How To Select The Proper Paint Finish {Sherwin-Williams $200 Giveaway}

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Hey, hey! I hope you had a fantastic weekend. I am so excited to dispel all stress, anxiety and confusion sometimes caused by trying to figure out what paint finish you should use for your next project. This is not brain surgery. It is paint. And paint can be changed. So take a deep breath and let’s dive right in.

I love paint. I love how it quickly transforms a space. I love that painting is one of the most inexpensive ways to update my home. Instead of spending thousands on new furniture or home decor, a quick weekend paint job often does the trick.

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Selecting the proper paint finish isn’t hard to figure out, but it still confuses me sometimes. So, I talked to my local Sherwin-Williams paint gurus and they gave me some questions to ask myself when making a paint finish decision.

How to Select the Proper Paint Finish

1. What room are you painting?

  • Kitchens – Satin or Semi-Gloss {The more sheen a paint has the more washable it is!}
  • Bathrooms – Satin
  • Living Spaces & Bedrooms – Flat or Satin {Your preference. I prefer flat myself.}
  • Ceilings – Flat, Usually 25% of wall color or white
  • Trim – High Gloss

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2. What condition are the walls in?

Remember that sheen enhances imperfections.

  • Imperfect – Use Flat
  • New/Perfect – Satin or Eggshell {this is the industry standard}

3. What kind of light does the space have? {this is a bonus question}

  • Higher sheen makes light reflect more making rooms seem larger.
  • Natural light – makes space appear larger
  • Artificial light – makes space appear smaller

By asking yourself these simple questions, it takes the guesswork and the stress out of deciding on your paint finish. Easy peasy!


Sherwin-Williams is giving away a $200 gift certificate to a reader to go toward your next painting project!!! Woohoo! Free paint and supplies, yes please!!

How to Enter {leave a separate comment for each!}:

This giveaway has been closed and winner has been emailed.  Thanks to all who entered!

Happy painting, y’all! 🙂



This post is sponsored by Sherwin-Williams. All thoughts and opinions are mine. As always.


  1. We have painted our kitchen a light green and before that there was flowered paneling and old wallpaper underneath the old paneling, it definitely looks 100% better.

  2. We moved into a house in really rough shape so we’re repainting everything. When we complete a room it just glows and seems brand new!

  3. We painted our downstairs a deep gray – very risky but it totally paid off and we love it. Fits our style perfectly.

  4. I have yet to paint any rooms in my new home (that’s why I’d love to win!). I know it could transfer my home by making it feel like my own. This will be the first time I’ve ever had a space I could personalize.

  5. After 8 years in my house, I finally painted my basement! It has given me the motivation to choose a new room to transform!

  6. We are closing on our new house next week and the entire interior of the house is all the same, drab beige color. Paint is going to transform my new house!!!!!

  7. We just painted my daughters bedroom two different shades – it looks great! Now, if we could just get the bathroom done… we stripped the wallpaper two years ago! EW!

  8. Paint has brought life to our dingy house that had horrible wallpaper when we first moved in! It feels like a new house 🙂


  9. it’s transformed it in a negative way – my walls are a dark and depressing color so I definitely need a new paint job!

  10. I removed old, peeling wallpaper in my downstairs half bath and panted large horizontal stripes (using Sherwin Williams paint, of course). It turned out so well. Everyone loves the transformation!

  11. Paint transformed our kitchen because it was originally painted white and we chose a color that made it feel much warmer and coordinated well with the cabinets.

  12. We painted my son’s room into a John Deere themed room by painting two walls green and two walls yellow!

  13. When we bought our house with every room in it a different style/color of paneling I thought what have we done?!? But paint goes a long way and has transformed the walls!!

  14. Yellow paint has transformed my guest bedroom into a bright happy playroom for my grandchildren. We love it!

  15. Working on picking out the right paint colors to make my new house my own. There are a couple rooms painted in dark colors and I want to lighten them up!

  16. Painting has really updated our home. We have been remodeling for 6 months now! I picked Sherman Williams paint for the very first time and LOVED how easy it is to paint with. The colors are Gray Clouds and Silverpointe! They are so pretty, fresh, and modern. We have an open floor plan and the two colors look great and flow into the different rooms. But we’re not done yet, so a $200 win would help us complete the hallway and bedrooms just waiting for their transformation! I can’t say enough about the quality of this wonderful paint!

  17. Paint has saved so many of our rooms, but we always use a warm paint color in our family room and love how inviting it makes the space feel.

  18. When we moved in our dining room was painted orange; it felt oppressive and dated, and even made our food less appetizing. We replaced it with a soft white, and now the room seems bigger, and timeless, and our furnishings really look lovely.

  19. When we bought our house, the colors were all neutral – everything was a drab, white/grey/cream color – we’ve since painted a lot of the walls, especially in the bedrooms colors like blue and pale violet to give the house more personality and life.

  20. Paint has made my living room feel warmer, recently transformed outdated cabinets into bright and clean “new” ones, and recently brightened up my front coat closet! I’m about to go white in most rooms for a crisp, clean and bright look with pops of color in accessories and furniture. Can’t wait! I LOVE SW Creamy!
    Crystal @MyBlissfulSpace´s last blog post ..1st Day of School!

  21. When we moved into our current apt. we painted the living room a warm grey and it completely transformed the room. I love walking into it after a hard day…it relaxes and soothes me…my safe den 🙂

  22. painting just makes it feel more like home! havent been able to paint any of the rooms anything but white yet really looking forward to letting the kids pic out colors for thier rooms!

  23. Our family room had ’70s wood paneling. We tore that down and painted the wall an off white instead. Not only did it look more modern, it made the room look so much bigger!

  24. I am in the middle of a kitchen cabinet redo with the same counter top you have, Myra. I think I may need to repaint my walls, so I definitely would thankfully accept a gift card. I have been using Sherwin Williams paint for several years and signed up for the Perks program. Could you share your kitchen wall color? Thanks,

  25. When we moved into our home, the kitchen had dark cupboards and dark walls. It it not really large..and all the dark made it look so small and dreary! We had a painter..who used Sherwin-Williams paint, and painted our cabinets and walls! It made a HUGE difference! I love spending time in the kitchen now! Now…more rooms to go! 🙂

  26. I sign up for Sherwin-Williams’ Paint Perks program! Will be so wonderful to get a sale with all the painting we need to do! This weekend the shed…next weekend the deck…and then the rest of the rooms in the house!

  27. I painted my ghastly oak kitchen cabinets gray last year, using SW paints. They came out FANTASTIC! It was a major project, but considering how much time I spend in the kitchen and how open it is to the rest of the first floor, it was the best decorating decision I’ve ever made.

  28. I haven’t painted yet any, but am hoping for a transformation if I win. I am trying to figure out what to do with the hideous wood panelling cover many my walls.

  29. Satin or Eggshell is perfect for condos, I have also used velvet sometimes on paints like supper paint from Sherwin-Williams.

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