101 Summer Kids’ Activities {And FREE Printable}

This Summer, I want to be really intentional with how we spend our time. It’s a little too easy to just let everything slide and not have any structure, so I decided to come up with a crazy long list of 101 Summer Kids’ Activities.

There are activities that work for both littles and big kids and some that are more specifically age appropriate.  I know that this list will keep me hopping and will completely thrill my little man. 🙂 There’s a FREE printable at the end of this post for your refrigerator!

101 Summer Kids’ Activities

1 Run Through a Sprinkler
2 Check Out Library Books
3 Play Croquet
4 Make Homemade Popsicles
5 Go Fishing
6 Color with Melted Crayons
7 Draw with Sidewalk Chalk
8 Have a Play Date With Friends
9 Make Friendship Bracelets
10 Bake Cookies
11 Learn To Set The Table
12 Play Hopscotch
13 Make Mud Pies
14 Play Board Games
15 Stargaze and find constellations
16 Learn To Jump Rope
17 Play Driveway Tic-Tac-Toe With Bean Bags
18 Hoola Hoop
19 Glue Dry Noodles on Paper
20 Have a Tea Party
21 Play Hide and Seek
22 Take a Nature Hike
23  Set Up a Lemonade Stand
24 Paint With Water
25 Visit a Pet Store
26 Make s’mores
27 Play Kickball
28 Have a Picnic
29 Learn To Juggle
30 Play with Dry Rice
31 Ride Bikes
32 Play Red Light, Green Light
33 Create a Time Capsule
34 Go Swimming
35 Play Flashlight Tag
36 Go To Story Time At The Library
37 Memorize a Poem or Verse
38 Have a Nerf Gun/Water Gun Fight
39 Write a Story
40 Hold a Bike Parade
41 Fly a Kite On A Breezy Day
42 Make Ice Cream In a Bag
43 Finger Paint with Pudding
44 Blow Bubbles
45 Visit a Local Museum
46 Cheer Up the Elderly
47 Paint Your Own Pottery
48 Create a Rock Collection
49 Make a Dry Noodle Necklace
50 Play Cowboys and Indians
51 Write a Letter to a Pen Pal
52 Make a Mobile
53 Build a Fort in Your Bedroom
54 Make Popsicle Stick Art
55 Play Dress Up
56 Help With Chores
57 Make a Magazine Clipping Mosaic
58 Have a Park Play Date
59 Make Paper Airplanes
60 Watch the Clouds
61 Arm Wrestle
62 Attend Vacation Bible School
63 Have a Relay Race with Friends
64 Play I Spy
65 Build a Clubhouse
66 Ride a Carousel at the Mall
67 Visit a Petting Zoo
68 Collect Change for Charity
69 Make Slime
70 Roller Skate
71 Make Dirt Cups with Gummy Worms
72 Have Craft Day
73 Play Catch
74 Plant Flowers
75 Read Aloud with Your Family
76 Have a Water Balloon Fight
77 Make Paper Dolls
78 Play Mini Golf
79 Catch Fire Flies
80 Go Bowling
81 Collect Leaves
82 Make Homemade Play Dough
83 Play with a Frisbee
84 Visit the Farmer’s Market
85 Go on a Scavenger Hunt
86 Have a Tie Dye Shirt Party
87 Learn Origami
88 Learn a New Sport
89 Play “Simon Says”
90 Watch the Sunset
91 Go Camping in the Backyard
92 Eat Watermelon Outside
93 Have a Seed Spitting Contest
94 Attend Class at a Home Improvement Store
95 Play Dodge Ball
96 Make a Sock Puppet
97 Put on a Puppet Show
98 Play Hide and Seek
99 Have a Pillow Fight
100 Watch Fireworks
101 Chase Butterflies

And here’s the FREE printable! 🙂

{Hover over the printable and click the printer button to print. If the preview above is not working for you, click here to download.}

What would you add to the list? What is an activity that your kids enjoy?




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  1. Now THAT’S a list, Myra! You’ve listed some great activities. Maybe you should make a separate list of things that pregnant women with little kids can actually accomplish in the summertime. 🙂

    With teenagers in the house, here’s one of our favorite activities for when school is out: catch up on sleep!!
    Richella at Imparting Grace´s last blog post ..Grace at Home No. 12

  2. thanks for the adorable printable! Printed and hanging on the fridge, that way I have a little accountability (because there is no way with it hanging there that the kids will let me forget!)

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  3. What a super list that is not expensive and full of good old-fashioned fun. I think kids miss out on a lot today when they are glued to their little electronic gadgets. When I was growing up a while back, we lived outdoors from sun up to as late as possible, begging our parents to “let us stay out a little longer.” Did you mean to list Play Hide and Seek twice?

  4. Printed out this list with my 11 year old daughter. We crossed out the things we don’t want/aren’t able to do, and she began highlighting the things we have done. Running through the sprinkler is on the agenda today! 🙂

  5. This is a pretty good list. Although, it’s technically a list of 100 activities because 21 & 98 are the same.

  6. My daughter and I did this together last summer and we plan to do it again this year. Although we eliminated some of the things (she was too old for), we were able to do many of them. The main thing was to make memories and capture the time. Mission accomplished!

    I shared this list with four of my friends to use with their kids this year.

    Thanks Myra!!

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