finding beauty in the mundane

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I’m on a mission of finding beauty in every day life.  You know, the mundane. The stuff you do every day that seems just like routine. The things you could do in your sleep. That stuff.

Cutting up cheese, avocados and apples.

Wiping hands and sweet faces.

Re-washing that sour load of laundry at least once.

Sweeping up left over animal cracker crumbs.

Laughing at the antics of my boys.

Find Beauty 3

Going on a treasure hunt for socks that actually match.

Reading the same Three Little Pigs books over and over again.

Training to be kind and loving…and obedient.

Kissing boo-boos.

Hunting for a missing shoe.

Trying to be stern when all I want to do is laugh.

Rushing out the door five minutes late at least. Always.

Being silly with my kiddos.

Find Beauty2

Making sure the babes are safe and out of trouble. 

Stepping on a block right in the arch of my foot. Ouchy!

Praying fervently for the well-being {mental, spiritual, emotional and physical} of my children.

Searching for a pacifier in the dark.

Listening to the stories, dreams and tales of a five year old.

Snuggling, hugging, kissing, loving.

This life. It is beautiful. The mundane isn’t really mundane. It is marvelous.

It is God-given.

This IS life.

I am committed to finding beauty in the every day.

I don’t want to look back in 20 years and wish I had.

Find Beauty

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Won’t you join me? 

Use the #findbeauty hashtag on Instagram. Let’s find beauty together!!




  1. As I was reading your post, my mind was flooded with tons of memories of my two girls in the same scenarios while they were growing up. I loved every minute of it. My youngest is a Senior in high school while my other is a junior in college. I find the joy and beauty in every phone call, text, FaceTime and visits. 🙂

  2. Speaking as a mother with 2 adult daughters, all I can say is you are a WISE young woman. Enjoy every blessed second with them!

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