I love God, my amazing childhood-sweetheart husband and four precious children.

I grew up on a small, family farm in the North Alabama foothills of the Appalachian mountains. We lived smack dab in between my Memaw and Granddaddy and my aunt, uncle & two cousins… LEARN MORE

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How To Roast A Frozen Whole Chicken

Frozen chicken. Frozen meat in general is the bane of every housewife's existence, when at lunchtime, she begins thinking about dinner. Frozen whole chickens are the worst because they take foreverrrrrr to thaw. I've been there. Seriously, SO many times. Learning how to roast a frozen whole chicken ...

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Haddon’s Birth Story

Oh my word, it's been WAY too long. So much has happened. I don't even know where to begin except with the latest news for our family... We welcomed a new baby boy {Haddon Cromwell} into our home right before Christmas! He is SO PERFECT!! 7 lbs 6 oz || 19” long It was a crazy 2019 and I'm excited ...

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Jesus + ALL His Gifts

{Preface: I'm so grateful to have a place to say what's on my heart and what I want to say.  A diary of sorts. When you're a trailblazer, it's fairly normal to deal with people who don't want to understand, who don't ask questions, who make assumptions, who think they know your heart, who gossip and ...

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