Spray Paint Tutorial

About a month ago, I wrote 10 Frugal Home Decor Tips for Money Saving Mom. One reader asked about spray painting and how to do it. So, the idea for this post was born…

Spray painting is a wonderful, quick, and inexpensive way to give “new” life to outdated pieces. I’ve spray painted accessories, mirrors, kitchen chairs, wall art, and a lamp table (among many other items that I can’t remember right now.) 

How To Spray Paint Tutorial – Step By Step

  • Find a gaudy (hideous) accessory that needs updating.  I found these finials at a yard sale for $6.


  • Go to Home Depot or Lowes and purchase a Comfort Grip spray paint gun. I think I paid $6-7 for it.  Today I used it for the first time and my pointer finger thanks me immensely.  I honestly thought for a moment that I died and went to heaven…it’s just THAT amazing!
  • Also purchase your choice of spray paint. For this project, I’m using an ivory color.


  • Attach the magic to your spray paint can.

  • It will look alien-like, but this is completely normal. Ha!

  • If necessary, sand down the surface(s) that you will be painting, then point spray paint can/gun and squeeze the trigger.  I rarely sand, mostly because things don’t usually need it, but also because I might be slightly impatient.
  • Keep your hand moving and do a light coat of paint all over. Let it set for a couple minutes.


  • Having an adorable helper, like my little man, makes the job SO much more enjoyable.  Look at his eyes!

  • After paint sets, spray another sweeping coat as you keep your hand moving so paint doesn’t run.
  • I intentionally wanted the shadows on these finials to show through, so I did two light coats to hide the gaudy gold.  If you want to completely cover your surface, you might need to do 3-4 light coats.


  • Oh, so pretty!

  • See that little run?  That’s what happens when you don’t keep moving fast enough. {ahem} The spray paint globs a little.  I could have sanded it down and repainted, but instead I just turned it a little bit so hopefully no one will notice. Ha!


  • The finished product!  These finials are perfect on the chest behind my sofa. I have one of them sitting on a cigar box that I also found at a yard sale.


LOVE, love, love!

Have you ever used a spray paint gun attachment?  Do you spray paint?

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  1. I have never used the attachment but it looks great! We are fixing to spray paint all the kitchen cabinet hardware & knobs to make them look different without spending a fortune to buy new ones. Your post had great timing! Also, I have a giveaway going on my blog this week, too.

  2. I didn’t know about “the magic” attachment! I’m going to have to run to the store to buy one. Last time I spray painted not only did my trigger finger hurt but my forearm was hideously sore. (I might need to work out, too. Ahem.) It hurt for days!! Thanks for such a great trip!
    .-= Rachel O.´s last blog ..Onboard the Eden, pt 1 =-.

  3. thanks for the tips! I started a spray paint project over the weekend, and I am going to get one of those magical attachments before I finish!

  4. I keep forgetting that gaudy finds can be easily fixed with a can of spray paint! I’m going to have to keep that in mind next time I go thrifting!

  5. I am in need of more spray paint practice…I seem to always go too thick or miss completely in spots. I might try the gun, thank for the tips!

  6. I need to see about getting that magic thing! I’ve been spray painting like crazy around here and my finger would appreciate it. Then again, the sore finger forces me to rest and I don’t get overzealous and spray to much at once! I love the way those turned out…so much nicer!!

  7. I just saw this on another blog…I had no idea it is so easy to change the face of things I have around but I am tired of. What a GREAT way to use your resources well!

  8. great for the first time spray painter!!
    love the finials. drip? what drip? it adds to the character. =)

    Yes, i spray paint. Yes, i LOVE the guns.

    barbara jean

  9. Yes, I do spray paint. I hadn’t touched a can of spray paint until I saw the wonderful things it can do, now I’m hooked {to spray painting that is}. I have seen a few DIY bloggers use “the magic” but I have yet to get it {sigh}. I will get it today though one for me and another for my dad =)

  10. Yes, I do spray paint. I hadn’t touched a can of spray paint until I saw the wonderful things it can do, now I’m hooked {to spray painting that is}. I have seen a few DIY bloggers use “the magic” but I have yet to get it {sigh}. I will get it today one for me and another for my dad =)
    Lucy´s last blog post ..Laptop Table

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