A Bus Full Of Angels

A couple of weeks ago we had that crazy huge yard sale that was a smashing success. On Friday, late morning, a bus pulled to a stop at the yard sale. I thought to myself, “Well, this could be interesting.” How many times does a BUS stop at your yard sale?

Hello, customers!

As the passengers got out, I realized just who they were.

A lovely group of special needs ladies and their caregivers.

My heart began to melt.

And it melted.

And melted.

Until tears came out of my eyes.

These beautiful souls were so happy. They were thrilled to find a bargain.

They loved telling us about themselves.

I won’t ever forget Pat. She was all dolled up in pink – clothes, lipstick and blush. She was enthusiastic and adorable. She loved talking about how much she loved visiting her family.

As they finished up their shopping and walked back to the bus. I sat there in awe.

It was literally as if I had just encountered a bus full of angels.

I began to get a sense of just how much God loves us. How unique and special we all are. How precious life is – whether you are “normal” {whatever that is!} or “special.”

I’m pretty sure I felt God smiling down on those special ladies that day.

They left my heart changed.



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  1. Karen Collins says

    I’m lucky Myra..I have a lovely and beautiful older sister who has down syndrome. She is my special angel each and everyday I think about how truely blessed I am. How GOD chose ME to be her little sister and best friend. He knows what’s best better than we do and how to lift our hearts and remind us that sometimes our little things are big things to someone else. I enjoy your website and Congrats on making your family bigger!

  2. says

    I work with special needs children in an elementary school. Yes they are unique and sweet, I have a daughter also that is special needs. I would not trade her for anyone else! My husband suffered a 30 ft. fall off the roof of our Victorian home and suffers a TBI. I call him my “SUPERMAN” miracle from the good Lord above! Yes God has given me many special “ANGELS” in my life and I feel totally blessed by each and evryone of them. Thank you so very much for sharing your sweet story!

  3. Beth says

    We have five lovely daughters and two sons. Our youngest daughter was born with a rare genetic condition called Cri du Chat, or 5p- . She truly is amazing and such a blessing to ALL of us. To say that she has taught us more about true love, loyalty, hope, and patience than we would have learned otherwise is an understatement. She challenges us on every level…to grow, to learn, to give, to believe.

    She will always require full-time care, and so the part of your post that brought tears to my eyes was “and their caregivers.” I am forty-five years old, and Julia will outlive my ability to provide care for her. I am so thankful that their are people in the world who see caring for individuals with special needs as not only an occupation, but as a vocation. It requires a very special type of person. Julia has 6 older siblings who will be able to oversee her care when her dad and I are no longer able to, but I know they will rely on day programs and group home living. A big shout out to those who care for folks with special needs…your care is necessary…thank you.

  4. gloria says

    sitting here at work on a little break and a wonderful lump in my throat. Thank you so much for the post.


  5. Aggie says

    That is so sweet. I love it when God brings someone into your life and it changes you forever. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Lisa says

    Such a sweet story! I love how God knows just the right time, when we need exactly what he wants us to learn as He humbles us more and more as we walk closer with Him and we open our hearts to Him. As we love each other.

  7. says

    What a wonderful post! Brought tears to my eyes as I too am blessed to have a “special” angel in my home. My oldest dd has Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome & autism and she has taught me more in her 13 years of life than I could ever learn in 13 years of school. :) You can read her story here-http://www.rubinstein-taybi.org/our/Brianna/index.html and she blogs here-www.briannasbuzz.blogspot.com
    It warmed my heart that you chatted with them-so often people just ignore my daughter & I think it’s because their not sure what to do or how to act-her speech isn’t real clear either & she can be hard to understand but she just LOVES when someone chats with her, even just to say hi. :)
    Kris´s last blog post ..Pancake Syrup

  8. says

    Myra this blog post particularly touched my heart because my son who is autistic is considered special needs. When I started reading this I just started crying so hard I didn’t even know what hit me, so amazing of you to write such a wonderful post about these women and how special each of us really is!
    Kelly´s last blog post ..RIT Dye & My Ikea Ektorp Sofa

  9. JT says

    Feeling a bit sorry for myself today; haven’t read blogs in weeks and yours jumps into my lap. Perspective, simplicity, gratitude, compassion, mixed with a few tears, just what I needed.
    thank you, seriously, Thank You!

  10. Sunny says

    Thank you for sharing this story. What a beautiful reminder (as you said) of God’s love for all of us. <3


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