Our Wedding Party and Flowers


This was one of the best days of my life! I have TONS of wedding pictures and it’s so hard to only choose a few to post!

My precious family and me
These are my very favorite people in the world. My brothers have changed so much since 2006!! Haha! It’s a good thing!!

Prince Charming and me with his parents

The world’s most awesome sister and me!

Prince Charming and his brother.
Don’t they look like twins??

My youngest brother and me.

All the boys and me.

Ok, here’s a funny story…so we sat there getting pictures done and somehow my veil got tucked into my brother’s (on the left) pocket. Guess what happened when he stood up?! My veil comb got majorly yanked off my head. I couldn’t get it back on right, so I just got up and marched myself to a mirror. It was a stressful moment, but it’s funny now.
The veil fixing moment…

Our Wedding Party
Maid of Honor: my sister Kelly
Bridesmaids: My college friends: Jessica, Rachel and Teresa and my cousin Kari
Best Man: Prince Charming’s best friend Jacob (who finally decided to marry my sister, Kelly…thus he became my brother-in-law!) They have a super cool story!
Groomsmen: PC’s brother Erick, my brothers Jer and Luke, and PC’s college friend Ryan Flower Girl: Elizabeth–Jacob’s little sister
Junior Groomsman: our sweet little friend, Joe
Ring Bearer: Joshua–my little brother

My bouquet was made of milk chocolate brown and pink preserved roses. My floral designer also tucked in a couple little leather flowers and pearls as well. The hankie was my great-grandmothers. I just loved my bouquet because it was incredibly unique and different than the norm. I like stuff like that! ha!

The bridesmaids carried chocolate brown roses in silver trumpet vases. The groomsmen wore pink leather flower boutioneers. They were kinda funky which I really loved!

Dad walked me down the aisle and then led the ceremony. He did SO well! I was a little bit afraid that he would cry, but he did held it together. You can see that his eyes are a little moist in this picture though.

Prince Charming’s niece, Aliyah was a bridal attendant. She is so beautiful and she did an amazing job. We love kids, so we ended up having 4 extra bridal attendants besides the wedding party.
Another funny story: Right before we were suppposed to walk down the aisle, Aliyah decided that she had to use the bathroom and since I was the very last adult to walk down the aisle I had to take her. One of my bridesmaids helped too…she literally RAN to get at the end of the line of bridesmaids. Aliyah wanted to take her dress off before she got on the toilet, but I just told her she was just going to have to go with the dress on. It was INSANE! The wedding director told all the bridesmaids to walk r-e-a-l-l-y slowly to buy us some time. We made it back just in time for Aliyah to walk down the aisle. She was amazing!!
Brantston, my sister-in-law’s son would not walk down the aisle for anything. Poor little man just stood there and screamed! His momma rescued him quickly though.

Brantston and me

Aliyah and Ernie

Aliyah and me

Granny and me
Memaw and me
I was so blessed to have both of my grandmothers at our wedding. My Granny has since gone to heaven and we miss her terribly. My Memaw’s 94th birthday is today. She’s mighty stubborn and I think she’ll make it to 100!!
Okay, I just have to tell you one more funny story. The guys (pastor, groom and groomsmen) were waiting to come out when the bridesmaids began walking down the aisle. Well, Prince Charming cracked the door open to see if it was time (which it wasn’t) and all the guys got nervous, I guess, and pushed him out the door. So they came out when my Dad was walking Mom down the aisle. It was a little bit awkward for them, but I guess they managed. It’s hilarious now to sit and talk about all the “bloopers” that happened! I was just so happy to get married that nothing phased me that day. I just totally enjoyed every moment!
For last weeks post on My Wedding Dress, click here.

This Marriage Blessing was prayed at our wedding. It is powerful and always brings tears to my eyes.


  1. Myra, you had such a beautiful and precious day! And your flowers were definitely very unique! Kari and I still talk about the bouquets! 🙂

  2. I loved looking at you pictures and remembering your special day! All the bloopers are so funny!

    Definitely loved the flowers!!

  3. Your bouquet was gorgeous!! Love the pink and chocolate brown together and the pearls add that special touch.

  4. very nice! Your flowers are very pretty. Love the black and white picture of you and the little boy.

  5. What an elegant wedding. Your bouquet was so pretty and very unique. I love Chocolate brown and pink anything so I absolutely adore your bouquet!

  6. You look beautiful!

    First of all, I have to ask – are you Kelly's sister? I already commented on her blog today and unless I am crazy you are in her pictures and she is in yours… 🙂

    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog today, and for following, and did you start to follow me on twitter too?!

  7. As much as I enjoyed looking at your photos I loved your stories that went along with them.
    This is what makes events memorable.

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