{Free} DIY Casserole Dish Insulator


Do you often take food to church potlucks or family gatherings? Or do you make food ahead of time and need to keep it warm?

Many stores sell casserole dish insulators, but this frugal tip is absolutely free.  I love free, don’t you?! 🙂

Wait for it…wait for it.

A towel.

Yes, a plain and simple bath {or beach} towel!

When I pull a casserole dish out of the oven, I immediately cover it with aluminum foil and the plastic lid.  Then I wrap a towel around the dish and it’s ready to go.

Two-three hours later, the dish will still be steaming hot!  How awesome is that?! My Mom goes an extra mile and puts her towel-wrapped dishes in an insulated grocery bag.

It works for me!

How do you keep dishes warm when you take food to an event?


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  1. Great idea! I used to have one of those thermal casserole bags that came with a pyrex dish. It must have gotten thrown away during one of our moves because I haven’t seen it in a long time! I think I’ll be using a towel from now on…
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  2. I also use the towel and place it inside a wicker basket for traveling, or if one is nor available, a cardboard box. It makes it easier to carry and adds another layer of insulation.

    I didn’t realize you could use the plastic lids while the casserole was still hot.

  3. I love this trick! I’ve arrived to many parties with my casseroles rolled up on a blanket! People always give me odd looks, but when they see that my dish is still steaming, the looks turn into pats on the back!

    I also do this when I roast a turkey or chicken. I cover it in blankets/towels when it’s resting to keep warm.

  4. This is great. I don’t now how I haven’t thought of this before. Also good to know that it WORKS. Like, it seems like it would work, but also seems like something I’d make up and it really not work as well. haha. Thanks for the great tip! I am so doing this (particularly for things that don’t fit in the insulated carrier I do have – for 9×13 pans).

  5. That’s what my husband does for all my warm foods that we bring to our church for potlucks and stuff. But I like the tip about the aluminum foil and the reusable bags. Genius I tell ya!

  6. Newspaper is also an excellent insulator. One Thanksgiving I had planned on my turkey getting done 90 minutes early but it was ready THREE HOURS early. I wrapped it in aluminum foil, added a few layers of newspaper, then some kitchen towels. Three hours later, lots of steam escaped as the turkey was carved and it was a very moist and tender.

    Also, when we had power outages due to the terrible tornadoes last spring, I felt I had to use the gas in my grill sparingly since we were told we might be without power for a week. I would bring a pot of vegetables to a boil using the eye on the grill. I would take the pot off, wrap it in towels, and let it sit for three hours. The veggies would be done and still hot when they were unwrapped.

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