Why You Should Never Stop Telling Your Story

Happy Friday!!! 🙂 I want to share something that has been on my heart for a while. I wish I could have all of you over in my living room so I could share my heart that way, but the blog will have to do.  I hope you will hear my heart through my words. 

I love to tell my story. I love to share the ups and downs in life.

That’s why I blog. I blog for me and I blog for you.

Why You Should Never Stop Telling Your Story | MyBlessedLife.net

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As I get older I’m beginning to see the blessing of telling my storyI will never stop telling my story and I want to encourage you to do the same.


Even in a story’s darkest days, those moments can be redeemed. I wish I could count the number of women who have commented, emailed or messaged me thanking me for my miscarriage story. Those days were awful, yet because I told my story others have been encouraged in their own loss.

Everyone’s story is different.

That doesn’t make it better or worse than the next person’s.

We all have valleys and mountains, bad times and good times.

Every story is tainted with mistakes and failures, but on the flip side of that there are always successes and blessings.

That’s why we should never forget where we came from and where we are going.

Are there parts of my story that I don’t publish for the world to see? Yes. There is discernment and wisdom in how, where and why we tell our stories. We have to figure out where those lines are personally.

There will ALWAYS be naysayers. Always. Usually they are “friends” or acquaintances who try to discourage you from telling your story.

I’m not discounting the immense need for wisdom and good counsel. Nor am I talking about constructive criticism.

Those things are good. Really good.

It’s critical, passive-aggressive comments or Facebook posts or an obsession to pounce on every. single. thing. that a person disagrees with that just need to stop.

I detest drama. It makes me all sweaty and makes my heart race. HA!

I love peace and harmony. For real.

Recently I’ve been asking myself, “What ever happened to grace?”

When did people get so goody-two-shoes about their own “goodness” that they are now free to criticize another person for a paragraph or a chapter of their story?

Why does what someone else thinks or says matter so much?

It shouldn’t. It doesn’t. The end. 😉

I want to encourage you to never let anyone else dictate your happiness and success. You are responsible for you.

Take it {good, bad, happy, sad} by the horns, girlfriend!

We are each “fearfully and wonderfully made.” Your story is important and unique. And so is mine.

Let’s embrace one another’s stories and accept where we each are on our journey of story-telling.

I’m not going to stop telling my story.

Will you make me a promise that you won’t ever stop telling yours?

Life is beautiful. 

We really should handle it with more care.




  1. Hey Myra…..
    I so appreciate your blog today – what a blessing you are to me!! There were so many good reminders to take away and things to remember. I enjoy telling my story, but at times have been frustrated by the naysayers. Thankfully God is bigger than that and gets me through those times, reminding me that I am His and I am not only loved, but important. Thanks for sharing your heart today….and your story!

  2. I have the same reaction to drama & conflict! Ugh.

    2 Corinthians 1 tells us that God uses us, in what we have or are going through, to comfort others who are experiencing the same thing, with the same comfort that we receive from the Holy Spirit. How can we do that if we don’t share our story? People are afraid to be open & vulnerable but it’s when things are brought to the light that they are able to be used for God’s glory! I appreciate your heart in this post!
    Courtney´s last blog post ..One Randomly Thrown Together Post

  3. Blogging is my therapy Myra. My story is not earth shattering, just every day life here in Nanaland. But it helps me to think about things, share with others and every now and then someone tells me how they miss reading my blog if I take a day off. That makes my heart smile. We all should keep telling our stories because we never know what effect it will have on another pilgrim on Life’s journey. I enjoy reading your blog…and I miss you when you take a day off!:)
    Arlene Grimm@ Nanaland´s last blog post ..The Fault in Our Stars

  4. Yes, unfortunately there are many, many naysayers when I open up about my life. It is tremendously painful that I have experienced the most negativity from the community of fellow believers and more compassion from non believing friends and acquaintances. But it is good to be reminded that what someone else thinks does not matter. I am precious to my Savior and He is my El Roi, the God Who Sees. Maybe someday I will even return to blogging. 😉

  5. I appreciate this post! I’m allergic to drama;). And I am currently in a struggle, feeling like some people are constantly judging me for every decision I make… Scrutinizing me, my husband, my children. I believe it comes from a place of those people not understanding how we live- self employed, homeschool, 5 children-makes us different. But just because we aren’t the same shouldn’t bring judgment. Each of us needs to follow the unique path that God has called us to live!! We are the body of Christ-each part playing a role in the whole…I too wish more grace and kindness could be extended:). Sorry for the ramble-I just really resonated with this today. It’s been on my heart for several weeks! I crave peace and harmony;). But also wonder if sometimes these people are placed in our lives as a thorn, an obstacle or deterrent that causes us to constantly rely on God and ask Him to extend love, grace and kindness even to those who don’t extend those things to us.
    Love your blog-thank you.

