Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle


I’m pretty much over the moon to share my pumpkin gingerbread trifle recipe with you today. I recently found a gingerbread cake recipe which was the springboard for this delicious dessert! I’m already planning to make it again for Thanksgiving…twice…for both sides of the family! Ha!

Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle | MyBlessedLife.net


I had some ingredients left over, so I made three little mini trifles which turned out so cute!   It would also be fun to have a mini pumpkin trifle bar where people could make their own! 🙂

The key to making this dessert quickly is to have the cake prepared ahead of time. You could even make the pumpkin filling ahead, but you’ll be snitching…especially if you have ginger snaps on hand. 🙂

Here are two other favorite pumpkin desserts:

Have you made a pumpkin dessert this year?

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  1. What a beautiful presentation – I’m anxious to try this for the holidays! I love pumpkin desserts!

  2. Myra, thanks so much for posting this. I’m always looking for different desserts for Thanksgiving. I’m bringing the desserts this year and I’m soooo making this! 🙂

  3. Myra, I made a very similar trifle recipe for Thanksgiving a couple of years ago and it was a hit! This has all those wonderful flavors of Autumn, and we know how healthy pumpkin is for us! 🙂

  4. Yummy! I can’t find pumpkin at our little commissary to save my life! I even tried to order a case from Germany and couldn’t find it in the catalog- oh well- next year, right?!

  5. Myra,
    This looks really good. I’m going to make it for one of our church get-togethers this month. Thank you for sharing! And, I am so impressed with your blog. Great work!

  6. This looks delicious! Oh my I want to make it, so much for eating less sweets this month. I’ll just make half a recipe and call it good.

  7. The fervor with which I love pumpkin desserts is almost ridiculous. I mean, I LOVE pumpkin!! When I was a tiny girl, pumpkin pie was my favorite of all desserts. I make pumpkin bread from my aunt’s recipe several times every year, and it’s always delicious. But this. . . this is a pumpkin extravaganza! The very idea of combining gingerbread with a cream cheese/pumpkin filling makes me lick my lips! 🙂

    1. Thanks Katie for your sweet comment! I’d never had gingerbread cake before, so I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. 🙂 I hope you will try it!

  8. So thrilled I found this recipe (thanks to Pinterest)! Looks absolutely fabulous and definitely a dessert I will be serving. So pretty and festive! 🙂

  9. Your pumpkin trifle is absolutely beautiful. I made one this week, too! While mine definitely tasted delicious, yours absolutely wins the prize for stunning beauty! And, I am positive, just by looking at the delicious ingredients, that the taste equals its beauty.

  10. This looks beautiful…and I am a pumpkin junkie…so I can’t wait to try it! My question…since I’ve never served a Trifle….how do you serve it? and what do you serve it in (bowl, plate, sundae cup)? Do you serve cold or room temp?

  11. I tried this recipe out on my husband’s family today and it was a great hit! In fact I even sent some left-overs home with my brother-in-law. It made his day! Thanks!!!

  12. I really, really, really, wish I hadn’t seen this. I am supposed to be saying no to sugary treats. 😉 I cannot resist this….must make it this weekend!

  13. WOW! I truly love the website you provided hear. I’m sure I will be looking forward to putting it to great uses this Thanksgiving Day. I’ll be sure to pass this post on to my friends. Thanks you so much, I enjoyed this so much.. 😉

  14. I hope you answer quickly! I am wondering about the recipe. You cross-referenced your pumpkin dip recipe but in the dip recipe you use maple syrup and in this recipe you use vanilla. Was the omission of maple syrup intentional or does the vanilla replace it in this particular recipe? This looks so heavenly! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hey Heather! I intentionally left off the maple syrup in exchange for the vanilla. 🙂 I think the vanilla kind of makes it with the gingerbread. 🙂 I hope that helps!!

      1. @Myra, I hope you have time to answer me quickly as well! 🙂 You reference the gingerbread recipe, but say to cook in 9×13 pan, where the recipe makes one 9″ round. Did you double the recipe, or is it just thinner in the 9×13 pan? THANKS!

        1. Hey Sarah! I followed the recipe exactly and made it in a 9×13, so it was thinner and easier to separate for layering. 🙂 Hope that helps!!

  15. I made this with whipped topping instead of whipped cream and it definitely needed whipped cream. I usually do wh. cream, but was lazy this time. This concept is good, but the gingerbread cake that I made through the link was rather tasteless even though I increased the spices. I would do it again with the TraderJoe’s gingerbread cake mix b/c it’s way better. And I’d double all the spices in the pumpkin mixture. It just needed more of a kick.

    1. @MfM, Thank you for the feedback! Of the many who have made and tasted this recipe no one has said that the gingerbread cake was tasteless. 🙂 With two tablespoons of cinnamon in the pumpkin mixture it definitely has a cinnamon spicy taste, but if more suits your tastebuds go for it! 🙂

  16. I tried this recipe and it is delish! It is now part of of our Thanksgiving tradition! Thank you for sharing your talents!

      1. Ok thanks! Was just a little confused because usually you would have to add sugar to the whipping cream and it doesn’t say anything about that…I wonder which would be better?

  17. I’m tight on time & need to enlist the help of my hubby, but I’m determined to make this for friends on Friday. I couldn’t find a Gingerbread cake mix. I could only find a Betty Crocker Spice Cake mix… Do you think this will be an ok substitute? Or should I add other ingredients to it???

  18. Thanks for the recipe of Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle……. I love how it looks and will make it for Christmas.
    Thanks again for posting recipe…..

  19. Hi! Is there anything I can do to not use vanilla extract in the pumpkin portion of the recipe? Is there anything I can sub in? Vanilla emulsion maybe? We are trying to avoid unbaked vanilla extract.

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