How To Remove Wallpaper From Paneling {The Easy Way}

Hey, y’all! So, I have a confession. I’m a slow learner sometimes. I often think I know what I’m doing, but I really don’t. Winging it isn’t always the best option. Ahem. I’ve recently removed the wallpaper from paneling in my Memaw’s kitchen beginning with the area for my drop space. I remember when my parents put up the wallpaper many years ago. It’s crazy how time flies.

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I didn’t really know what I was doing and I was worried about the paneling warping if it got too wet. I refused to rent a steamer to see if it would work. What can I say? I’m a stubborn chick. But, I’ve changed my tune and I’m here to tell you about my new BFF!


Back to the stubborn stage…it took nearly a week to remove this wallpaper…just this section. What a crazy waste of time!


I scraped and scraped and scraped some more with this putty knife. After I got the top layer of paper off, I used a warm, damp rag to soften the bottom sticky layer. This was l-o-n-g tedious work.

My friends at HomeRight came to the rescue with their amazing Steam Machine. I’m not kidding when I say that this steamer is my new BFF. 

Steamer 3

This Multi-Purpose Power Steamer saved hours of my life by reducing the time needed to remove wallpaper! YES!


My sweet husband helped with this project! We are a tag team. 🙂 We used the steamer with the steam plate for 20-30 seconds then we scraped the wallpaper right off. If there was some wallpaper still on the wall, we just steamed for a few more seconds and it came right off. This process is SO much simpler and I’m eating my words. If you have wallpaper to remove from sheetrock or paneling or whatever, you MUST get a HomeRight Steamer!

How To Remove Wallpaper The Easy Way |

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More information about the amazing Steam Machine

  • It is chemical free!
  • Sanitizes and cleans floors, stovetops, ovens, bathrooms and grills
  • Kills 99% of all germs and bacteria with no chemical residue.
  • Pressurized, high temperature, steam loosens and dissolves dirt, grease and grime.
  • It comes with several different attachments – a wallpaper steam plate, floor steam mop with microfiber cleaning pad, brass brush, two nylon brushes, jet nozzle and squeegee!!

HomeRight Steamer

Would you like to win a Steam Machine for yourself? HomeRight is giving one away! Yayyyy!

To Enter:

  • Leave a comment with what you would love to use a Steam Machine for! :) How simple is that?!

Note: You must leave a comment on this blog post. Email or Facebook entries will not be counted. This giveaway is for U.S. residents only and ends Tuesday, September 24th! 



*This is a sponsored post on behalf of HomeRight, however all thoughts and opinions are mine…as always. 


    1. I would use it to remove the wallpaper from the 2 bathrooms of my 86 year old mom and my 1975 mobile home bathrooms! Plus I’m sure many other things!!

    2. I just bought a house and have alot of wallpaper to take off my walls. Clean the grill and use for other things around the house as needed.

  1. We bought a home built in 1968… complete with much original wallpaper. We managed to deal with most of that, but our daughters’ room was covered in LAYERS of wallpaper and it’s been a beast to deal with. That’s what I’d use it for! 🙂
    JessieLeigh´s last blog post ..How do I love thee? Grammar.

    1. I have used brute strength, water, utility knife, and even bleach to remove this deranged wallpaper. The stench of bleach nearly caused me to pass out. I refuse to let the wallpaper win. However, I am so tired. We recently moved to Watertown Tennessee, population 1503 including my family. I am longing for a steamer.

  2. We are currently trying to purchase an older house with lots of unwanted wallpaper. This would come in really handy!

  3. I would love to win this and would use it to remove the wallpaper in the master bathroom and there is a lot of wallpaper in that room – a daunting job to say the least!

  4. I would love to use this on my showers. I can never seem to get them really clean. Also, I do have some wallpaper to remove.

  5. I have 2 bathrooms with painted wallpaper! The kitchen which also had painted wallpaper was a test of my patience…it has been a year since I did that room. I have been procrastinating.

  6. No wallpaper at my house, but I’d love a steamer for cleaning the floors, stove, oven and maybe bathroom?

  7. I would love to use the machine for all of its functions but especially for cleaning my oven and bathroom!

  8. Oh my, I would love to try it for all those uses!!! I do have two bathrooms that I would love to redo and they each have some wall paper in them.

  9. Oh Myra – what a huge chore! I am so glad that the Steam Right steamer is making the job so much easier – I HATE removing wall paper with a passion! Thankfully I don’t have any left to remove in our home, but I do have tile floors with grout that is begging for a good steam cleaning, and I know the steamer would get my shower sparkling again without all any chemicals – so I’d love to be your ‘winner’! Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. I would use it to clean our church’s tiled bathroom floors. They are in desperate need of a steam cleaning. I love that the machine is so versatile.

