Simple Summer Mantel 2015

Good morning and happy Monday! We are having the house foundation repaired and it is one big hot mess out there right now. They had to jackhammer out layers of concrete and there are deep holes dug all around the house where they are putting in helical piers that screw down into the bedrock. I will be so glad when it’s done and we get Humpty Dumpty put together again. I will try to Instagram a photo soon.

Anyway, on to happier and more orderly things….my simple Summer mantel!

Simple Summer Mantel 2015 |

I kept it very simple and clean this year. I didn’t want to clutter it up with too much stuff.

Simple Summer Mantel 2015 |

Tulips + mixed textures = perfection.

Simple Summer Mantel 2015 |

I love the life ring. I’ve used it for several summers and I’m not tired of it yet. The oar is one we actually use when we go out in the boat on the pond.

Simple Summer Mantel 2015 |

I’m trying to get brave about real succulents, but this one works for now. 😉

Simple Summer Mantel 2015 |
Simple Summer Mantel 2015 |

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek at my Summer mantel. If you haven’t seen the den makeover be sure to click over there. I will be drawing a winner soon for the $100 Walmart gift card!

Do you decorate for Summer months?



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  1. Lanita Anderson says

    Love your summer mantel, Myra! I’ve so enjoyed your last two decorating posts – you always have such great ideas and great finished products! Hope your foundation repair goes well…and quickly! We had that done last summer, so I know just what you’re going through!

  2. Amy Wood says

    I love your summer mantle! It is so adorable!

    On a personal level, I would love to know how you store and organize all the wonderful decorations you change out during the year. (That would be a fun post!!)


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