Delicious Mini Meatloaf Recipe

I haven’t been this excited about a recipe in a long time, but my mini meatloaf recipe has me smiling from ear to ear. If you like quick, easy, and out-of-this-world delicious recipes, you will love these mini meatloaves!

I created this recipe from my run-of-the-mill meatloaf recipe {i.e. I normally just throw in whatever looks right}.  Ha!  The other night I was running behind getting dinner going, so I spiced up my normal recipe and made mini meatloaves to cut down on baking time.

Here are a few sweet tips before I give you the recipe. :)

Spectrum’s Coconut Spray Oil is my favorite!  It leaves no weird coconut-y taste in the meatloaf {or any other baked goods}, I promise!

I mixed up some HFCS-free ketchup with a squirt of mustard and a teaspoon or so of raw sugar to glaze the top of each mini meatloaf before baking.  I didn’t measure anything, so I’m showing you the picture. :)

Once the meat mixture was combined, {yes, I got my hands dirty}, I divided it up into 10 mini meatloaves.  I added a little bit of water in the remaining two spaces to keep them from burning in the oven.

Umkay, now to the super easy recipe…

P.S. I’m planning on making up a bunch of mini meatloaf balls to freeze. This is dinner prep made easy…just pull them out of the freezer to defrost, pop them in the oven and voila…dinner!

What’s your favorite way to make meatloaf?


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  1. My family loves meatloaf!! I use my grandmother’s receipe and I would have never thought to make it this way!! Awesome idea!!! Can’t wait to try it!! Have a Blessed Day!!

  2. cecilia weaver styles says:

    souns great trying this tonite sems like something nice an easy thanks an bless you

  3. Believe it or not, that’s exactly how I make my meatloaf!! Besides being a huge time saver, I think it has more flavor in those little mini’s than it does slicing off a piece of a big loaf, even using the same recipe. We do a lot in the muffin pans – the kids love it! We do our chili relleno egg casserole in them, a lasagna/spaghetti with a big meatball on top (the kids love this served on top of a mound of potatoes), and more. I’m definitely gonna try your meatloaf recipe, sounds yummy!

  4. This is EXACTLY the recipe I use!! They are amazing!!!!
    Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage´s last blog post ..Organizing a Closet with a DIY Closet Organizer

  5. I just found your blog yesterday! This recipe looks amazing and would love to try it… this may be a dumb question, but what type of cheese (parm, cheddar, moz, etc.) and oats (quick, regular, etc.) do you use?


  6. Looks so tasty! What a great way of not heating up the house for so long during the summertime, too. (Do you mind my asking where you found your coconut oil spray? That looks like a handy dandy thing I need for my kitchen. :))

  7. I don’t really make meatloaf, but with no doubt I’ll start making them now!
    Anna´s last blog post ..The best way to meet guys

  8. This is going to be on my menu next week! Sounds so yummy and easy. Thanks for sharing :)
    Lauren´s last blog post ..Appliqued Days of the Week Rags

  9. Those look so yummy & easy to make. I wish my hubby would eat meatloaf. Oooooo, I love coconut spray & oil, it works great!!!
    Hattie´s last blog post ..Wednesday Weigh-In

  10. Wow! I didn’t have the meat – today we had a fish day :-)
    In your recipe, I replaced the meat for fish… It was so delicious! thank you from all my family (7persons).
    Katie´s last blog post ..חג סוכות

  11. They are so cute! I’m adding the recipe to my menu for next week.
    Melissa´s last blog post ..Sam’s Club, Box Tops for Education, and a Giveaway

  12. These look delicious!! I just added them to my menu plan for next week.
    Amanda @ Mommy’s Idea Book´s last blog post ..Hearty Whole Wheat Granola Pancakes

  13. Kimberly says:

    I made these tonight (added diced onions and bell peppers) and they are DELICIOUS!!! Thanks for the recipe :)

  14. I made this last night and it was a hit! Just added some worsc (don’t know how to spell it so will just stop there) sauce to the topping. Thanks for the great recipe! It’s a keeper :)
    Lauren´s last blog post ..Easy Fried Okra with a ‘Kick’

  15. Same recipe I use but I just place them in a glass dish and cook instead of the muffin tins, they hold their shape well…I use brown sugar…LOVE IT…I have been making them for years and they are always gone quick

  16. This family of 7, who does not like meatloaf after a bad experience, gives this recipe 7 stars! Made them tonight, left out the onion powder, and served with mashed potatoes and roasted brussel sprouts. Awesome!

