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This week Kelly’s Korner is hosting a Show Us Your Wedding Dress Carnival! I’m excited to join in on the fun! I love looking at wedding dresses even though I’m already married. I have even had the thought that I would change some things if I had to do it again, but I don’t and I’m very happy about that! My wedding day was something that I looked forward to since I was a very little girl. Doesn’t every little girl dream about her big day?

I married my childhood sweetheart on February 11, 2006. Our day was amazing in every way. It was “oh-my-word” SO cold! And if you know anything about Alabama, you know that it NEVER snows! Well, at the end of the reception, it started pouring snow. We took it as God’s blessing on our union. How memorable and precious!

My wedding dress was simply elegant. I like it that way. This dress has quite the story though. I ordered it through the mail…yes, I was very brave! Ha! And I kept track of it as it crossed the country. One day its online status said “delivered.” I was at work, so I called home and it had NOT been delivered. I called UPS and they said that yes, it had been delivered. My family searched everywhere and couldn’t find the box. When I arrived home from work, my Dad and I went driving around in the pouring rain looking for an abandoned box somewhere. We had no clue what we were doing. Finally we spotted a box on the front porch of an abandoned mobile home just up the road from our house. The top of the box was wet and crushed in. Thankfully the dress was zipped up in a bag. I was SO mad at UPS. I called them and nicely told them “what-for!”

My dress had covered buttons from the neck all the way to the end of the train.

I love the simple detail of the bow on the waist. The skirt’s inverted pleat was lined with a beautiful embroidered lace fabric. My flowers are extra special as well. They are preserved roses and they still look amazing today. The white hankie was my great-grandmother’s. You can also see a little of the detailing on my veil.

This photo was taken during my bridal portrait session. I was sitting on the step of a very old Presbyterian church. The skirt’s inverted pleat fabric detail shows up well in this photo.

My mom made my veil. Actually we both just about went cross-eyed sewing on the beads around the hem of the 2 tiered veil! We just started with the comb and used tulle and beading. I think it turned out beautifully!

I hope you enjoyed my wedding dress “tour.” For more wedding dress extravaganzas, pop on over to Kelly’s Korner!


  1. wonderful pics…I love the one where your sitting and the dress is spread out all around you…very nice!!

  2. I love snow!! It was definitely God's way of "blowing bubbles" or "throwing rice" as you left the wedding!! Also – I love the picture on the steps – it's timeless.

    Oh – and I just got hooked on swagbucks too!!

  3. You look beautiful. I love the flowers too! I’ve never seen chocolate colored roses before, the color reminds me of chocolate ice cream 🙂
    Kendra @ Domestic Princess in Training

  4. You look so beautiful. And what an adventure with UPS : )

    I got to your blog with the blog hop.

    By the way, I am Fabiola. Nice to meet you.

  5. Your dress looks very beautiful, very classic. I think this is a great solution when you want to emphasize your elegance. It is also important to buy quality underwear like Hanro . After all, on this day it is important to look very sexy, but also comfortable

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