Navy & Lime Den Makeover


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Hello, hello! I’m so excited to show you my latest decorating project in our den area. The den has been a neglected space lately. Decorating hasn’t been my top priority during pregnancy, but it felt really good to get this space freshened up with some wonderful new Better Homes and Gardens furniture items!

I also decorated the mantel! Ahhhh! I will show you that on Monday. 😉

Navy & Lime Den Makeover |

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I’ve had navy and lime green on my radar for a long time mostly because of my green desk, but when I spotted these fabulous Better Homes and Gardens pillows at Walmart I decided to run with it.

The space behind the sofa has always been awkward and I haven’t loved just having things hanging on the wall. I am always trying to figure out new storage systems for our home. Ever since I saw these weathered bookcases at Better Homes and Gardens headquarters, I have had my eye on them. Finally, I figured out where I could use them!

Navy & Lime Den Makeover |

I love how everything came together!

Navy & Lime Den Makeover |

The rustic coffee table is also a Better Homes and Gardens product from Walmart. You may remember the similar nightstand tables that we have in our bedroom. They are beautiful!

Navy & Lime Den Makeover |

The vase is from TJMaxx. I can’t believe how well it goes with everything. It’s the little things! 🙂

Navy & Lime Den Makeover |

Ernie helped me pull off this makeover. From putting the furniture together to giving me his opinion about what looks good – we make a good team!

I’ll stop talking now and let you just enjoy the photos! 🙂

Navy & Lime Den Makeover |

Navy & Lime Den Makeover |
Navy & Lime Den Makeover |

Navy & Lime Den Makeover |

Navy & Lime Den Makeover |

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I hope you enjoyed seeing our den refresh!!! It needed some fluffing and puffing, so I’m thrilled with how pretty it looks now.

Navy & Lime Den Makeover |

The photo on the left is at Christmas and then, of course, the current look. It’s amazing how just a few things can really pull a room together and make it look complete.

Guess what? I’m giving away a $100 Walmart gift card so you can purchase your own gorgeous pillows, rustic furniture or whatever you love! 🙂

Enter to win by leaving a comment answering this question in the comments…

What room will you refresh with a $100 Walmart gift card if you win?

Have a fabulous day!



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  1. Our master bedroom could really use some new decorative items…especially new curtains 🙂

  2. I would get a rug, curtains, curtain rods and a new lamp for our den. It has never been finished and could use help.

  3. I’m with the rest — I’d refresh my bedroom. I love navy and green together — very nice!

  4. Love this room!! I would love to give my master bedroom a new look. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  5. Love your den! Navy is my new favorite color. I would totally decorate my little boys’ bathroom. They want a Lego bathroom!

  6. We just moved from an apartment to a house, which the previous tenants trashed, so every room has been a refreshing project! We just got new carpet in the basement so that is our current project room. I want to turn it into a family hang out space that doubles as a guest sleeping area. I love blue/lime, I already have some of that running through my house, so I definitely need those pillows!
    Melissa´s last blog post ..DIY Card Organizer

  7. adorable Myra!!
    I would refresh my kitchen curtain (it is almost 13yrs old and uh… Faded!! 😛 )
    And some frames for the wall!

  8. I would add more color to the living room. Looking to upgrade my curtains to something that says “This is a fun place…stay a while”

  9. My living room! We moved in a year ago and doubled our square footage, still in the process of making our house a home.

  10. I’m currently working asding color to my living room, but my dining room is in serious need of attention, too!

  11. Would love to make the laundry room more functional and pretty! Could definitely use additional organizing tools in there!

  12. Adorable as always, Myra dear! I LOVE the coffee table. Our living room could use a makeover and a $100 Walmart gift card could do the trick! 🙂

  13. I would get new curtains in my living room! Right now I have blankets and towels and clothes blocking out the neighbors! Would love some curtains that you can’t see through!

  14. I love the finished design, Myra and Ernie! Great team work! Beautiful as always. I would totally use the $100 gift card to get the girls room some new bedding and maybe some wall decor.