  17. Next meatloaf, I’m going to try adding oats & cheddar cheese. I use catsup, brown sugar & Worchester Sauce for the topping.

  18. My hubby’s a big fan of meatloaf, and I LOVE the idea of these in the muffin tins. Great idea! I’ll be making it!
    Chris´s last blog post ..House Goals

  19. This looks great! I love a good meatloaf.
    After I had each of my babies, my Mom would bring me dinner the night I got home from the hospital. By #4 she didn’t have to ask what to bring, she knew I’d ask for meatloaf.
    Will be trying this next week! Thanks

  20. Your recipe sounds delicious! I am definitely going to give it a try this weekend! I recently made mini meatloaves (not with this recipe but the same idea- in a muffin pan) and after they were baked, I piped mashed potatoes on top to make them look like cupcakes, then popped them in the broiler for just a minute or two. The kids honestly thought I was serving them cupcakes for dinner! :))) We are having friends over on Sunday- which happens to be April Fool’s Day and my daughter wants me to make the meatloaf cupcakes for them too- I will use your recipe this time! It should be a good joke. :)))
    Nadia´s last blog post ..No-bake cornflake peanut-butter cookies

  21. Is that tablespoons or teaspoons? I want to make this tonight!

    • I saw these on my daghter’s blog and will definitely give them a try. Thanks for the recipe. Also, to answer Melody’s question… I believe the small t means teaspoon.

  22. Tracy Stewarts says:

    Yum……..this looks way too delicious. I loved the recipe very much and also the tips that you shared.
    Tracy Stewarts´s last blog post ..360hdmi

  23. Would you freeze them befroe or after you bake them? Thanks!

  24. Oh my golly! this sounds amazing, and it looks so pretty!

    we are Vegan here in my house, but I quickly knew exactly what or how I could exchange the ingredients! thank you for posting this, I love it!
    perfect for sending to work with my hubby too;. or midnight snacks! ((:
    gina´s last blog post ..Open Shelves, Farmhouse Style.

  25. These look so good! And I don’t like meatloaf normally! I’m going to substitute the onion powder for onions I’m going to mince and carmelize in a skillet first, and I’m going to do half lamb and half beef. I’ll let you know how it turns out. SO nice to see healthy products on your blog too!

  26. I just made 27 mini meat loafs using the Lipton Dry Onion Soup recipe but tweaking it a little by adding chopped green peppers and oats. I didn’t use the cupcake tins but shaped them like cupcakes and they held their shape while being baked. After baking, I cooled and froze them on a cookie sheet then put them in gallon ziploc bags. Now in the morning I’ll be able to take out what I’ll need for dinner, let them thaw in the fridge during the day and heat them up while fixing something to go with them…YUM!!

  27. Great idea! I am new to cooking meat. After de-freezing them, could I just throw them in the microwave? Any idea how long?


  28. marcy shafer says:

    Hi Myra wanted to say thanks for the mini meatloaf recipe I have made this recipe 5 times now and my family loves it!! Thanks again. Marcy :)

  29. I finally got to make these for the family tonight – they were yummy! Definitely a keeper! :)
    Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates´s last blog post ..Chocolate Chip Pecan {Sour Cream} Cake

  30. Hi,
    I just found your blog yesterday and I loved it !! This recipe looks amazing and easy to do too ! this is a good point. May I try it with ground turkey instead ground beef? I don’t eat read meat,neither pork. I know may be a dumb question for you, but how can I make my little meatloaf tender and juice when we know that ground turkey is almost fat free ( and I like it 1) ?
    Thanks for sharing. I will be here as much as I can to find the good and health recipes.

    • Hi Adele! I would try adding extra cheese to make up for the lack of fat in turkey. Maybe even an extra egg? I think it will work very well! :)

  31. hi Myra,
    Do you know the nutritional information from your recipe and the amount of calories per serving and how many muffins per serving?

  32. Just made these today and yummo!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  33. Chelsea P. says:

    This recipe was perfect! I did add a few of my own ingredients but thanks for the starting point! Yum!

  34. Sounds like the perfect thing for living single!

  35. This is one of my favorite meatloaf recipes! Thank you!

  36. These look great and this is my favorite way to make meatloaf. My Sister and I laugh because I have never actually made cupcakes or muffins but have made meatloaf muffins, taco muffins and chicken parmesan muffins. Thanks for the reminder to make these and I am going to give your topping a try it sounds delicious!

  37. These look tasty and easy to make! I will have to add this to my list of recipes to try :)

  38. This was amazing & my whole family really liked it! Thank you!!


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