7 Reasons I Ditched Plastic For Glass

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Happy Friday, sweet people! Earlier this week, I instagrammed a picture of my Pyrex glass food storage collection. It started quite a conversation on both Instagram and Facebook about food storage, so I thought it would be fun to write a post about why I made the switch and how it is working for me. I definitely love me some Pyrex! 😉

7 Reasons I Ditched Plastic For Glass[pinit count=”horizontal”]

7 Reasons I Ditched Plastic for Glass Food Storage

1. For Health’s Sake

With all the information available on the dangers of BPA {Bisphenol A} in plastics, I’m more than happy to avoid storing my food in plastic containers to avoid any hormone disruptors or any other such crazy stuff.

2. Easy To Clean 

I love that my glass pieces come out of the dishwasher feeling clean, smelling clean and looking sparkling clean. Plastic doesn’t do good things when heated up and washing plastic by hand has never worked well for me. The plastic always felt like it had a residue on it.

glass storage

3. Cost Effective

While the initial investment of glass food storage is more than plastic, the longevity of glass exponentially pays for itself in the long haul. To offset the cost, I asked for Pyrex sets for Christmas and birthdays. My collection grew quickly but without hurting my pocketbook!

4. No Exploding Plastics Cabinet

Oh my word! When we were using plastic, I would open the cabinet and containers and lids jumped out at me almost every time. I love using glass because they stack nicely, they are heavier and there is no explosion when I open the cabinet door. Ha!

glass storage

5. Multi-Purpose Containers

One of my favorite reasons to love glass so much is because I can bake, serve, store, re-heat and/or freeze all in the same container. Ah! Do you GET what I’m saying??? LESS dishes to wash! Yes!

glass storage

{The little stainless steel bowls are available here. I love them!}

6. Safe To Re-Heat in the Oven {or microwave if you have one}

When we used plastic containers, we had to transfer food to glass containers to re-heat in the oven and we should have always transferred food before  microwaving too, but that didn’t always happen. We don’t own a microwave now {Yes, I’m serious. Yes, we do survive and thrive.}, but glass is an excellent, safe option for re-heating food if you do.

glass storage

 7. Easy On The Eyes {yes, I am a dork!}

What can I say? I love pretty things. Keeping fruits and vegetables {and other food} in the refrigerator in stackable containers is really nice to look at. And the organizational aspect? Perfection!

glass storage


  • Glass containers break easily, right?  I send my husband lunch in glass containers all the time. He has dropped them multiple times, but none of the pieces have ever broken.
  • How do you store them?  I stack them up and put them in the cabinet. Bowls go in an upper cabinet and casserole dishes go in a lower cabinet. Many containers fit inside each other, so they are incredibly space efficient to store. I keep the lids in a drawer. Easy peasy.
  • Do they smell? Nope. No smell. At all.
  • Where do you get your glass storage containers? Well, I’ve gotten most of mine as gifts, but most department stores carry Pyrex and Amazon does as well.

Below are a few of my favorite sets from Amazon, if you are interested.

I would love to know…Have you made the switch to glass food storage yet? Are you in transition?



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  1. What a great post, Myra! My husband just read an article about the safety hazards of microwaving food in plastic and I felt so dumb for not knowing that before. I love the idea of the glass containers, particularly now that we are always transferring food to glass or plates to microwave. And yes, they don’t clean up as well as glass and I can’t keep my plastics cupboard as organized as I would like.

  2. I am just starting to make the switch! My favorite reason isn’t really the most practical, but I love how it looks stacked in my fridge! LOL

  3. Thank you for this information! For some reason, I never heard about BPA’s until recently and have concerns over some of things I’ve read. I started to purge plastic a week or so ago but after reading your suggestions….I have decided to complete the purge today! A shopping I will go…appreciate you sharing. 🙂

  4. My oldest daughter-in-law has made the switch and that encouraged me to begin. I love the Pyrex I have purchased and being able to see what is stored in them when I open the refrigerator. Leftovers are disappearing quickly I have noticed. I am just having trouble parting with my old Tupperware that has served me well for many years. That should be a clue I guess, many years, ha.

