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Hey y’all! I am so excited to show you a new, happy corner in my living room. Rustic charm accurately describes my style, so this challenge fits extremely well into my existing home decor. I absolutely adore these fabulous rustic, industrial, farm house style items I found at…wait for it…Walmart!

Rustic Charm

School stuff, toys and craft supplies tend to pile up in the living room/dining room {that’s one big space!}. I’ve been needing a place to keep them, but it’s hard to find functional furniture that fits into my style. I am thrilled to find a great solution with the Rustic Square cube shelving! I love, love, love this piece. Walmart has it in several colors, but the rustic finish is perfection. I saw it back when I visited Better Homes and Gardens corporate offices last year and fell. in. love.

Rustic Charm 1

I picked up the small chicken wire basket at Walmart too. It’s less than $8. Tremendous value and style in my opinion!

Rustic Charm 5

The chalkboard wire baskets are great for holding various puzzles and math games for Ridley. All of the wire baskets have liners that can easily be removed for washing! I’m sure like every home with small children…there are toys…that sometimes seem to take over. I absolutely ADORE this galvanized bucket for holding toys. Seriously. I have three of them.

Rustic Charm 4

So pretty!! I love having a place for everything and everything in its place!

Rustic Charm 2

When you’re decorating your home, don’t forget to think outside the box…and make your decor functional!! I used Better Homes and Gardens kitchen canisters for containing craft supplies. The chalkboard labels are lovely too…if only I had better chalk hand writing. Haha!

Rustic Charm 6

Guess what? I’m giving away a $100 Walmart gift card so you can purchase your own goodies! 🙂

Enter to win by leaving a comment answering this question in the comments…

What is your favorite rustic storage solution that I found at Walmart?

Have a fabulous day!



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  1. Hi Myra,
    I loved your post with all of the organizational supplies! My favorites are the kitchen canisters with chalkboard labels and the chicken wire basket with liner! With the new year, I’ve been cleaning out, purging and organizing and these would work great for some of my projects!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love that small chicken wire basket, I need to check out a different WalMart the one that is close to my house has none of the stuff that I have seen you feature!

  3. Absolutely love the bookcase. We are big book lovers and never have enough shelving to accommodate our collections! Pleasantly surprised to know they came from Wal-Mart.

  4. Thanks for sharing the rustic organization accessories. What’s not to like? It’s wonderful! My favorite piece is the galvanized bucket. It would round up the grandkid’s toys between visits:)

  5. Myra I love this space! My favorite piece is the chalkboard wire baskets but I love how you bring everything together and it looks perfect! I would love to do this in my nursery with my baby’s toys/books. 🙂 always loved your style; you’re such an inspiration!

  6. Love your decorating and how you find clever ways to incorporate the new with the antique pieces. My favorite is the galvanized bucket, reminds me of those olive buckets.

  7. I absolutely love the chicken wire baskets they would be awesome for organization in my bedroom linen closet. The kitchen canisters are adorable also and would make really good cookie jars or even flour/sugar pots :)great pics myra!! love your blog

  8. I think the chicken wire baskets are my favorite. My whole house is decorated with chickens, so those would fit in perfectly.

  9. The wire baskets and the vintage canisters look great on the shelving! I am going to look for these at my Walmart. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. I like the wire basket with chalkboard label. Always like seeing how you style things. My style is similar and any of those products would look great.

  11. Luv luv the olive basket, or atleast I think thats what it’s called…. And how cool that you have everything corralled into one space for the kiddos…

  12. I love everything but one of my must haves would be those wire baskets with the chalk board plates. I actually have those in my Walmart basket oneline lol….

    Thanks for sharing your inspiration and this awesome giveaway 🙂 have a blessed weekend

  13. I love the whole look but if I had to pick my favorite I would say the chicken wire baskets. I’ve always liked baskets but the chicken wire is just something different. Thanks for your cute ideas!

  14. I love the galvanized bucket….but then again the wire baskets are cool looking as well. I love it when getting organized looks that good!

  15. I love the lined wire baskets with the chalkboard plates. Versatile with style that would easily fit many decor styles. I like “timeless” things that can be used as my style changes over the years.