  6. Hi Myra, I am one of those who shared back with you, in the comments of your First post on this. I was grateful then and I am still grateful. Thank you for sharing, I agree with you it is necessary to do this to empathize and to give a voice to those who otherwise would not be able to read your experience and then share there’s. Thank you so much for what you do, you are an inspiration to me and, for that, I am very grateful. Life is beautiful and God is good!!
    Many Blessings,
    Theresa @ Shoestring Elegance´s last blog post ..The Hundredfold Gift & Courtney’s Senior Project

  7. Yes! This is beautiful, Myra. Thank you. Since I’ve started my project of blogging through Lent by exploring my past, I’ve received so many messages, comments, and emails from people who are cheering me on. My husband encourages me by telling me I’m encouraging him with my changed and more graceful tone, even though I’m writing about some really tough stuff. It’s a really good journey, if frightening, and having people encourage, not criticise, makes all the difference.

    1. I’m intrigued of this blogging project since lent and what you said about exploring your past in a graceful and changed tone. Hannah, is your blog public?

  8. Beautifully said, Myra. I appreciated what you said about using discretion and wisdom in how, and how much, we share of our story. I think perhaps part of the reason some people are so critical, etc. is that so many today just “spill their guts” (for lack of a nicer term) on Facebook and elsewhere, that then others feel like they can say everything that’s on their mind as well, even if it’s critical and maybe even downright mean. It’s so important, as you emphasized, to remember that God calls us to consistently speak with wisdom and discretion in all that we say. I appreciate so much your encouragement to keep telling my story! Thanks for your lovely blog ~ and have a wonderful day.

    Oh — p.s. I detest drama too!

  9. Well done dear friend! We all have a purpose and being willing to share our experiences to be used for HIS glory delights HIM. There will always be those that will be negative and ugly but that should not deter. If it helps just ONE person than it is all worth it 🙂

  10. Nice written, you are so right. Cant believe all the negativity and critics people write as comments.. have they no respect for other peoples feeling?
    I always believed the phrase “if you don’t have anything constructive to say, don’t say it”.
    Check out my newly blog, it will contain my kind of stories, about friend ships, travelling, fun projects and my store Nordic Galleri! 😉

  11. Why does what someone else thinks or says matter so much?

    It shouldn’t. It doesn’t. The end.

    I want to encourage you to never let anyone else dictate your happiness and success. You are responsible for you.

    Take it {good, bad, happy, sad} by the horns, girlfriend!

    About your statement: Thank you.

  12. Yes, this post spoke to me too. I’ve been studying John and Jesus faced critics all the time. And some of His worst critics early on were those He’d known prior to His ministry. He says, if they do it to Me, expect it done to you as my followers. Not easy though. My story is of a different nature. I have a TBI. I don’t fully grasp it as real but I’m not the same. I’ve been shunned, felt rejected by those closest to me, I have a broken brain where my emotion control is so I cry deeply and am scolded which only makes it worse. I struggle to speak at times, to walk, there is some paralysis, seizures, personality change, diminished intelligence, yet my injuries aren’t visible like a broken leg. I’ve been treated so horribly in places that should be safe that I don’t understand why not more compassion. But Jesus did not ask me to ask why. He asks me to live for Him. If it gets hard going, take on His yoke. See I had to really think yolk or yoke. And I was a teacher, a student of As in hard classes like chemistry and math and statistics. yet now new things are hard to learn and I forgot how to plug in my charger on my phone. Where does my help come from in this new and scary world? My help comes from The Lord maker of heaven and earth.
    He who began a good work in me shall complete it!
    Jesus came that I might have JOY
    What should I do?? Abide in Christ (see John 15)
    Blessings. And I think some people write negative remarks and reviews just for kicks. Look at only constructive criticism.

  13. Nice thoughts, Myra, and you stated them with such grace. You have a lovely ministry, and I hope you feel encouraged today. Some women are just plain mean (no excuse) but others may not know the Lord…perhaps they are coming from a place of deep hurt or anguish and lash out at someone like yourself who has had the huge advantage of being raised in a wonderful Christian family and who is confident and happy (jealousy and resentment, maybe?). We need to pray for those opposing us, which I’m sure you do. Thank you for your blog, I enjoy your work immensely! PS I think Gwen has a good point, maybe some people make hateful comments for sport, in which case, don’t waste one brain cell over it.

  14. Thanks for this reminder! It’s easy to “edit” what I post online and try to only show the “good stuff” but you’re so right, people appreciate authenticity. God has a purpose for every hard time and sometimes it’s to encourage others through our experiences. And I especially love this: “never let anyone else dictate your happiness and success. You are responsible for you.” That’s something I need to remind myself of daily!

  15. Thank you sooooooo much for this post! It’s just what I needed to hear this morning! 🙂 God has good timing and knows just what we need, when we need it! 🙂

    1. And p.s I found this post through Pinterest! 🙂 Definitely re-pinning & sharing! 🙂

  16. WOW. This was written 2 years ago but it was for this very moment. Romans says we overcome by the word of our TESTIMONY. In trial and storm it should serve reminder that if He was able before why not again ? Thank you I needed this kick in the pants. ” His praise shall EVER be on my lips”.
    April´s last blog post ..Summer Time IS HERE…

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