Our Love Story – Part 2


Every story is multifaceted.  There is good and bad, happy and sad – necessary components.  This part of the story is about God setting the stage for a wonderful redemption.  It is not pretty.  It is not easy to write, but it is good to remember where I’ve been and what I’ve been rescued from.  Be sure to read Part 1 in case you missed it.


After that fateful night when Ernie and I (at ages 10 and 9) told our respective siblings that we “saw” the person that we were going to marry, we began to see more of each other at church, home school activities and whenever our families got together for supper and fun.

One Sunday night, Ernie coerced his older brother into asking me if I would be Ernie’s girlfriend. Ha! I, of course, without hesitating, said, “Yes!” So we were an item at ten years old. How crazy is that?

Over the next three years or so our “relationship” was more like a friendship. We were best “buds.” Then another boy entered the picture.

The next two years were some of the most tumultuous of my young life.  I was influenced by some pretty ungodly teenagers.  They had a “form” of Christianity, but (ugh) it makes me feel nauseated just thinking of those days.  It was bad.  There was so much deceit and so much disobedience.

At one point the other boy and I planned to run away together. Yes, I was only thirteen years old. {Gasp!} I told you it was bad.  Want to know what stopped me?

Besides God’s preserving grace, I remembered something my Dad said to me.  He said that if any of his children left home in rebellion to God and to he and mom, he would never preach again.  The heartbreak that I knew my parents would experience was what stopped me dead still in my tracks.

To be continued…


  1. Hello sweet Myra – thank you for sharing your story. It’s difficult to do so, especially if there are parts that are hard to talk about. But it sounds like God has an amazing part of your journey He wants to share with others. Your honesty and openness to be so real is an inspiration to me!

    Looking forward to hearing more.

    .-= Marie´s last blog ..Evolution of a dining room =-.

  2. Isn’t it good to know as a parent that a relationship with your child means something. There are many things I didn’t do because I knew it would break my parents’ hearts (even though I wanted to do them). At least it stopped me from some stupidity.
    .-= GlowinGirl´s last blog ..Baby’s Beautiful Blues =-.

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