  5. I’m working on making the switch. When my handsome husband and I got married 10 years ago, my best friend threw me a Tupperware shower. We both love to cook and needed better kitchen solutions. (And we had at least two of just about everything else.) We still have most of the Tupperware. Part of me is hesitant to just get rid of it all – it does have some sentimental value as well as the functionality. However, we do really want to switch to glass for food storage. Suggestions on how to repurpose two cabinets full would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Anne, I found that when I made the switch I too was having a hard time parting with a lot of my sentimental favorites so I moved them into my garden and made them into some very pretty planters. Just use your drill to put a couple of holes for drainage in the bottom and plant away. I even painted a few with fun colors using plastic spray paint. I saw on Pinterest where someone had used the graduated bowls as a multi-tiered hanging planter by using “s” hooks and chain in between the bowls. Now I just need to find some bowls so I can try it!

    2. Repurpose them for other non-food related needs. In the garage for storing nails, screws etc. In the sewing room, for buttons, thread bobbins etc. or for storing ribbons, gifting labels and such. They can be easily labeled and stacked and would be useful for organizing a garage, storage room, out-of-season small items or kids’ crayons, stickers…

    3. I just switched to glass. Kept some plastics for sending/taking leftover dishes when at gatherings.

  6. I made the switch about six years ago, mostly for the same reasons you have mentioned. I, too, am a lover of Pyrex. The sets you have mentioned are quite often drastically reduced (Amazon and sometimes other retailers), and even at WM, their everyday prices are very affordable. Let’s just say I have a LOT of Pyrex. I have deep drawers rather than shelves in my bottom kitchen cabinets. I have two of them full of Pyrex — stack and nest the bowls, and arrange the lids on vertically beside them. For the rectangular dishes (in a different drawer, I just lay the different lids on top of like-shaped dishes that nest. Both drawers stay fairly neat, far more than my plastic ware ever did, and it is easy to find what I am looking for. I am seventy, so that makes it easier for me to also have a lot of the old Pyrex mixing bowl sets. 🙂 I’m glad you are able to survive and thrive without a microwave. I do have one, and I depend on it quite a bit. For cooking in the microwave, I mostly use my classic favorites — the older Corning Ware white and blue cornflower casseroles with lids. I have loved glass for cooking for many years, but it was only about six years ago that I returned to it for all my storage as well. I enjoy your blog, and I enjoyed this post. Thanks!

  7. Plastic is really hard to clean if they get even a small amount of grease in them. No problem with glass. I see glass containers all the time at thrift stores. That is one way to build your containers of glass. I also store food in Mason jars and peanut butter jars that come in glass. I hate it that almost all food that you purchase at the grocery store comes in a plastic container.

  8. I am in the transition too to get more glass containers!! I like to find them at Ross! They come in sets of 2 or 3 depending on the size. When I get a new stack, I put our old plastic ones in our thrift store donation box. Also am transitioning into stainless steel and cast iron cookware from icky teflon coated non-stick pans.

  9. Great post! I don’t have many plastic containers but I do feel like they explode out of the cabinet. I have thought about switching to glass. I’m just not sure where I would store it all, as I don’t have a whole lot of space.
    Kathy´s last blog post ..Slow Cooker Honey Mustard Chicken

  10. pretty, but I frequently give leftovers away; so this isn’t practical in that regard.

    1. Well, leftovers don’t last long here, so it works perfectly for us. When I make meals for family or friends, I typically use foil pans. 🙂

  11. I think switching to glass is a great idea! I also think asking for them for gifts is a great idea:)) Can’t wait to start the switch!!!

  12. Costco has a cool set now that is Pyrex with Snapware lids that you can write on with a dry erase. Just got a set and they are pretty cool. I still use Rubbermaids in my pantry, but a lot of the newer plastic is already BPA free I am noticing. 😉

  13. I agree Myra…. I love my glass storage containers!!!! 🙂 Have a wonderful Friday and w’end :))

  14. Great post! We made the switch several years ago, but somehow the plastic keeps creeping in. When I find some in the cabinet I give it to the kids to play with outside. Who cares if mudpies have BPA in them? 🙂 Lisa~
    Lisa~´s last blog post ..Embracing Modesty, No 27

  15. Great points you’ve made here, Myra! I particularly agree with your point about washing plastics–there does always seem to be a residue if you wash them by hand. However, the plastic lids which come with the sets of Pyrex seem to be fairly easy to wash; I guess they’re made of a heavy-duty plastic. Overall, I’d say this switch is a winner in many ways.