  15. Love it! I started redecorating our living room last week. Guess what? I got rid of the red and added blue and lime green! Thanks for the great ideas as I finish it! Love the bookcases. Oh and we need a coffee table – got rid of ours because of climbing littles – it’s time to get one again. 😉 love the look. It makes me feel at home!
    Jessica Smith´s last blog post ..Marriage High FIVE – 5 weekly questions to strengthen your relationship

  16. We have saved the best for last in our remodeling…our master bedroom needs attention next!!

  17. Our living room!!! We desperately need curtains in there I just can’t find any I love.

  18. My dining room needs some refreshing!!! I would purchase new curtains and some storage items. Thank you for the giveaway!!!

  19. Myra: your room makeover is Amazing! The navy & lime combo and all that rustic furniture make the room light up. Our master bedroom could really use that kind of a lift. Thanks for sharing.

  20. I would update our master bedroom! Curtains, bedside table, pillows….love your new living room design!

  21. I would refresh my master bathroom. It needs painting, pictures, new mirrors. I just threw out the original towel pattern we bought 7 years ago.

  22. Our master bedroom hasn’t had a make-over since we moved into our house 16 years ago! I’d love to be able to spruce it up with fresh paint and wall decor.

  23. I think our kitchen would benefit most from a Wal-Mart refresh. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  24. I would update my living room, and use the exact same things you have! You’re such a better decorator than I am!!

  25. I would redo/update my family room!!! It still has bare walls since we moved in here 2 years ago. I need to make it pretty!!!

  26. We just moved into a new home so, take your pick on where I’d use the card!!! Saw a storage unit at Walmart that matches those weathered bookcases of yours that I loved!

  27. If I won the $100, I would actually give the card to my inlaws who just bought their retirement home. This would give them a refreshing look to their new home after living in the same home for 35 years.

  28. Myra……such a great job with your makeover. I love the colors and the look. Our Living Room is desperate for some “help”. We are upgrading to hardwood floors and could greatly use some new inspiration in the decor area. Thanks so much for all you do!

  29. Just the right balance of the blues and lime! I like the neutral (almond) on the walls as well.

  30. With the $100 I would start a transformation of my 1970’s Navy/multi floral wallpapered living room. This is such a sharp look! Thank you for sharing!

  31. Love it! I’m like the one who said “any room could use some help…probably bedroom.

  32. This make-over is amazing! This is not a room in our home that does not need freshened up! But the master bedroom and guest room need it the most.

  33. I love the new look, it’s beautiful! I really want to freshen up my living room and these bookcases are fabulous. Trying to find bed storage ideas too! My spare bedrooms are turning into baby nurseries! ☺️ So, I must find new places for my decor and books. Also I would send you a picture and ask for your opinions!!!
    Vanessa´s last blog post ..Refurbished Ethan Allen Desk

  34. I would choose our master bedroom! We’ve been married almost 10 years & are moving into a new house, so this would be the perfect time 😉

  35. I would definitely purchase this coffee table!! I have been wanting to replace my 40 year old one for some time and after I checked the measurements on this one, it would fit perfect!!!

  36. I would use the gift card to freshen up our master bedroom with some new bedding and curtains.

  37. A guest room. Finally we are empty nesters and I would love a nice guest/reading room after raising teenage boys!

  38. i would make some changes in the our living room. I absolutely love the Better and Homes table. I could also make some changes in the our bedroom.

  39. Love your blog! I have been wanting to update our den for a long time. That’s the room I would tackle.

  40. i would refresh my living room! I love your style! I would get the same curtains and pillows!

  41. I’m currently working from the bottom up. Recently refreshed my dining area and the next on my radar is the living room. I’m moving away from the dark, deep colors we’ve had from 7 years ago, towards bright and airy to make our space look bigger. Afterward, I’m tackling our master bedroom!! My husband just told me last night, “What’s going on with you? I like it!!” LOL!!

