Easy Chocolate Dipped Pretzels


Good morning and Happy Friday! I hope y’all had a good week. Mine was crazy insane, but hopefully the crazy is starting to subside a little bit. Maybe? I’m so excited to show you the easy gourmet chocolate dipped pretzels that I made to give to family and friends.

chocolate dipped pretzels


 – white almond bark variations –

 – dark almond bark variations –


Aren’t they so pretty?

When all the pretzels were dry and set, I placed them carefully in gallon sized bags to keep them fresh.

I’m gifting my chocolate dipped pretzels like this. They are simply tied with baker’s twine and jute in a treat bag. The treat bags are crazy cheap at Hobby Lobby. 🙂

I had some melted almond bark left over, so I dumped in all my toppings, pretzel crumbs {with salt} etc. Stirred everything together well and then I spread it  out over parchment paper to cool. This bark-type candy is…addicting.

Seriously, this stuff is dangerous.

And that’s all there is to it. I’m really excited to gift these easy gourmet chocolate dipped pretzels over the next few days!

Do you make special treats to give away each year?




  1. We make these every year with the kids…great teacher/Sunday School teacher gifts etc! When I drizzle the decorative chocolate over the already dipped pretzels, I just use a fork and gently wave it over the pretzels. It drizzles them beautifully without having to fill a ziploc bag! We are making ours tomorrow!!

  2. Try adding crushed Oreos (especially the candy cane ones) to the leftover peppermint bark. It is SUPER yummy – I make pans full of peppermint bark (chocolate, pretzels, oreos & crushed peppermints) every year!

  3. I just stumbled on this post because I was looking for a dipped pretzel recipe and I just had to say I love that your name is Myra!! That was my grandmother’s name who just passed away and I’ve never met anyone else with it. Best to you!

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