  11. Love to use on my handicapped sisters wallpaper paneling. She so wants to remove that ugly stuff. Thanks for the opportunity to comment and chance to win this fab machine.

  12. I would like to win this because I have some nasty wallpaper to take off. I’ve tried scrapping it off like you did, and it takes forever.

  13. I am in the process of researching how to remove wallpaper from my kitchen. I am really dreading doing what the expert at the big orange home store told me I needed to do…..this would be so much easier and quicker (since I’ll be doing this between work, kids, and life!) Love your blog…so many great ideas!!!

  14. I would definitely use it to remove wallpaper from my girls’ rooms. I too tried the hard way and spent a week trying all other methods. Then I found out about renting a steamer and it was an amazing difference. I used it to remove wallpaper from 2 bathrooms and a laundry room. I would love to have my own!

  15. Oh my! I have always wanted a steam cleaner. I don’t have wall paper to remove but oh my, my bathroom and kitchen could use some serious help. It would love to win this!

  16. To see how much easier this dreaded job could be is inspiring! And the idea of not having to use smelly chemicals or harsh treatments makes it even more appealing. Thank you, Myra for showing us a better way!

  17. Would love to have one of these to use at my brother’s house to remove wallpaper that my parents put up when they were alive. Needless to say, my brother knows nothing about removing wallpaper & I would like to help him. Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  18. I would use this to remove all the wallpaper that is in our house that the previous owners put up… It’s ALOT!!!

  19. It would make my bathroom cleaning so much easier! Plus I have a stubborn oven and stove top that likes to make my cleaning harder!
    What a wonderful tool!

  20. Oh Myra, what couldn’t I use this beauty for? :)…squeal…kitchen surfaces, bathrooms, the area under the {ahem} kitty litter box in the basement…and that is just the beginning..thanks so much, would LOVE to win!!

  21. I would use it to clean my kitchen floor. Nothing seems to work on it!

    I feel ya on the wallpaper removal. In our old condo we had to strip the wallpaper in the masterbath. It was a very small room but it took us FOREVER to strip the wallpaper. I tried using my clothes steamer but it didn’t cut it. Finally I think we got the best results from spraying fabric softener on the walls. When we moved into our current house the first thing we did was pay someone to remove all the wallpaper. (Which included SIX layers in the kitchen….). Best money spent ever.

  22. Nasty Grill , Germy bathroom counter, Slimy Doggy Bowls, Moldy shower, pollen filled screens….
    (I really sound like a slob …..I hope it is not as bad as it sounds….)

  23. I would love one to remove wall paper from previous owners. It is silver with pink and green butterflies- gag!

  24. I have tried your first method and its so slow like you said. I am stuck! Would love to try a steamer. thank you!

  25. Oh, I can relate to this. And we still have several rooms in our house that not only have wallpaper, but paint over top of the wallpaper. This looks “great” especially in areas where the wallpaper was partially stripped and then painted over. I would LOVE to win this!

  26. For me, I’d like to sanitize the bathrooms. If I win I would read directions see if they work on laminate flooring too. I’d even like to steam clean some old toys from storage that are plastic for my grandson to enjoy. Thank you!

  27. I would use this to get the grubby little finger marks that plague every surface of my home from my 4 kids. 🙂

  28. Oh how I need this! With a two year old and four year old, it sure would come in handy! I also have some stubborn wallpaper to remove as well!

  29. I would use it all around the house to clean, but especially the bathrooms. Looks like it would be a nice way to clean chemical free!

  30. I have waved the white flag over removing the hallway wallpaper – it is over 40 plus years old. Would love to see it gone gone gone !

  31. I would use it to strip wallpaper (rather than renting a wallpaper steamer, which I am going to do tomorrow, after reading your post!), and I think it would be handy to use on the oven.

  32. I would love to have one of these steamers for removing wallpaper in my kitchen and dining room that was put up over 20 years ago. I so dread taking it down, but I am so tired of it and would love to update.

  33. I would remove all the wallpaper!!! We have a ton. My husband said he would rove it if we bought this house so that was in 2004 and I am still waiting oh and so much I would lclean.

  34. Like others mentioned, I would use it to clean my oven. I would also use it for steaming window treatments and other larger items after washing instead of ironing.

  35. I would like to try it on my tile in the bathroom shower. Also – we are planning to buy a house very soon and almost all the ones in our price range are filled with wallpaper!

  36. oh, i’d love to steam some wallpaper eventually, but first i’d sanitize my floors for sure; living on a farm, we’ve got our share of germs & dirt. thanks so much for sharing this very practical giveaway!

  37. I would love a STEAMER!!!! So multi-functional! For now, steaming my floors would be awesome, but I’m hoping to move into an old house someday soon and am sure it will have some LOVELY wallpaper for me to tackle! So many possibilities!

