Easy Blackberry Cobbler


Good morning! We are loving all the fresh produce this time of year. The garden is growing like crazy. We have tomatoes, peppers, herbs, corn, okra, squash, zucchini and sunflowers flourishing, but they aren’t all producing quite yet. So far this year we are actually staying on top of the weeding. Last year it got away from us. 😉

On Saturday, the boys and I went to the farmer’s market and picked up local cucumbers, tomatoes, peaches and blackberries. I decided to make an easy blackberry cobbler for Father’s Day. It’s always a hit, so I knew Ernie would enjoy it.

Easy Blackberry Cobbler | MyBlessedLife.net

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This recipe is so incredibly easy. And making it with blackberries that you just have to wash (no cutting or peeling involved!) is the bomb dot com.

Easy Blackberry Cobbler | MyBlessedLife.net

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I hope you will make my easy blackberry cobbler soon! It’s absolutely no-fail and I promise you will be back for seconds!

What is your favorite kind of cobbler?





  1. I’m really excited to share my homemade bread recipe with y’all today. I’ve been hemming and hawing {what does that mean, anyway?} about writing it all down here, but I’m finally taking the plunge. I’ve been using my friend Jo-Lynne’s Homemade Sandwich Bread recipe for at least two years now. It was the perfect inspiration and “jumping off point” for me as I tweaked and tested my own method with white spelt flour.

  2. Remove the dough to a dinner plate and then clean out any leftover flour or dough that’s stuck to the bowl. Spray the bowl with olive oil spray or just use butter. Add the dough back to the bowl and oil the top of the dough. Cover with a flour sack towel and allow to rise until the dough fills the bowl – about an hour. I usually turn on my oven to 350 degrees to preheat and then any extra warmth just helps the dough rise quicker.

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