Amazing Bathroom Remodel {The Big Reveal!}

I’m beyond thrilled to share this bathroom remodel reveal with you. It feels like it’s taken forever and a day. Honestly, there are still a few cosmetic things that still need to be done, but I’m not waiting any longer to spill this to you.

What started out with a desire to replace the massive sink cabinet with a pedestal sink turned into a huge undertaking. I’m so thankful that we are *almost* done.

What looked like this…

Now…looks like this…

{happy, happy squeals!!}

I could just stand or sit in the hall and drool gaze at this room. I’m so so so pleased with how it turned out. Not to mention how glad I am that the poop brown paint color is gone!  I chose Behr’s Vast Desert for the walls.  It’s a fabulous color!

My husband is a champ.  He is a huge support and provided a ton of manpower {and many hours} to renovate this bathroom.  Love you babe, like SO much!

The bathroom reflects my “collected” style. I love many different time periods and styles, so I just go with it. :)  Rules are for breaking, right??

The yard sale nightstand that I recently made over is perfect for the bathroom. I love having the storage as well as an extra surface since the pedestal sink doesn’t have a huge rim.

I found this basket at Target to hold the tp. :)


We kept the original medicine cabinet mirror because there is concern about asbestos in the plaster walls.  So, until we get that tested, we’re keeping wall changes to a minimum. :)

I saved a piece of the original hardwood that we ripped out.  It’s stamped with the manufacturer and location where it was made. I love that it’s now hanging on the wall! :)

I made the shower curtain and window treatment. I’ll be sharing those tutorials with you soon!  I’m so happy with how they look!

These little thrifted Avon bottles are just too cute!

I a-d-o-r-e this wooden box that I found at TJ Maxx a few days ago. I bought it to plant herbs in, but I’m pretty hooked on it being in the bathroom now. I also got the aqua bottle from TJ’s too.  The pod-ish things are from my granny’s funeral from 3 1/2 years ago. I’m so glad I saved them!

I got this cute cup from my friend Layla when she and Rhoda had a fun yard sale last year.  Love it!


I promise I cleaned the mirror! {blush} It’s just showing it’s age. Ha!

{at night – with the “out of order” sign still on the door}

Classy, huh?

{Side by Side Before & After}

The money scoop on this project is pretty awesome.  Our landlady is taking care of the floor costs – approximately 200.00.  My hubs and I {well, mostly my hubs} did the labor.  For everything else {sink, faucet, plumbing supplies, light fixture, paints, molding, fabric, accessories etc.} we paid less than 400.00. I purchased four new accessories for this space – HOPE in the window, the aqua bottle, yellow box and artificial {shhhhhh} grass. :)

Now all I want to do is go to the bathroom ’cause it’s so pretty in there! Ha!

Have a fab day y’all!!

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  1. Frances Kalender says

    You & hubby did a FANTASTIC job!!! I want to come to your house and use your potty! lolol
    Wish I had a sewing machine to make such pretty shower curtains! I have all my granddaughter’s receiving blankets that I would like to re-use, but means to do it :(
    You are very talented indeed! Now go grab a glass of wine and sit on your toilet and enjoy! :)

  2. Becki says

    Oh Myra – It is beautiful! So glad it is done and that you shared it with all of us. I love the colors and the curtain is perfect!

  3. says

    Myra, it is just beautiful. Well done and I love that you left the tile–such caracter. Your shower curtain looks very much like drapes I made for my oldest daughters room (the style, not fabric) so of course I think it is just the greatest. Hope you have a great week.

    Cha Cha

  4. Tabitha says

    Beautiful! Y’all did a fantastic job!! I love that new paint color and adore the wall art especially that square piece with different colors. You are so talented!!

  5. says

    Wow! What an improvement! I love that you didn’t tackle the tiling and such…just changing out other things made it fade into the background. Are you serving breakfast in there 😉 ?!

    • Myra says

      Thanks Tricia!! That window treatment almost had me stumped, but I just went with my gut and I’m so tickled with the outcome! :)

    • Myra says

      Thanks Beth! It was so fun to make it pretty after the grunt work was done. :) As I’m sure you well understand. Ha!

  6. says

    You like surprise guests, right?
    I may just have to jump in the car and come see what you guys are doin’ up there in person sometime! 😀

  7. Amanda E says

    Wow!!!!! Seriously stunning and love the mix of styles. I didn’t even notice the mirror was the same because the makeover is incredibly beautiful! I am SO inspired for spring cleanning & renovation!

  8. says

    MY GOODNESS, Myra!!! It’s looks AH-MA-ZING!!! Love it!! Can’t wait to see it in person….
    I’m glad that’s ya’ll finished it…=)

  9. says

    Love this! Beyond fabulous job!! Taking your motivation and applying it to my day today! Thanks for the inspiration! Have a wonderful week!!

