kelly’s Korner, we are visiting each other’s wedding receptions and honeymoons. How fun is that?! I hope you enjoy visiting mine. We were on a pretty tight budget for our wedding, so our location wasn’t amazing…a church gym…but I think the decorations turned out beautiful!

I wanted something different…not the normal stuff that you always see. We used tents to bring the “atmosphere” down from the super high gym ceiling. We also had the lights off because they gave everything a yellowy cast. It was a little dark, but I think it was ok.

Corsages–I meant to show you this picture last week. I love them!

Reception Decor
Groom’s Cake Table & Coffee Station
The groom’s cake must have been fabulous, because neither Ernie nor I got a bite!!
Food Table with Wedding Cake in background
Chandelier hanging in Wedding Cake tent
Right after we were introduced into the reception. I love Prince Charming’s face!!
Wedding Cake
The wedding cake topper was also my toss bouquet!
Cutting the cake

We had a previous agreement to be nice to each other and not smear cake all over each other’s faces!

This isn’t a great photo of anyone, but I like looking at the back of my dress!

The kids were enthralled with the punch fountain!

Ready to catch my bouquet that I threw from a balcony.

The precious Higgs family and me. They were my “family” while I was away at college. I love them!!

Gift Table

Food Table again

I loved the cheese and veggie tree! We served chicken salad, little smokies, fruit with fruit dip, veggies with dip and cheese.
What Prince Charming does best! Ha!

Just for the record, I had NOTHING to eat at the reception…er, I mean all day except my one little bite of cake. I was SO sick by the time we got 1 hour down the road. We stopped at Arby’s and got mozzarella sticks. I’ve never felt so much better so fast. My blood sugar must have been completely wacked out!

Freezing to death as it snowed

Yep, we did a lot of this!

Prince Charming was SO excited! Can’t you tell?

We did change clothes before we left, so we could get on the highway to our honeymoon!
Mom telling me “good-bye”
It was a little hard to leave our families who we love so incredibly much. I had no idea how sad they felt when we left until my sister got married last year. For those that stay behind it’s definitely the anti-climax of all anti-climaxes!
See, I told you we were doing bunches of this!

Hugging my sweet sister
At this point, my middle brother starts shouting, “Hurry up! Y’all need to go!” I was thinking, “What is that horrrible smell?” He had attached smoke bombs to the back of the car and they were really stinking! It was SO funny!!

And we were off on the most wonderful adventure of our lives!

Our first stop was the closest car wash to get all the gunk off the car. The lipstick that was used to write on the windows wouldn’t budge for years!

Marriage is not cake, but it is amazing and worth working for!
***Be sure to read Our Honeymoon post. I forgot about that part and posted it separately!
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  1. Hello from Lynnete's porch party!
    What a lovly wedding!
    Great to meet you and find your great blog!
    I noticed you enjoy babywearing, natural health, cooking without recipes, mexican food, being silly with my kids, and spending time with my family! Did you have a homebirth? I have had two (both of our girls)!

  2. Wow, you did a wonderful job with that space. It looked beautiful!! (And I didn't get much to eat the day of my wedding either – as soon as I took my dress off and could breathe again I devoured half a bag of chex mix!!)

  3. Oh what wonderful memories, Myra! I didn't get any of the Groom's cake either! I'm still sad about that b/c I was so looking forward to having a little bit of the yummy looking chocolate icing!!! The snow was God's confetti blessing on the day! What a beautiful bride! What a wonderful couple!! I love you lots!

  4. You look beautiful. I absolutely love the decorations. Great style.

    It looks like it was a magical night. Congrats.

  5. How sweet! It looks as though we had similar reception colors/decorations. That cake is beautiful!! I love that you drove away as husband and wife – we were the last ones standing at the reception and I wish we would have gone up to our suite earlier. We just left we NEEDED to be the last ones there to say thanks and goodbye to everyone! Big Mistakes! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing today… just passing through. I didn't get the chance to join Kelly's Show in Tell today. 🙁

  6. Your reception was SO beautiful even though it was in the gym! I don't think anyone even noticed that. I totally agree with the anti-climax at the end of weddings…yours and Cassie's were so hard!!

    Love you!

  7. Your reception decorations were so lovely and elegant! Biltmore for part of your honeymoon – awesome! I adore Biltmore!

  8. Wow, that was quite a wedding! Beautiful! When I got remarried 3 years ago, we had a private ceremony in a garden and no reception. I kinda wish we had done a reception but we didn't want to cause our families any expense to come and we couldn't afford much.

  9. What a great idea to do tents in the gym! Such a good idea! I never got even a bite of food at mine either:-(

  10. What a lovely bride you were Myra.

    This was a fun day to come and visit because I love wedding pictures and your pictures are great!

    Thanks for joining in the Cyber porch party. hee hee… It's been a lot of fun walking from porch to porch. 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend.
    Your chum,
    Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground

  11. your wedding was beautiful and your pictures really captured the happy moments! 🙂

    thanks for visiting my blog too!

  12. What a beautiful reception ~ the food, cakes, and decorations.
    You both look so happy!

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