DIY Nursery Wall Decor


Our church building renovation project has finally reached the nursery! I envisioned an animal theme in bright colors instead of traditional pastels, so the walls are lime green and ocean blue.  Above the chair rail is lime green and below is an irregular stripe out of the green and blue. It’s delightful!

Last fall, I purchased three vinyl jungle animals from Uppercase Living. I love to decorate with Uppercase Living all around my house – lots of bang for my buck!

My DIY nursery wall decor is cute, easy and inexpensive. You can customize this concept for any room, theme and style.

  • Purchase inexpensive canvases from an arts and crafts store. I think I paid about $4.00 each for these.
  • I used my fabulous spray paint gun to paint the edges chocolate brown. (I think the wind knows whenever I want to spray paint because it always. without. fail. starts blowing.)


  • As the canvases dry, prepare to ModPodge. This was my very first time to ModPodge anything, so don’t judge to harshly. 🙂
  • Gather scrapbook paper, scissors, ModPodge and a foam brush.


  • I covered the front of each canvas with scrapbook paper. I had to cut the paper to fit, so I did have seams, but I don’t think it’s a big deal.
  • Next, brush a very light coat of ModPodge on the back of your first piece of scrapbook paper.
  • Place the paper – ModPodge side down – on the canvas.  While holding the paper in place, brush ModPodge all over the paper.  Repeat, until the front of the canvas is covered with paper.
  • The ModPodge acts like a glue, but also as a sealer.
  • Don’t freak out if your paper begins to bubble.  Try using less ModPodge and just wait for it to dry.


This is what happens if you mess with the paper while the ModPodge is drying.  Oops!  To fix my mistake, I cut out a small piece of scrapbook paper and ModPodged it over the torn paper.


See how bubbly and warped the paper looks?  Yes, I was freaking out. {Thank you, OCD self!} Much to my surprise, it dried perfectly smooth!

  • When the ModPodge was dry, I applied the vinyl jungle animals to each canvas.


I love how they turned out!  This project cost about $75 which is great considering the size and impact of the canvases.

*To cut more cost, you could ModPodge paper or card stock animals instead of vinyl animals.  This would probably cost about $35 or so.

Edit: {My brother-in-law texted me this photo, so you can see how the canvases look on the wall. The crib will go under them.}


Have you ever ModPodged before?  Do you have a nursery wall decor idea?

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  1. I use Mod Podge a lot for crafts and love it! My favorite is to use Mod Podge to put scrapbook paper onto light switch covers giving them a whole new look. Best of all, it is cheap & everyone always comments on them when they come to our house. Your nursery decor is AWESOME and I love that you went with a color scheme that is non-traditional…very cool!

  2. ADORABLE! I have never used Mod Podge, but I remember my mom using it in the 70’s to plaster our pictures all over a wooden purse she carried. See? My crafty nature is hereditary!

    Thanks for linking to Tutorial Tuesday!

  3. Very cute!!

    I made some easy, effective, inexpensive nursery decor before my son was born. His room was painted plain white, so we wanted to cover the walls with something colorful and also sound-absorbing, since we live in a townhouse and didn’t want middle-of-the-night crying to wake the neighbors. I bought two kinds of bright-colored fabric, a poly fleece and a quilted fabric, 2 yards of each. I bought 2 strips of 3/4″ wide wooden molding. I hemmed the quilted stuff (fleece doesn’t even need hemming) and then sewed a casing along one side of each fabric wide enough to slide the molding into it. I hammered 2 small nails into the wall 6 feet apart, angled slightly upward. The molding rests on the nails and holds the fabric flat against the wall like a banner. These made the room much less echoey and gave baby (and me!) something interesting to look at.
    .-= ‘Becca´s last blog ..Tangy Honey-Apricot Tofu =-.

  4. These are excellent!!! Can’t hardly believe that you made that on your own.. It looks like it was done by an expert!! Too bad we don’t have mod podge in here… I will try to look for an alternative so I can make one of these.. Thanks for the idea!

  5. I did this in the past week after seeing this blog post, and my only advice is to make sure that the decals are NOT TRANSPARENT! I ended up cutting them out with the backing still on and gluing them to the paper. 🙁

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