Natural Fall Mantel

Hey, hey! I'm so excited to show you our Fall Mantel. It's full of natural elements, various textures and fabulous fall colors. I shopped my house and my closets for items that I already had on hand. I collected everything with some pumpkins from the … {Click to read more}

MBL NingXia 2

10 Reasons to Drink NingXia Red Every Day

Hey, hey! I'm super excited to tell you about my favorite, delicious supplement that I've been using for the past 1 1/2 years. I like to try things for a while before I share about them and I have to say that this is the real deal! There are a lot of … {Click to read more}

Embracing Pregnant Body

Embracing My Pregnant Body

Hey y'all! I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend! We did. It was rainy, but that was fine with me. I just wanted to chillax anyway. Ha! We hosted our annual church picnic on Friday night. It rained, but finally stopped and it was a lovely … {Click to read more}

Blackberry Cobbler Square

Easy Blackberry Cobbler

Good morning! We are loving all the fresh produce this time of year. The garden is growing like crazy. We have tomatoes, peppers, herbs, corn, okra, squash, zucchini and sunflowers flourishing, but they aren't all producing quite yet. So far this … {Click to read more}

Summer Mantel 2015 8

Simple Summer Mantel 2015

Good morning and happy Monday! We are having the house foundation repaired and it is one big hot mess out there right now. They had to jackhammer out layers of concrete and there are deep holes dug all around the house where they are putting … {Click to read more}