5 Most-Forgotten Paint Supplies

Happy Monday, y’all! I am so excited to share with you some extremely helpful tips that I learned from my local Sherwin-Williams experts. I love Sherwin-Williams paint. Last Fall, when I had a painting debacle, Sherwin-Williams’ oil-based paint came to my rescue.

I’m brainstorming several different ideas for remodeling my boys room…and paint is one thing that I definitely want to get right.

Brian and Eva at my local Sherwin-Williams were so helpful as I asked them a million different questions and they were happy to fill me in on the top 5 most-forgotten paint supplies. I’m a nerd and I like to know information like this, so I’m figuring that you might be interested in what NOT to forget when you are prepping to paint.

 Top 5 Most-Forgotten Paint Supplies

5 Most-Forgotten Paint Supplies

1.  Pan Liners

You guys. If you are not using pan liners, you must stop what you are doing and get them. Right now. Pan liners are a money saver and a sanity saver. The end.

5 Most-Forgotten Paint Supplies

2. Caulk

You can paint until you are blue in the face, but if you still have un-caulked seams between trim and sheetrock or the ceiling it is going to look BAD. Do yourself a favor and always caulk first. 🙂

5 Most-Forgotten Paint Supplies

3. Drop Cloths

I know, I know. Drop cloths are an extra step and sometimes an “extra” expense, but they are more than worth it. I would much rather spill, drip, or spatter paint on a drop cloth than the floor, furniture or some other irreplaceable valuable. This is all about preventing “drip” frustration and potential disaster.

5 Most-Forgotten Paint Supplies

4. Mineral Spirits

If you are working with oil-based paint, mineral spirits are a must-have. Trust me. Water does not work.

5 Most-Forgotten Paint Supplies

5. Painter’s Tape

I don’t care if you are Indiana Jones with a sharp-shooter’s eye and the steadiest hand on the planet. You need painter’s tape. It makes the job much quicker, lines more precise and I guarantee that you will be much happier with the outcome.

Most Forgotten Paint Supplies.jpg

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Have you ever forgotten any of these supplies? Is there something you would add to this list?

Also, I learned about the amazing, free Paint Perks program while I was at Sherwin-Williams. The benefits are fabulous {including keeping records of your paint purchases over a 10 year span, painting tips, sale alerts, saving everyday on paints and supplies} and you get a $10 off coupon to use just for signing up for the program!! 🙂

Sherwin Williams Paint Perks

Do you have a painting project in the works? I would love to hear all about it! I will keep you posted on how things are going for my boys’ bedroom!



This post is sponsored by Sherwin-Williams. All thoughts and opinions are mine. As always.


  1. I use aluminum foil over a metal rolling pan (metal for rigidity) instead of liners — even cheaper and I usually have a whole roll of it on hand. And the bonus is it makes for easier cleanup since it helps contain the traces of paint so your trash can isn’t totally covered and the little foil ball takes up less room in the trash than a big boxy pan liner.

    *You do have to take care to get the foil down in the corners of the pan pretty well before you wrap it up and over the sides of the tray — so you don’t tear holes in it when you are rolling your paint roller through it later.

  2. We are renovating our home from the flooding of late April and getting closer to painting every day. I can’t wait to take off early one day and get some pretty paint on my new walls!

  3. I’m usually pretty good at remembering all my supplies because I HATE going back to the store in the middle of a project. I’d rather buy too much and return the unused stuff later. Sad to say…no painting projects right now.

  4. I love my Sherwin Williams store! I was just in there on Tuesday and they were so helpful as usual. I will never use any paint but Sherwin Williams!! I did pick up some paint and painters tape for my project and I was very happy with the results!!
    Arlene Grimm@ Nanaland´s last blog post ..Randomness

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