  16. Awesome talent!!!
    I love the galvanize bucket, I have five granddaughter & one to bless our home in June and the bucket will come in good use for all the toys at grandmas house. Thank you for sharing your great ideas…commentluv

  17. I like the galvanized bucket. Not totally sure it fits with my decor, but maybe I could make it work, haha!

  18. I really loved the wired chalkboard baskets – somehow I’ve missed those at Walmart but would love to add them to my sewing area. They are really cute as well as versatile.

  19. I love the galvanized bucket….I could see it holding mittens now, pretty balls of spring colored yarn later, swimming towels come summer and rainy fall day umbrellas come September- count me in! Thanks Myra and Walmart-awesome goodness!! 🙂 p.s. Your space is adorable {squeal}

  20. I am a total sucker for ANYTHING galvanized — those buckets are amazing!! The chicken wire basket is also super cute. 🙂

  21. I actually gave the chalk wire baskets to our 4 sons families for Christmas last year. Each was filled with home canned goodies from our garden. I loved them so much I went back to purchase 4 more baskets for myself to use in my sewing room. Love the rustic wooden shelf to put them in! Will have to find that at Walmart. Thanks!

  22. Great post! I love the Rustic Square cube shelving, but those galvanized buckets are such great storage for small toys, too. I really like the look of them. Thanks for the opportunity and for the informative post!
    Mrs.T´s last blog post ..The getaway that got away

  23. I recently have been wanting to redo my office and this is so going to happen! I Love the idea you have given me/. My favorite has t be those chalk/ canisters not only can they be used in the office but the ideas for them are endless!

  24. Love the chalkboard wire baskets and the galvanized bucket!!! Looked for them at our local Walmart and wasn’t able to find them… Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  25. I love them ALL!! Seriously I already have a chicken wire baskets, I resisted buying the fabric bins the other day (but may not be able to resist much longer), and I need to measure some spaces because I am wanting to add either a 4 bin cube organizer or a flat 4 cube organizer to a room. Love the BHG products at Walmart! 🙂
    Christina @ The Frugal Homemaker´s last blog post ..How to frame out that builder basic bathroom mirror (for $20 or less!)

  26. I like the galvanized bucket. All of the products you used are just my style. I also really like your globe. Love your style.

  27. The wire baskets with removable/washable liners are what tickles my fancy. Of course, I really love everything! You did great, Myra!

  28. I love and need the chalkboard wire baskets. I washable liners make them even more desirable. Thank you for the giveaway.

  29. i love it all and it has given me ideas on how to organize my grandson’s toys he keeps at abuela’s casa! i have to say i LOVE those galvanized buckets, a great place to keep the lincoln logs and blocks!!

  30. Perfect timing! I have been mulling over a similar shelving unit from a Swedish big-box store, but I LOVE the look of this so much more. The chicken-wire basket is adorable. I love it all!

  31. Really love everything but the galvanized bucket is my favorite!!! I love rustic style maybe because I live in a farm house. Love your blog too.

  32. I love the look of the rustic shelving unit, plus it looks very sturdy. The wire baskets are awesome – I like how you pulled everything together!

  33. Really like all of it Myra. You are so talented! Haven’t been in Walmart in a while. Who knew they had such cute stuff? I LOVE the galvanized bucket so off I go to see if I can find one.

  34. I am loving those storage bins. I saw them at my Walmart last week and I plan to get them for our homeschool storage.

  35. I love everything about your happy corner in your living room! The kitchen canisters are sweet and I love that you show them in a nontraditional way. Very clever! The chicken wire basket has great appeal to me as well. It’s too hard to choose! Thanks for the inspiration!

  36. i love the wire baskets and the cube itself. You did an amazing job styling it and it also brought some fond memories to see the Childcraft books!!

  37. I like the kitchen containers and using them in a nontraditional way. I tend to forget to think outside the box when it comes to organizational tools.

  38. I love all of your decorating ideas!!
    Especially the baskets and canisters.
    Could seriously use some. Thank you for more great ideas.

  39. i love the bookcase and baskets. I have been re-organizing my craft room. Just no money in budget for that. Love ur style.