  42. I would refresh our living room, which has been overtaken with a train table, play kitchen, firetrucks and balls!

  43. I am in love with those bookcases! I would definitely use to purchase a couple of those. I’ve been searching forever for something reasonable yet rustic for our office space. I also love your “Live Simply” sign. Where did you get that? Is that also Walmart? You always have the best signs and arrangements. I always learn so much from your styling techniques 🙂

  44. Love the way your room came together. I think the bookcases really make it! Very nice. I’d like to get some of the nightstands like you have for my bedroom.

  45. Oh your taste is exactly like mine! Here lately I’ve found a new hobby which is turning thrift store treasures into lovely home decor 🙂 or finding clearance items that are marked down because they are broken & making the best of them! If I got the $100 gift card I would definitely use it on the master bedroom . We have dark tan walls, with darn furniture, and dark burnt orange bedding…. it’s very dull and makes me lazy. I’ve been wanting to add some pale blue items to brighten it up! Pale blue sheets, pillows ,curtains and nick nacks:) love your space!!

  46. Definitely my master bedroom! Is the room that just stays closed off 🙂 would absolutely love to win!

  47. I would love to spruce up my deck/grille area. I’m so needing cushion for my chairs and possibly some pots to have a container garden.

  48. Every single room in our home could use a refresh, but on the top of our list is the den. Our upcoming 10th wedding anniversary is reminding me how worn so many of our furnishings are. 😉

  49. Love your new den “refresh”….I love the colors you chose, as well as all of the fun accessories! Can’t wait to see your mantel! I would love to “refresh” our family room – it’s a bit dark and needs refreshing for the summer!
    Thanks for sharing!

  50. i just moved into my first home so really EVERY room could use a makeover, but where i’m most stuck is our great room off the kitchen that is a segway to our deck, therefore my favorite most “lived in” room.

  51. love your makeover! If I win the BHG gift card I would use it to decorate our newly remodeled kitchen/dining area! I love my new kitchen cabinets and floors, but the walls are pretty bare in there! I’d love to add some colorful pretties to it!

  52. Myra,
    I admire your style. Please come to my house 😉
    I need help in my dining room and living room. Haaaallllllpppppp!

  53. I would use to freshen up our master bedroom to add some color like you did..very inspiring…Blessings to you and your family

  54. My living room dining room & kitchen is an open area so I would be working on all 3. lol I’ve already bought my paint but still need to buy my chair rail and pillows what knots and other pretty items. Winning this sure would help me get closer to the finish line. Love the flower vase & pillows. They are vary pretty. v

  55. I would love new sheets and duvet I love Walmart’s selections. I love the den makeover!

  56. I would like to freshen up our living room … It’s too dark with black bookshelves & tv stand.

  57. Wow! Your den makeover looks great! I love the color combo and the curtains are a wonderful statement piece!!! I love the BHG products at Walmart and I would use the gift card to update my living room. It desperately needs some TLC!!

  58. I’m still in love with your apple green desk! LOVE LOVE LOVE. On a practical note: How do you store all your seasonal decorations? I’d love to see your ideas on practical storage.

  59. What a lovely makeover! I love your style and pretty décor items to make your room so inviting and comfortable looking. I’m taking lessons from you!! The shelves are wonderful as well as the pretty patterns in the pillows and curtains. I’ve really started taking notice at Walmart and can’t believe all the great things they sell for us! Your room is as pretty as BHG magazine!! If I’d win your giveaway, I’d remodel my family room as well. No pillows, no throws, no shelving units. I need lots of help! Can’t wait to see your awesome mantle!

  60. I would definitely use the gift card to refresh my living room. Our two small dogs have commandeered the room & it’s the first room our guest are greeted with!

  61. I’d love to spruce up the living room, the pillows are getting bad and really could use some curtains. Love your makeover, it’s perfect!

  62. If I won I would most definitely use it at our guest cottage that we are in the final stages of remodeling for itinerating missionaries. We are about to start pulling things back together and decorating —- these products would be great! Thank you for the opportunity.

  63. I love your navy and lime makeover.. I would make over my sewing studio with the gift card!! The only thing that I have not done yet is get new curtains! that would be a great treat to win! Thank you!!

  64. I would like to give my master bathroom and bedroom a little makeover. They could really use it 🙂

  65. I think I would be able to finish my girl cave with a !00.00 It is a coincidence but my room is also blue and green. Those pillows would be a fun addition.