  38. I would love to have this to remove wallpaper and keep my bathroom clean. How great to deep clean without chemicals!

  39. I have to remove wallpaper from “unpainted sheetrock” that goes all the way up a flight of stairs! This will be a major project for us because of the stairs. A steamer will make this job so much more do-able.

  40. Bye-bye wallpaper!!! There’s wallpaper and not jus 1 layer but 4 layers in some rooms!! Been renting and now buying this house!!

  41. No wallpaper at my house, but I have two teenage boys and a black lab! I would love the steamer to clean my floors and bathrooms!

  42. I would use it to take off crazy stubborn wallpaper from my old home. I have done two bathroom have one left.

  43. I’ve had vinyl wallpaper on my kitchen ceiling for 27 years that I’d love to get rid of. Don’t know if it would work though, as it’s been painted over several times! :(.

  44. My bf just bought a house and we are moving into it in a few weeks. So much to clean up & so many projects to come. We could put the steamer to work!

  45. I would love to have this steamer for my son who just bought a house that was built in 1973 and still has original wallpaper and carpet. EVERY room needs the paper stripped off and carpet ripped out. Big jobs for family to help with.

  46. We have a house built in 1983 with wallpaper everywhere! We would be using this puppy to take it all off. I just so happened to come across a pin on pinterest with your tutorial. I think it’s fate I may win! Or fate telling me to get a steamer to take off this wallpaper that does not want to budge. 🙂

  47. I would use this steamer on my tile floors! I have a large area to cover and it exhausts me to mop it all.

  48. I have company coming soon and I REALLY need to clean my oven, but with the least effort possible. This would be awesome!

  49. I would start with the bathroom and work my way out from there. A spotless oven doesn’t sound so bad either!

  50. I am currently working trying to update my house I have to much wallpaper and want the stuff gone. I also am going to do my grandmother’s home that is definitely in need of removing her wallpaper and then painting

  51. I live in a Mobil Home made in the 70’s. The previous owner was very fond of pink and florals. It’s hideous. I don’t know how to get this wallpaper off so that I can paint. It bothers me EVERY day. This machine would be a Godsend. My husband is disabled and this is much too big a job for me alone. There isn’t a room that hasn’t been, ahem. . . decorated in this manner. So, I would love to win this machine so that I can help my poor home.

  52. I would love a HomeRight Steam Machine to steam the wallpaper off my bathroom walls…that has been on my bathroom walls for the past twenty years.

  53. I love this steam machine. It can make removing wallpapers easy task. My brother made me a present for last Christmas. The present was the steam machine. Now I am so glad that I have it. Best regards!

  54. I would love to win the steamer to use in my son’s new home. Need to get some wallpaper off paneling in his family room.

  55. i just brought a mobile home.. with lots of wall paper all over great looking paneling .. what a joSTb to remove the wall paper without any damage to it … I HAT WALL PAPER… I would use this to stem clean the stove .. all the vents ,, the exhaust fan that is caked with cooking oil and grease … all the grime built up over the years under the stove frig, in the cabinet drawers.. the dirty gem filled bath room around the toilet …….the tracks in the sliding windows that are so difficult to slide ..
    the list go’s on and on …


  56. Cool, one of the advantage of using a steam on removing wallpaper is that it kills the mold and other bugs living on the wall. but make sure that the wall must be completely dried out before applying another wallpaper.
    Maggy´s last blog post ..123

  57. Hi, Our Home has alot of paneling and the previous owners wallpapered most of it. I would love to use machine for that as a start..

  58. I am in the process of removing the wallpaper in my living room and dining room. Part of it is over paneling. It is a mess and I need help!!

  59. I would use it to remove wallpaper on my bathroom wall and kitchen border. Oh and cleaning the oven and grill. I am sure my husband would find many ways to use it in the garage.

  60. I hope I am posting to win this steamer as I am not that Internet savy. My husband is a disabled Vietnam Vet who can’t help me do many projects around our home. This would be a big help in removing old border and wallpaper in our home. God bless!!!

  61. I did not know anything like this existed and I have been worrying about wallpaper on my paneling for months. Yippee!

  62. I would like to use it to remove old wall paper from my 1989 mobile home. It has two layer of wall paper , the top layer is easy but the second layer is very hard to get off.

  63. I live in a house that was built in the 1970’s. I have two bathrooms that I need to remove wallpaper and this would be great.

  64. I just finished taking old wallpaper off the walls in my bathroom! Man I wish I had seen the his earlier, I probably would have bought one of these but I have another bathroom to do and a kitchen that has the wallpaper over paneling.
    So if I won it would still go to good use!

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