    Along these lines, I found something fascinating when we visited Rome last summer. We rented an apartment which came with a fully-equipped kitchen and although we enjoyed a number of delicious meals out, we also shopped for groceries and fixed meals at the apartment. (I should point out that I love shopping for groceries in foreign countries, so that was fun for me, not a chore.) Anyway, in both the food packaging and in the storage pieces available in the kitchen, there was very little plastic. No excess packaging, no stacks of plastic containers. The result? We produced very little trash! I was amazed at how few times we had to take out the trash.

    Thanks for sharing the inside scoop on what works well for your family!
    Richella @ Imparting Grace´s last blog post ..Grace at Home No. 65

  16. For me the absolute worst thing about plastic containers is the stain they get from tomato-y dishes. My daughter does a LOT of ravioli!

    I’d call myself in transition. Even thought we recently moved into a house (where there was a lot of hand-me-down plastic containers, I certainly prefer glass for bakeware and storage.
    LuAnn Braley´s last blog post ..My New Kentucky Home

  17. I live in Corning, NY the home of Pyrex! We have a Corelle Outlet in town that sells these sets. I just picked up the 14 pc with color lids for $14.99! They have incredible sales… so if you are ever in the area, stop by to shop, then head to the Corning Museum of Glass to learn the history of Pyrex and see some incredible glass blowing!

  18. I totally agree! We have some pyrex bowl and some baking glass dishes from Ikea. I LOVE glass bowls.
    We got rid of our plastic stuff almost a year ago. We have a few Tupperware serving bowls but thats all.
    Nicole @Team Pipkin´s last blog post ..Sicky girl…

  19. We have made the switch to not having a microwave and I am starting to collect a lot of glass containers too. The only plastic that I still use on a daily basis are the divided ones that I put my hubby’s sandwich, fruit and yogurt in. I don’t put anything in plastic that we reheat. I think I will ask for more for Christmas.

  20. I love Pyrex! I have a lot of larger pieces and am now on the lookout for smaller lunch size portions. All of our leftovers get packed up into lunch portions for my husband and frozen. Right now I’m using plastic for those because they are the perfect size, but now reading through the comments has inspired me to hop in the car and go check out Goodwill.
    Lane @ Supper for a Steal´s last blog post ..Summer Fruit and Nut Salad

  21. Hi, It’s my first time here– found you via Tidy Mom’s pinterest.

    Great blog post! I switched from plastic to glass because BPA freaks me out and glass is soooo much easier to clean. Never going back!

    We only have one set, which works okay since there’s just 2 of us. Sometimes we need a few spares. When I do, I just use canning jars, but it’s not as easy to get food and out of them. Asking for more for xmas and other occasions is a brilliant idea!
    Olivia Lane´s last blog post ..DIY Ayurvedic Rose Water Cooling Mist

  22. Great post! After taking a Sustainability course in grad school this past spring, I made the switch to the healthier and more environmentally friendly glass. (My old plastic Gladware containers I’m using for craft supplies and projects so they aren’t wasted).

    I didn’t have too much luck with Pyrex … or at least the big cheapie sets. I found they didn’t seal, so liquids leaked out if I wasn’t careful to keep them level. (I did buy a few individual blue lidded bowls that sealed – and I LOVE those!)

    I have had great success with the Snapware sets that I bought at Costco. The first set had plastic lids with plastic removable seals (I carefully pry these out with a butter knife when washing to prevent mold from collecting). The newer sets are even better … still liquid tight, but the lids now are MUCH easier to open and close – and the gasket is permanent and super easy to clean. (Tempted to get rid of my older set and replace with the new design).

  23. Yes, I am making the switch buying a few at a time. My question is have you found a place to replace lids? I have a couple that warped or were put too close to an eye and melted a little. I would LOVE to replace these. Any ideas?

    1. If there is a “Kitchen Connection” or Pyrex outlet near you, they often have the replacement lids. 🙂

    2. Hi Brandi! I actually have recently seen replacement lids on Ebay. I hope that helps! 🙂

  24. I’ve been moving to more glass recently. Still using plastic when I run out of glass and I will send the kids to school with plastic but I’m getting to the point where I don’t want plastic either.

