10 Amazing Uses for Lavender Essential Oil

Happy Friday! I hope y’all have had a great week! Mine has been full of painting, rug shopping, mommy-ing and lots more. :) I’m so excited to tell you about one of my favorite essential oils – Lavender. Lavender is probably one of the most “popular” essential oils because of it’s scent.

10 Amazing Uses for Lavender Essential Oil | MyBlessedLife.net

You might be surprised when you smell therapeutic grade lavender essential oil because of it’s potency and plant-like scent. I have grown to love, love, love this essential oil. It saved me from a ton of pain and blistering from the burn I received from a 400* bowl straight out of the oven. I use Lavender nearly every single day for one issue or another. It’s wonderful!

Here are 10 Amazing Uses for Lavender Essential Oil…

1. Apply to minor burns to relieve discomfort and avoid blistering.

2. Inhale or diffuse to calm emotions.

3. Place a drop or two of lavender on a cotton ball and slip in pillow case for sleep aid.

4. Apply to cuts and scrapes to clean or disinfect.

5. Rub lavender over chapped skin to aid healing.

6. Inhale, diffuse or take internally {only Young Living} for allergy relief.

7. Apply to bridge of nose to stop nosebleeds.

8. Place a washcloth with a few drops of lavender essential oil on it into the dryer for sweet smelling laundry.

9. Spray lavender water on sunburn gently to minimize burning.

10. Drop 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil onto stings or bites to reduce swelling.

Fact of the day – France exports approximately 100% more lavender than it produces. What? Read that again. Mathematically this is impossible, but because of multiple distillations {the oil grows weaker each time}, synthetic ingredients and cheap oils to stretch the lavender essential oil it happens. Crazy, right?!

10 Amazing Uses for Lavender Essential Oil | MyBlessedLife.net

Click here for details on how to purchase therapeutic grade essential oils! They are amazing! You will also find other posts that I’ve written about essential oils. They have changed our lives!

Have you ever used Lavender essential oil?



*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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  1. Your essential oils posts have convinced me to give this a shot. I am very excited about trying these oils (I purchased a gift pack). Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Marta Call says:

    I, too, have decided to try some essential oils and have bought an immune-aid from Young Living and several from doTerra. Which do you prefer? Thanks for your refreshing and honest posts.

    • Myra Hope says:

      Hi Marta, I’ve tried several different brands of essential oils and I prefer Young Living above all of them. They seem much more potent, have a plantlike scent and I believe they are the most effective bang for your buck. :) Thank you for your sweet comment! :)

  3. Hi, my friend sent me this link to your website, because last summer she visited me and I took her to a local lavender farm, and your article brought back memories of her visit! I thought I would share it with you and your readers, to get more ideas how to use lavender. I found your suggestions interesting, I will try lavender in the laundry today! We have a beautiful, organic lavender farm near us, Pelindaba Lavender, and although I have been purchasing their products for years, I had never visited their farm until last summer! It was interesting to see the distillery and process of making pure essential lavender oil. I personally use a lavender toner 2x day on my face, and after I shave to calm the skin; I have a large bottle of lavender water for all purpose cleaning around the house and counters; I have culinary lavender and make the most wonderful lavender lemonade with it! I make home-made daily shower spray and granite cleaners, and put a few drops of lavender oil in them for a lovely scent. I have also used Pelindaba Farm’s lotions, hand sanitizer, and more. As you said – lavender is a wonderful! I do NOT work for Pelindaba, but I just though you and your readers would enjoy looking at their website! It is located in the beautiful San Juan Islands of Washington state, on San Juan Island. I live on a different island nearby. Here is the link: http://www.pelindabalavender.com/ Have a lovely, lavender day!

  4. Myra, thanks for the info. I’m using lavender drops with coconut oil for my son’s diaper rash. Hope it brings him relief!
    Sandra´s last blog post ..Update on News about Held

  5. I have been doing this for itchy eyes caused by allergies. Put a few drops’of coconut oil and lavender on a cottonball. Dab the cotton on the bones around the eyes. Instant relief.
    I also combine lavender, lemon, and peppermint essential oils, rub them on the bottom of my feet for allergy relief in the morning and night.

  6. Karen Wenger says:

    Do you know if lavender essential oil can be used for yeast infection and thrust in babies? Please say yes!!! Please!? Please!??… My sweet little 10 month old is suffering from it right now and we are snowed in (plus I don’t like to use ol’ Doc MD, but don’t tell him that) :) I actually gave her a bath tonight with several drops added to the water. I’m praying she’s healed by morning! I just saw this post and thought I would see what you say! Thank you! ~Karen


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