  10. Amy says

    AMAZING job! I want to come and use it. ;o) Okay, that sounds creepy. ha Seriously, I talk about your blog all of the time. As soon as we sell this house I am going into Myra Mode on the next one! ;o)

  11. Shar says

    I can soooo relate to your bathroom update. My husband and I like to update our home but it always takes us sooooo long to remodel. We finally updated our antiquated family room. I was hoping we could get it done in less than a year. It is finally done and we were able to do it in less than 1 year! Your bathroom remodel is absolutely fabulous! It really looks like the pictures came out of a magazine. I am not kidding! I love ALL of the changes. WOW – WOW – WOW!!!!

  12. Barbara says

    YAY for you! It’s beautiful Myra! I’m so proud of you! Where did the shutter come from (since not from me)? Love you!

  13. says

    It looks great! I can’t decide on just one thing to comment on because I like all of it! Now I’m wishing for a pedestal sink…would you believe our bathroom is a lot smaller than yours?

  14. Andrea says

    Myra- You guys did a wonderful job!!! I love love love the curtain and the vintage yellow tile around the middle:)

  15. says

    I literally can’t decide what to fawn over first! It. Looks. Awesome! I’m so impressed. Love all of the gilded frames- they totally add awesome sparkle. Adding the nightstand next to the sink is a great idea- we too suffer from pedestal-sink-itis. Oh and the draped curtain, so fun!

  16. Stacey Simpson says

    Wonderful! I love how it all turned out!!! You did a wonderful job…so inspiring! I love you blog & can’t wait for your tutorials on the curtain & shower curtain!

  17. says

    Oh, Myra! I needed this inspiration today! Thank you! It’s the first day of sun in weeks so I broke out the paint – wall paint, not art paint (ha!) and started in on the new/old house.

    Our upstairs bathroom is beyond . . . waaaay beyond ugly. I have a few ideas in mind, but unfortunately it’s way down on the priority list. Seeing what you’ve accomplished though gives me hope. And it’s sooo cute! Congrats!

  18. Ann Miller says

    Very nice, Myra! Two thumbs up to you and your hubby, and to your landlady! You make it look so effortless! It’s classy, chic, and comfy all in one. Love it!

  19. "Aunt Phyllis" says

    Beautiful job, you two! I always laugh when I see a book in a bathroom, (who wants to stay in there that long?), but you can just bask in your accomplishment.

  20. says

    Wow, what a transformation. It doesnt even look close to the same space. I adore the yellow and aqua combo and your gallery wall is so pretty. My hubby just did a lot of work in our kitchen redo, I say we put he really did the work, I just directed :)

  21. says

    What a great transformation and I love all of the details! Great Work. I’m in the midst of doing a minor bathroom reno as well…just need to find a mirror and it’ll be complete!

    ~Jenna, SAS Interiors

  22. says

    Honey that bathroom is full to overflowing w/ ideas! You did a GREAT job! I love the curtain…and the shower curtain! Gorgeous!
    All Things Heart and Home

  23. says

    The bathroom looks GREAT! I’ve been thinking about replacing my big bulky sink cabinet with a pedestal sink & this has really got me wanting to get it done! I’ll keep this in my idea files..thanks for sharing!

  24. Laurie says

    Everything looks sooooo wonderful. You make it look so easy. How about the light fixture over the sink…can you share your source??

  25. Heather Hileman says

    I’m new here, but absolutely LOVE your bathroom remodel!! I’m so in to the aqua/turquoise/powder blue look this year! Not sure if you are open to any suggestions, but we also have a pedestal sink, and I hated how I could see the tubes and pipes and such from underneath the bowl. I managed to create a hoop-curtain for around the bottom. I LOVE IT! I basically just attached a hoop around the top of the pedestal leg, at the bottom of the bowl and made a mini shower curtain. Not only does it cover the tubes and such, but it accents our bathroom amazingly, and we can even manage to store my son’s step stool underneath it. :) Just a suggestion! GREAT JOB!!

  26. Missy says

    I love the multicolored square wall piece beside the sink!! Can you post the DYI instructions on how to make it? If you already have, I can’t seem to find them. Have a Blessed day. :)

  27. Myles Rowley says

    Hi Myra! I discovered your fabulous blog today and adore it! I just love this bathroom re-do…we have the exact same size/shape guest bath and I have been looking for some serious inspiration!! Love your fabric and all your fun accents! Can I ask you what the paint color is that you used? It is such a great neutral! Thanks and great job!!
    Myles :)

  28. Kahl Sanders says

    I love this bathroom! Beautiful! I am dying for all the details on the shower curtain! Did you buy fabric for the top or is it a shower curtain you changed??? Dying for the info!!! Thanks! Great job!

  29. Kate says

    I have the same yellow tile in my new bathroom and I honestly will probably want to trade it out, eventually, we know a good tile guy. But I’m in no rush & your bathroom makeover is inspiring :) We weren’t sure what color to paint the walls above the tile. Currently it is wallpaper.


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