Easy Drink And Snack Station

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Well, hello there! It’s been a whirlwind these last few weeks as our renovation wraps up. We aren’t quite there….almost though. I just had to pop on and show you the super adorable drink and snack station that I created for our boys. They are in and out all day long and I needed to help them be more self-sufficient in getting a snack or something to drink. Can you relate to the constant need of hunger and thirst of growing children? It is non-stop!

Easy Drink And Snack Station | MyBlessedLife.net

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I am absolutely in total crazy love with my kitchen island. I was really scared to make it as big as we did, but it is such a perfect size. We do school at the island, the kids eat at the island, we do projects on the island. It is just amazing.

I’m in the process of decorating and styling my new kitchen, so I started with the island. Ha!

We are hard core water drinkers, so when I saw these fabulous two gallon glass water dispensers I snagged two of them! Right beside the dispensers were boxes of two inserts – one solid for ice and one slotted for making fruit water. How brilliant!

I also bought the galvanized oval tub and turned it upside down for the dispensers. I love when things are multipurpose! Also, the price on the tub…less than $8.00. Really?! Amazing!

Easy Drink And Snack Station | MyBlessedLife.net

I loaded up a tiered tray that I already had with all the snack goods. I also found these sweet little berry bowls at Walmart. I love that they are bright and cheerful, melamine {and all the boy moms said, “Amen.”} and the perfect size for snack time.

Easy Drink And Snack Station | MyBlessedLife.net

So pretty, right?!

Easy Drink And Snack Station | MyBlessedLife.net

I love this bright blue table runner. It’s from Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart…and for less than 10 dolla, my friends! They also have a table cloth that is really pretty!

Easy Drink And Snack Station | MyBlessedLife.net

I also picked up a few new tea towels! They are so inexpensive and just add a great pop of color and wit to my kitchen.
Easy Drink And Snack Station | MyBlessedLife.net

My new farm sink. I’m head over heels for a sink big enough to hold all my children! 😉

Easy Drink And Snack Station | MyBlessedLife.net

I added lemon slices and ice to the dispenser on the left. And blueberries, strawberries and cucumbers in the slotted insert made the most delicious, fresh fruity water. Yum!

Easy Drink And Snack Station | MyBlessedLife.net

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That’s a wrap!! I hope you enjoyed seeing my super easy drink and snack station. You should totally stop by your local Walmart to pick up some of these amazing items for Spring and Summer!

One more thing…lots of photos will be forthcoming of the renovated kitchen laundry room and den. I can NOT wait to show you! 🙂


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  1. I really, really love this idea. My kids are in and out all afternoon and evening and I think this would be great. Do you set a limit on your kids as far as the amount of snacks they can have? I envision mine (and the neighbor kids) demolishing a “snack bar” like this in 2 days. Any ideas? I thought maybe limit their selection or only put out a couple of each a day. ? I love the idea of having water readily available to them. I think that would help with their water consumption. Thanks for the ideas!!!!

  2. Where did you get your Jar Pitchers and inserts from? We infuse water here all the time and we are big on water drinking. We don’t do soda’s or kool-aid. It’s either water, milk, 100 % juice, or occasionally tea here. If you don’t mind sharing where you purchased them from I would be much obliged.

    Blessings to you and yours.

  3. Oooh, I love your tile backsplash! Stunning! I’m sure your boys have a lot of fun helping themselves. Nothing like pushing a lever and having water pour out!

  4. Love the dispensers! Try some mint in the slotted dispenser sometime. It’s so cooling on a hot summer day. I bet mint + strawberries would be even better!

  5. hi Myra, I love it to read your blogs and I see your renovation kitchen is absolutely stunning and keep Upgrading your kitchen and best of luck

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