Breaking Free from Fear and Becoming Fearless


Don’t you love your comfort zone? Um, don’t we all?

I like my comfort zone. It is nice, cozy and peaceful. I would prefer to never be taken out of my comfort zone. The thing is…comfort zones don’t stretch us and make us grow. They don’t make us better people. We get to just slide on by easy peasy. That sounds nice in a way, but I want to be a better person. I don’t want to be ruled by my unfounded fears.

I have struggled with a multitude of fears all my life. I’m totally not kidding. You can ask my family. The fears I struggled with were paralyzing, twisted my stomach into knots and generally made me a useless person.

What a way to live. Not.

Over the last six months I have been given opportunities like never before. Opportunities that took me and shoved me outside of my comfort zone. Instead of making decisions based on fear, I now make decisions based on truth.  Truth sets us FREE!

Breaking Free from Fear and Becoming Fearless |

I used to hate to fly because I was afraid of dying in a plane crash. In the last six months, I have been on twenty-four flights {I think God has a sense of humor.} and I’ve lived to tell about it. Amazing. Do I LOVE to fly so much that I can’t stand it? No. But I’m no longer afraid. I pray myself through take-off, landing and any other time when I hear a weird noise or the plane bounces from turbulence. I used to never sleep on flights. Now I do!

Breaking Free from Fear and Becoming Fearless |

I used to be afraid of heights, but in February I went zip-lining over gorges in Hawaii. At one point, the guide asked who wanted to run and jump off the platform and zip to the middle of the gorge. I did it. It was empowering, freeing and amazing. I stopped right in the middle and as I was just hanging there I was hit with the reality of faith and trust, as well as the stunning handiwork of the Creator. Just this past week, I rode crazy-insane, exhilarating rides at the Iowa State Fair. What has happened to me? I’m not exactly sure, but it sure is fun! 🙂

Breaking Free from Fear and Becoming Fearless |

I used to be terrified of public speaking. Okay, so I kind of still am, but I can teach an oils class without breaking a sweat. This is miraculous y’all.

Breaking Free from Fear and Becoming Fearless |

I used to be deathly afraid of white-water rafting because I went rafting during my college years and I fell out of a raft in very rough water. We didn’t have a guide in our raft which made it worse. One of the girls in the raft pulled me in, but it cured me of ever wanting to go again. Well, just a few weeks ago I went rafting in beautiful Spokane, Washington. The water was very gentle, but even so I did it.

Breaking Free from Fear and Becoming Fearless |

I used to be afraid that eating seafood {including sushi} would make me die of an anaphylactic reaction. I was invited {along with some friends of mine} to a very nice sushi place by the COO of Young Living. Um, yeah. How do you say no to that? I glanced at the other “non-seafood” options and then thought, “Seriously, Myra? Get over it and just do it.” I did it. I loved it. And I didn’t die.

This is not all about me. I’m learning to rely, trust and believe more in Jesus. He has proven Himself to me over and over and over again. He is faithful. He is my protector. He is my shield. He is my high tower. I am safe in His care. I’m changing from an, “Oh, I could never do that!” person to an, “Oh, yes, I totally can do that!” person.

Breaking Free from Fear and Becoming Fearless |

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I want to encourage you today that you can also break free from fear. Your fears probably look different than mine, but most people have things that they struggle with. Here are a few things that have helped me break free…

1. Repetition is everything. Doing those things that make you afraid and realizing that your fears are unfounded helps to break the chains of fear.

2. Just make your mind shut off. I have this issue and it drives my husband insane. My brain works overtime. It never stops and I always think of the worst possible scenario. It’s just how I’m wired…but I’m working on changing that. When I begin to feel fearful, I just tell myself that everything is fine and people do this all the time. To quote one of my favorite authors, “I am immortal until my work is done.”

3. Pray. I’m not kidding. I do a lot of praying.

4. Use essential oils. No other substance on the planet can penetrate the blood-brain barrier. I use essential oils in conjunction with the things above to help calm my mind and emotions. They are wonderful.

These amazing life experiences that have been literally dropped into my lap this year are making me better because I’m learning to really live.

Living in fear is not living at all.

It is bondage. God has not called us to bondage, but to freedom in Him!

Becoming fearless isn’t easy. But it is doable. Anyone can become fearless.

If I can do it?

YOU can become fearless.

Yes. You can.

Just do it.

Do you fear various things? Do you feel like your fears are crippling? I would love to hear your thoughts!




  1. This is so good! It applies too, to fear of what others may think/say about what you are doing…if you allow that to control (and ultimately cripple) you, you will never reach the full potential God has for you. Way to go, in facing & overcoming your fears!!

  2. I am facing a huge life change. I have homeschooled my children for the last 24 years…have been parenting for 30 years. My youngest is 16, driving and about to do an online Program for school. Mom is not needed.
    I have ALWAYS wanted to be an Interior Decorator. I am not sure I should not be home while my youngest is still working on his 11th and 12th grades…but I am fearful of the future. Thanks for your post. I appreciate it, knowing that the opposite of Fear is Faith…I want to be free from fear.

  3. I am a piano accompanist at church. You would think after so many years, my nerves would not be an issue…but they are. Every single time I play I am afraid I cannot play in public as well as I do at home. Actually, I feel like I will totally fall apart. My fears really cripple me, they limit me, make me feel like failure. So miserable. HELP!