  40. I absolutely love the divided shelf unit. The square compartments are perfect for organizing and using baskets to contain multiple objects. The wire baskets are really cute, and I love that you have the ability to assign a title to each basket, but can also change the title as needed.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  41. I loved the kitchen canisters. They are great for concealing and labeling. Great ideas… I look forward to checking out the full collection

  42. I HAVE to say the galvanized bucket! We love to compartmentalize everything and we live in the country and the kids like to grab a group of toys and head outside with them. This would be perfect. I wouldn’t have to worry about them getting it dirty.

  43. i love the chicken wire basket. I can see me using that for organizing all those things that get left on my kitchen table.

  44. I like everything you did, but I especially like the baskets! I am in dire need of some storage ideas for all the yarn I am collecting from crochet projects!

  45. LOVE the chicken wire basket. I have looked at several and walked away because of the price tag. What a bargain!

  46. Oooh drool….you did a fantastic job. And I had no idea Wal-Mart had such cute organization stuff! My favorite is the chicken wire basket….oh the things I could put in there! 🙂

  47. I love the chicken wire baskets and the galvanized buckets. I would love to win the gift card and add some of these items to my own home. Thanks for the opportunity!

  48. Pick just one?? I love all of it! But the wire baskets for sure are awesome and would be used well in our home!

  49. That rustic cube shelf! If only our store had that last week when I was purchasing my bookshelves!! And that cute chicken wire basket, I’m headed to Wal-Mart to get some of those right now!

  50. Howdy Myra!

    Totally love your blog!! Honestly my favorite thing was just the whole set up. Just organized and such a nice look to it. But if I must pick my favorites, it would be the shelf and definitely the wire baskets!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing amazing ideas.

    God bless

  51. Hey Myra! I am totally loving the chicken wire basket and the kitchen canisters! You are so talented! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  52. I LOVE the chicken wire baskets. Having a place for all the “bits” – toys that are small and don’t really have a home – is soooo nice, and they are super attractive.

  53. Myra,
    I especially like the chalkboard labels. The old method was to tie oak tag labels onto the basket- easy identifier, but cluttery. These labels can accommodate any decorating style especially for those of us who love repurposing! By the way, your handwriting is clear and it’s you ! Children love seeing their parents’ handwriting;-)

  54. LOVE the rustic cube shelf! I’ve been scouring the internet for storage ideas for our playroom and then came across an ad for this in my latest Better Homes & Gardens magazine and it it JUST what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing your darling ideas!

  55. I absolutely love every single item, way you organized, your choices for containers. However, this is not the first time WalMart has bloggers write awesome posts about neat stuff that has NEVER been in stock in any of the stores in my city nor surrounding area. Please ask them to make sure they start stocking throughout the U.S. the olive picker galvanized replicas?? Never, ever have been in stock in all the years here. Kinda disappointing when you entice us sooo well

  56. I love the rustic look! I’ll definitely be checking out the website to avoid having to actually go into Walmart (ours aren’t as nice as some I’ve been to). 🙂

  57. Loving the chicken wire basket as well as the chalk board basket. I need several of these. Will check these out on my next WM trip!

  58. I love the galvanized bucket, I can see having several of those here at my house to hold my grandson’s toys!

  59. I am a basket girl – I love them, all kinds! So, my favorite are the baskets ~ the chalkboard labels on them are like icing on the cake! Too cute!

  60. I love those cannisters for storing so many things – but I may have to pick up a couple of buckets too!

    1. L❤️ VE the rustic bookcase! All of it fits my decor choice at present, but that could be functional but in any room!

  61. I love the wire baskets, but my hubs is inadvertently destructive! I’ve learned to go with durable, so the galvanized bucket wins.

  62. I love the chalkboard wire baskets. The whole thing is so cute! I would never have thought to look for all these things at walmart. Most of the time I am in such a hurry and go in, get what I have to get (and usually a few other spur of the moment things) and leave. Now, after seeing this, I will have to make a point of looking around and see what I can find. Thank you for sharing!!

  63. I love the whole look of your shelves and how you’ve arranged it. What inspiration!! I had no idea that Walmart had all of this – dangerous shopping ahead. My favorite are the wire chalkboard baskets

  64. Very sensible corralling of all those things that accumulate-
    Love the Better Homes and Gardens collections!

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