House Renovation Update

Hey, hey!!

Things have been busy at our house! First of all, let me just say…not having a kitchen or laundry room for nine weeks isn’t for the faint of heart. BUT, it’s going to be worth it. We have been living on top of each other and a bunch of “stuff” for too long. Thank the Lord that it’s Spring and the boys can play outside most days otherwise we would really be going bonkers.

We are getting *close* to the end of this project and hopefully everything will be done in the next 2-3 weeks. Our butcher block vendor totally flaked on the lead time of our laundry room countertops, but pretty much everything else should be about done in a couple of weeks. I’m already starting to internally celebrate because I am SO READY to have my house back! Anything baked will be the first thing I will cook. Ha! And the crockpot will be retiring for a couple of weeks at least. *wink

House Reno 1

Shiplap + hardwood floors.

The floors are JUST finished today…photos to come. The last coat of poly is drying now. Super excited about that!

House Reno 3

Cabinets are partially installed. The cabinet guy is supposed to come tomorrow to finish putting on doors and drawers. Yay!

House Reno 4

This is going to be my work space in the laundry room. We crammed a ton in this small space – lots more storage, a work space for me, washer/dryer/sink and a mud room locker area.

House Reno 2

I am totally in love with the laundry room floor. Seriously.

Kitchen 1

The kitchen island is a reclaimed wood table top. Our contractor knew what I was looking for in the island top and he found a table with a broken leg at a local shop for a good price. They modified the top to fit the island. It’s perfect and extremely kid friendly. 🙂

Also…the farm sink. #swoon

Kitchen Remodel

The beautiful granite countertops are currently covered with brown paper while they finish the backsplash, but they are everything I looked for in countertops. And that faucet…amazing.

Everything is coming together slowly, but surely! I can’t wait to show you the finished project! 🙂

Talk soon!



  1. It looks so good! I follow you on IG and have been anxiously waiting for a blog update. Can’t wait to see the reveal. 🙂

  2. This is so beautiful – and exciting! I know you will love it when it is finished. Cannot wait to see the total reveal!

  3. Hey Myra – it looks amazing, so far!! I, too, am swooning over the island top and the farmhouse sink……love!! Looking forward to seeing the finished project! Blessings to you and your family….

  4. Hi Myra
    I love how your kitchen is coming together. Where are you getting your cabinets from?

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  7. Wow, this renovation is really coming together well. The granite counter tops and cabinets really change the look and feel of the room. Thanks for sharing.

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  18. Yes, Mayra your home looking nice! and also kitchen looking improved, I agree with your blog and now I’m also thinking of renovating it.

  19. Loved the new Kitchen, especially the countertops and the hardwood that you have used it’s absolutely spectacular!
    Remodeling does take a lot of time, effort and money; but it’s always worth it 😀

  20. Hi Myra,
    I can see that it was properly planned, it’s still on its way to completeness yet it was so great. Can’t wait so see the final output of your kitchen, Hope you gonna let us see it.

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