Chicken And Broccoli {Slow Cooker Recipe}


Good morning, lovelies! I hope you’re having a good week. If you’ve been reading my blog for very long, you know that one of my favorite ways to fix a meal is in the slow cooker. I love to dump all the ingredients in and forget about it. I created this chicken and broccoli “casserole” in the slow cooker and every single time I make it, it is devoured.

chicken and broccoli

Chicken, broccoli and rice is such a comfort food combination. Yum. Yum. Yum.

What is your favorite slow cooker / crock pot meal to make?

Have a marvelous day, my friends!



Here are a few other slow cooker favorites:

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  1. Sounds yummy! Would it also work to cut up the chicken in the beginning and cook on low for 8 or so hours?

  2. This sounds great. I am so happy that I have all the ingredients here in the apartment to make this. We went from the 70’s to sitting here watching it snow in less that 48 hours. This sounds like the perfect meal for a cold night. Thanks
    Elizabeth W´s last blog post ..If it were only this easy

  3. Myra,

    This is my favorite crockpot recipe. It is for a Rotisserie-style chicken and uses a whole chicken and spices – easy peasy. My kids like it a lot and leftovers are great to use in quesadillas or a casserole or just to heat and serve again.

    1 (4 to 5 pound) whole chicken

    2 t salt

    1 t paprika

    1 t onion powder

    1/2 t dried thyme

    1 t Italian seasoning (blend)

    1/2 t cayenne pepper

    1/2 t black pepper

    4 whole garlic cloves (can leave out if you don’t have)

    1 yellow onion, quartered (can also leave out; but better with!)

    Use 6 qt cooker.

    Skin chicken (very impt. step) and remove neck and inside stuff, rinse, and pat dry.

    In bowl combine spices.

    If on hand, put peeled whole garlic and quartered onion in cavity.

    Rub spices on both sides all over. Place bird breast side down in crockpot. Do NOT add water.

    Cover and cook on high for 4 to 5 hours or low for 8 hours. Meat will be tender. Less salt and fat than store-bought rotisserie versions.

  4. I’m always on the hunt for new (toddler-friendly) crock pot recipes and this was great! I made it last night and used thawed frozen broccoli because it’s what I had on hand. I didn’t chop it up beforehand (to save time). We all liked it! Thanks for the recipe. 🙂

  5. I can’t wait to try this. Have you tried cooking it on low for longer? Did it still work out? I’m not familiar with cooking with rice in my crockpot, so I didn’t know if it would matter. We are gone on Sundays for around 7 hours, so I have been looking for great recipes to try out to have a meal all ready when we get home. That’s why I would need to cook it longer. Thanks! Looks yummy!

    1. I haven’t used brown rice, but it’s definitely worth a try. You’ll just have to check it to see if the rice is done. If not, let it go a bit longer. 🙂

  6. Great recipe. Used brown rice instead and increased the broth another cup. It was done in 4 hours in my crock pot on high. Would make it again and makes a lot.

  7. Do you keep cooking it once you add the sour cream and cheese? I have it in the crockpot now but wasnt sure of that step!!!

  8. A bit dissapointed in this. The rice turned to complete mush. If I make it again I’ll have to pay much closer attention to whe. The rice is done or cut way back on the broth.

  9. I just made this – I have an old, hand me down, Rival crockpot so I don’t know the size. The chicken was cooked in 3 hours, if not less. I just happened to check it at the 3 hour mark and saw the chicken was done. I think it is tasty. The rice IS mushy – kind of like a rice/mashed potato hybrid. I am used to this type of food, though. I was born and raised in the midwest and grew up with slow cookers, casseroles, and various incarnations of rice/broccoli/chicken. The real test will be when my husband tries it – he grew up on the beaches in Southern California where the word “casserole” has probably never been spoken.

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