Easy DIY Gold Twig Candle Holder

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Well, hello there, my lovely friends! I hope your Monday morning is off to a fabulous start! The weekend flew by too quickly as per usual, but I’m super excited to show you my DIY Gold Twig Candle Holder. It’s so quick and easy to put together and it literally cost me $3 to make! Y’all already know that I’m smitten with anything metallic glam this year, so I got this cheap, twiggy idea to add to my Fall {and probably Christmas} decor.

Easy DIY Gold Twig Candle Holder | MyBlessedLife.net

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Seriously! How cute is that!?

Easy DIY Gold Twig Candle Holder | MyBlessedLife.net

Start with a bunch of sticks. Ridley and I picked up sticks in the backyard and had this pile gathered in just a few minutes. I used small clippers to cut pieces approximately the same length. This is not a “perfection needed” project. Trust me. I’m going for an organic-y vibe.

Easy DIY Gold Twig Candle Holder | MyBlessedLife.net

I used a wide mouth pint jar for this project. And I used almost all of these twigs for one candle holder, so if you want to do more than one you need twice as many.

Easy DIY Gold Twig Candle Holder | MyBlessedLife.net

I placed the twigs on a board to spray paint. I used Krylon’s Metallic gold spray paint leftover my from Gold Peacock Wreath. After the twigs dried, I turned them and sprayed them again.

When they were dry I used a hot glue gun to glue the twigs to the pint jar. It’s totally okay to fill in spaces here and there. You don’t want the twigs to look sparse. Note: It is important to keep the twigs fairly close to flush to the top of the jar…so they aren’t a fire hazard. 🙂 If you don’t plan on putting anything around the twigs to hold them in place and you DO plan on using a real candle, please consider using another adhesive that won’t melt when heated. 🙂

Easy DIY Gold Twig Candle Holder | MyBlessedLife.net

I glued on an adorable piece of trim that I found at Hobby Lobby on Saturday. I LOVE it!

Easy DIY Gold Twig Candle Holder | MyBlessedLife.net

We don’t burn candles around here any longer because of the toxins that they can give off, so I just put an LED “candle” in the jar. Last night I watched it glow while I wrote this post. 🙂 As an extra word of caution, I’m not responsible if you burn your house down because of lack of common sense. Never leave candles {should you use real candles} burning when you are out of the room. For a pint sized jar, I would recommend a tea light or votive sized candle to keep things extra safe.

I love the blend of natural sticks with metallic tones and the soft ruffles and bling of the trim. Love, love, LOVE!

Easy DIY Gold Twig Candle Holder | MyBlessedLife.net

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Send your kids outside to gather sticks! You never know what kind of creative ideas you can use them for. 🙂

Do you prefer silver or gold? I’ve been a silver girl all my life until this year. Now all I can think about is gold! 😉



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  1. Oh me oh my-ra!! You’ve done it again!! I bought this same trim at Hobby Lobby a couple weeks ago…. waiting for the perfect project to use it on. I think I have found it!! This is so cute!! I’m smitten over glam lately too!! I can’t wait to break out all of the Christmas decor!!
    Candace @ Vintage News Junkie´s last blog post ..Hometalk 101: The Basics

  2. I may be mistaken but I do not believe pure beewax candles give off toxins when burned and they burn cleanly. Look for them.

  3. Oh, forgot to add that the metallic sprayed twigs are nifty. I’ll use Led’s as well as I don’t want the wood to catch fire when I get side-tracked and leave the room to go into the studio or kitchen to bake cookies.

    1. Ha! Exactly! 🙂 Depending on the size jar, a tea light or votive should be just fine…especially if the twigs are just about flush with the top of the jar. 🙂

  4. I love this – and I especially love the LED votive idea. Question – I’m wondering what it looked like all “lit up?” Did the LED votive give off enough glow to peek through the twigs? Thanks!!

  5. lovely blog.
    but pity we dont have glue gun here and the spray paint is very expensive and in order to glue the sticks to glass i need to rub them and put some acetone so that the glue will actully work… too much stuff to do. i wish it was just as easy as in your country!

  6. Wow! I really like this idea! Very creative! I’ll definitely include this in my list of old or vintage designs. This is great for my next project! Thanks for the inspirations.

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