Our Love Story – Part 4


If you’re just joining this series, be sure to read Part 1Part 2 and Part 3 before you read this post!

Last week I told you about the way that God drew me to Himself, how I finally started seeing spiritual growth in my life and the fact that I hadn’t seen Ernie for months.


In October 1996, Ernie came home.

He grew up during the months that he was gone.  Ernie left a boy and returned a man. I was in shock.  Heart-smitten shock.  {I worked to keep my heart because getting hurt was no fun.}

Little did I know about all the garbage that he was into or had been into at that point.  I’m glad I didn’t know.

Ernie and I began to grow our friendship again.  We saw each other at church and home school activities.  He went through a relationship with another girl – me no likey. Ha!  Ernie also began to build a relationship with my family.  My Mom helped him with his English papers and Dad put up with his constant talking. He came over and mowed our grass and even sacrificed a piece of his toe in the lawnmower. Ouch!

In August of  1997, while at church camp, Ernie became a different person literally overnight.

At this point we were just friends. I loved him, but he was not interested in me as more than a friend.  We went through our Junior and Senior years helping each other with Chemistry, talking occasionally on the phone and planning our Graduation. We were a graduating class of two in June 2000. We had the most fun graduation…it was just perfect!

Instead of going to college in the Fall (2000) like I had planned, I honored my parents’ wishes to stay out of school and work for a year.  I didn’t want to stay out of school.  But I did. Through honoring my parents, God brought me more happiness than I can even express.

While I stayed home, Ernie went to college.  I had peace about him leaving.  I figured he would go off and meet a beautiful girl and live happily ever after.  But actually he wasn’t looking to build a relationship with a girl.  He wanted to get to know God better – so that’s what he focused on.

One weekend, Ernie came home from college…and everything changed.

{To be continued…}

If you’re married, how did you meet your spouse?


  1. I met my hubby the day before I graduated high school, May of 2000. But at that time he wasn’t interested in me.. or so I thought 🙂

  2. In college I had a professor who was a 75 old blind man who had recently lost his wife and he needed a cook / home assistant to do his grocery shopping, cook him dinners, etc. I began working for this Godly man and about a year and a half later, he hired the man who would become my best friend and husband as his driver and teaching assistant. The day Lance walked through the door is one I will never forget. We immediately began talking as old friends as the dear Professor just sat quietly, listening to us connect. God answered so many of my heart’s prayers in the way in which we met and began a relationship. He is everything I ever hoped for!

    God is Faithful and God is Good!

    Thank you for sharing your sweet love story with us as well!
    .-= Cynthia Stuckey´s last blog ..A note to Lucy =-.

  3. I met my husband while singing at a wedding in March of 2001. And we were married in the same church a year later, March 2002. 🙂 Enjoy reading your love story!
    .-= Tyra´s last blog ..Big News! =-.

  4. I met my husband when I was 16 years old at church, however we did not marry for 13 years later. I did not like him when I met him and actually went on to marry someone else. Once I can slow down a little bit, I will be sharing my own love story! I must say I thought I knew what I needed in a spouse but God knows far better than we do. I am so thankful for his grace and his love. I could never have ask for a more amazing husband!

  5. Love reading love stories!!! I posted mine in Feb. on my blog, in a series.:) They are fun, to keep others waiting… Love yours, reminds me alot of my own. We met at ages 10 and 11, and grew up in the same church and school, until I was 15. But I never really ‘liked’ him until I was 18 and God gently showed me ‘this was the man I would marry’. We had went our seperate ways in our youth as well. It’s amazing what God can do in lives… looking forward to reading more of your story.
    You can find mine here…http://livingsimply101.blogspot.com/2010/02/how-it-all-began.html
    .-= Lois´s last blog ..Preparing for Sunday =-.

  6. Love reading your love story! Isn’t it so cool to look back and see how God has been orchestrating the whole thing!?

    I met my husband the third weekend of my freshman year in college, but he was in a long term relationship – and I didn’t even notice him. See he was the older brother of one of the girls on my dorm floor. Fast forward three years, his sister has become one of my best friends and I decide to go home with her for the weekend. He tags along … and the rest is history!
    .-= Pink Blogger´s last blog ..truman anderson =-.

  7. I met up with my hubby again at the age of 16, my mum changed his nappy as a baby, our mums grew up together. We’ve been married now for 22years, some say it was a conspiracy 🙂 Lxx

  8. Cliche though it may be, I met my husband at church. I was a freshmen in college and he was a sophomore in high school. When I met him, I thought- “that’s exactly the kind of guy I want to marry. I wonder if he has an older brother.”

    Three years later, when he was a freshmen in college, he asked me out and four years later we were married. 😀 One month from today will be our 6th anniversary.

  9. My husband and I met in art school. He was enrolled in the Sign division, and I in the Commercial Art division. We knew of each other for almost 2 year, until just before he graduated, when we started talking and then dating. I had another year of school left.
    Laura @ Our House Of Joyful Noise´s last blog post ..HOME

  10. Joan Tuttle – Your wedding was wodnerful and I enjoyed every minute of it.I have been looking at your wedding photo’s that you have done,you are great. Hope you had a great honeymoon. Talk to you soonLove youGrandma

  11. I met my husband when I applied for a job, he worked there and when I walked in he told a coworker he was going to marry me. He then promptly got me hired, got out of the relationship he had been in that had been over for some time and we got together. We just celebrated our one year anniversary and have been together 2 years on Halloween.

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