  66. I love your den! Great colors. And I can’t believe how well your vase matches! I would like some new pillows and rug for our family room. Thanks!

  67. I would let my mom refresh her living room! She needs some brightness in a dark space. Your room is beautiful Myra.

  68. I would love to freshen up our living room! My husband and I live in our church’s pastorium, so when we “freshen up” or “redecorate”, nothing can be too permanent. I’ve learned that new curtains, throw pillows, and an accent piece can work wonders!

  69. So beautiful Myra! It would definitely be our two little girls’ rooms! I haven’t had a chance to decorate it yet, and I want it to be really special, simple, and just a beautiful place to grow up in. 🙂 Thanks!

  70. Our master bedroom needs a dramatic finish which some BH&G products could help achieve. Needs some romantic flair.

  71. I would use it to spruce up our Master Bedroom since it would be “fun money” and I wouldn’t have to take it out of the budget. Love your room – the new bookcases and pillows are beautiful!

  72. My living room! I just painted a desk I have the same dream you have in your living room. I would love the accent pillows for my couch! The whole room needs a little more help too :/

  73. I love your new look!! Navy is a new favorite color of mine too 🙂 I would probably find some navy accents for my living room, along with a gorgeous mirror for my mantle!

  74. i love changing up our family room since we spend the most time there. But the office could use some freshening too! :))))

  75. If I won I would really like to have new curtains for my living room! Love the makeover in your living area!

  76. I’d love to furnish our screened in back porch 🙂


  77. Wow, Myra…..
    The room turned our amazing! It looks like a happy and cozy place! I would spruce up my living room! I need a new coffee table!

    Thanks for sharing!

  78. Your room looks lovely! Perfect for summer. I need to refresh my master bath desperately!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


  79. My office. It has a couple of cheap $5 yard sale shelves, a metal folding chair and a desk that doesn’t function well at all. Oh, and a blanket over the winder held up with binder clips. It’s rather depressing and very uninspiring.

  80. our nursery, we just bought a house and had a baby so it needs a lot of the details to it to really make it our little girl’s perfect room

  81. I might spruce up my daughter’s room by repainting it and maybe get a new bathroom rug. Who knows?!

  82. Gorgeous! Love the lime. My bedroom could use some help – time for new curtains and bedding.

  83. Hello Myra,
    I could use an update in my bathroom! I love to update it every few months as it’s the easiest room for me to modify. I like the way you used just a few items to change the entire outlook of the room! I’ll use your idea to put some thought when making my room changes in the future! Thank you for your inspiration!
    Kateri Makela´s last blog post ..Navy & Lime Den Makeover {& A Giveaway!}

  84. There are lots of rooms that need sprucing but i think I would start in my kitchen where i spend the most time.

  85. Sign me up for the giftcard draw!!! Would love to know the rug origin. Could not locate it on the BHG area on

  86. It would have to be our bedroom.
    We have no headboard, and I have been eyeing that nice grey upholstered one by BHG at Walmart! 🙂

  87. Hi Myra- we need to refresh the girls’ room {ages 22 and 15} to a more “grown-up” space…thanks for the giveaway and blessings on your pregnancy!! xo
    p.s. your room looks great! 🙂

  88. I would use it in my daughter’s room. She is my third child and only daughter. I want to make her room as special as her brothers’.

  89. Definitely our living room. It’s been waiting for 7 years for a makeover! Can you say outdated!?!?

  90. Such a beautiful room. Love the bookcases. All rooms could use a refresh but probably my kitchen needs it the most. Thanks for the opportunity.
    Have a Blessed Day!

  91. I’m trying to add some color to my living room. Love some of the new pillow designs at Walmart!

  92. I would spruce-up our newly-relocated bedroom. The kids needed the space so we moved up to the loft area of our converted attic. It still has glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling from when it was the boys room. ;0)

  93. I love the color combination in you den! The pillows and vase cordon ate so well.. Your mantle is so summery!
    If I won the gift card, I would finish my living room and dining rooms that are near one another.

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