    1. Awwww, you can do it!! I would use Valor and Joy as my go-to for playing in church. I do play the piano for my church, so I get it. 🙂

  4. Which oils/blends do you use for fear and anxiety? I am trying to find a daily and nighttime protocol that I can use for fear/anxiety? I usually use the “great day protocol” (valor, harmony, joy, white angelica blends) during the day, but I am trying to integrate more oils at night to help with emotional issues most likely related to my chronic pain! How should I use the “Awaken” blend ? Is it better to use at night or during the day? It can sometimes be confusing to figure out which oils to use for each situation 😉 Any tips or advice you can give would be greatly appreciated 😉

    1. Hi Robert! I use Joy, Valor, Peace & Calming, White Angelica, Harmony, Stress Away. Not all at the same time. I just experiment with what works. I love Awaken! I would use first thing in the morning…in palms and inhale deeply. Maybe even diffuse it!

      1. I usually apply En-R-Gee blend when I first wake up in the morning,.. can I use the Awaken blend at the same time as the En-R-Gee blend? How long should I wait in between different blends? Should I wait a couple of hours before starting the “great Day Protocol” (Valor ,Joy, Harmony, White Angelica)? How long does it take for essential oils with and without carrier oil to be absorbed into skin? I would hate to waste any oils by wiping them off with socks or clothing 😉 Thank You very much helping me out, I really appreciate it 😉

  5. Wow !! What true victory ! Thank you for the encouragement. It is not easy to step out of the boat …but once you do…it is amazing ! He has soooo much for us if we are only willing to take that first step out. Several years ago I came along a ministry to “bake cupcakes” and help in any practical way. Well…when the opportunity came to put my apron down and step out a bit farther…shaky legs and all…I went for it ! God does have a sense of humor because now I am traveling each year to Kenya to love and support precious women in their daily struggles of life. Sure, there are sooo many times usually right before I go over that my fears dash in. You must face your giants and know they will go down !

  6. Great post! Fear is so strong sometimes. I like the conversation with the sushi—get over it and just do it! I need to remember that next time I think about my fear of heights!

  7. ditto, ditto, ditto. We have so much in common and I’m sure more people do live with some form of fear than not, but we don’t discuss it. You are so brave to have faced your fears and also to discuss it with us. It is a work in progress with me. I know God is in control but I still get fearful of some things (several things) so I continue to work on this. He has certainly protected me my entire life because I have had some close calls with death and I’m still here and loving life. I, too, need more info on essential oils because I would love to try them. I appreciate any info you can give me….love your blog. Thanks a million.

  8. Ok, great, you just made me realize how many fears I live in. 😛 I thought I was just being sensible. Now God’s going to work on me, I just know it!

    It’s all good. Thanks for the post, Myra! Hugs!!

  9. I definitely fall into the fear trap OFTEN. Your post is refreshing. Not only does it make me feel better to know that I am not along, but it motivates me to not stand frozen in fear. So, thanks for that. One of the best things that has helped me with fears came from Beth Moore ‘ s book, So Long Insecurity. She says go to the end of your fear: if this, then what, and then what. At the end of every worst case scenario, you will find a God who pulls you through it. He will never leave you or forsake you. Whenever I find myself slipping back into the fear trap, I go back to that book and read the chapter on fear. Thanks again for speaking from your heart and being a motivator in my life.
    Niki´s last blog post ..DIY Black & Gold Decorative Nesting Boxes for Under $10: Nautical Inspiration

  10. My heart needed this in a big way. Minutes before I read your post, I (once again) poured my heart out to my husband and said, “I can’t. I am too afraid.” Over the past few years fear and anxiety have taken up too much of my life. I’ve allowed the bad experiences and scary moments to paralyze me. Of course God has always been good and faithful. I just get too focused on what I can or can’t do. Funnily enough when I focus on what GOD can do, I have peace. Why don’t I do that more often?? Reading this really encouraged me and reminded me to not live in fear. Thank you for allowing God to use you for His glory!

  11. Thought of you!

    “What if I fall?” Oh, but my darling, what if you fly? e.h.

    Don’t know the author but I love what it says and you are an example of what it looks like!

    Your Oily friend,

  12. I recently had a night of paralyzing fear. I hate how I let it take control of me. Your words were exactly what I needed. Like you I have dealt with it for a long time. How my family dealt with with it when I was younger. I don’t want my kids dealing with it. I have better control but now and then I have one that’s just seem like I can’t shake the thoughts. Your post seemed like God led me straight to it today. Thanks so much for letting God use you.

  13. Don’t let fears stands in the way of your dreams. Do not let fear rule your life and changed on what you want to be. Face your fear and you will be free forever. Do not imprison yourself to something that really don’t exist. Learn to overcome your fear, fear kills all happiness and joy in your life. You cannot call your self-fearless but instead you can be a brave one.

  14. I loved your text, I agree with everything you said.
    About fear, there is a phrase that says: “Fear blinds our dreams!”, That is, it is important that we overcome our fears so that we can grow and reach our dreams always. If you are afraid, pray to God and ask for the courage to face all your fears, and then do what has to be done.


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