    I did want to add that a great place to get pieces is thrift stores and yard sales! I have many pieces from both of those, in fact I saw some glass bowls today at Goodwill that I passed on due to lack of a lid but I may have to go back and get them anyways and find replacements elsewhere.

    Also, Pyrex regularly has coupons in the Sunday inserts so you can take advantage of sales at places that take coupons like grocery stores or Walmart. I’ve bought many pieces that way too.
    Jessica, The Debt Princess´s last blog post ..Can you help me out, please? Quick Survey

  25. I’m with you on glass AND no microwave. Once mine broke I never purchased a replacement. I now heat leftovers up in a toaster oven or on the stove and it really doesn’t take that much longer and the food tastes WAY better. Here is another reason to switch to pyrex specifically: they are MADE IN THE USA!
    jenn´s last blog post ..gallery wall installation

  26. It sounds great but most of my leftovers go with husband to the construction site. I would be afraid it would not hold up to that and also- they would be heavy for him to lug back and forth. Especially if he takes two or three glass containers(which is how many he normally takes each day)


  27. Nice post. I say avoid even plastic spoons, forks and plates and use metal/glass. I have been using glass for 5 years now. I like it that they are transparent. I use mostly for storage containers (salt, sugar, tea, staples, spices, anything). This helps by showing whats available and how much, so i can plan for each item when buying groceries. I use steel for cooking and storing in fridge. dont use microwave at all.

  28. I switched to glass awhile ago and don’t regret it. I started by picking up a small set of Glass Lock from Marshall’s. I love that brand because they are square and save space in my fridge. I also use pint canning jars to take yogurt or oatmeal for breakfast as well as whatever is for lunch that day. They look better, are better for us, and for the earth too!

  29. I am very slowly switching to glass and metal. We have A LOT of plastic, I sold Tupperware and we are stocked up! I don’t want to get rid of it all at once, we replace as we need to. I’ve been lucky at our local flea market and found pretty old school pyrex bowls.
    Kristin´s last blog post ..Feel Good Friday: The Potato Chip Edition

  30. We are in transition right now! I try to purchase a small set of glass every month or two…and replace some of my old plastics. Right now I’m at about 75% glass and 25% plastic. Hoping by the end of the summer to have made the switch. This is a great post, and all your points are right on!!

  31. I’ve always preferred glass storage for the kitchen. But then again, I am rather “old school.” I have lots of Pyrex but my favorite containers are the old refrigerator boxes from the 40’s an 50’s. I collect them and use them all the time! I love their pretty vintage look 🙂
    Lana @ Never Enough Thyme´s last blog post ..Easy Poppy Seed Muffins

  32. We have been using pyrex for a long time now for everything. When I pack lunches I put a piece of wax paper or parchment over the food before putting the lid on. This way when we reheat the food at work it will not splatter in the microwave. I would love to not use a microwave at work but we do not have a kitchen. 🙂

  33. This is a great post! I love my Pyrex. They last so much longer than the plastic, and they’re much safer. 🙂

  34. I made the switch a couple years ago and have never looked back for all the reasons you named. They don’t stain and I love that. We only use our microwave for heating up kids leftovers or sterilizing our sponges – when we moved recently, the house had no microwave so we got a very small one and put it in an out of the way cupboard. I love not having to look at it!

  35. Glass is non-porous too, which means food lasts longer because the bacteria that usually causes rotting has no place to hide 🙂 I make salad ahead and store it in jars, and it lasts for days…but in plastic it starts breaking down right away.

  36. Though I agree with loving glass ( I upgraded all my storage containers in the pantry to glass, I have Tupperware that lasted 20years. It is not the cheap kind and I think they are safe? Thoughts?

    1. it doesn’t matter how expensive or cheap most all and I can’t guarantee that it’s all but most of all Plastics have BPA in them and I promise you it causes problems for males and females alike! And mostly in the hormone department

  37. There are two children (aged eight and ten) plus an eighteen year old with very little regard to “this is a community item” or “this item belongs to someone else” (in his world, if he can get at it, it is now his). Would glass tupperware still be a good idea here? Or would I just be asking for trouble?

  38. I have some glass storage containers and many plastic ones. I have thought about getting more glass containers and I think that you have convinced me to start investing in more of them to replace my plastic one.

  39. Yes, when I open my corner cabinet, plastic bowls fall out and all the miss matched lids. I would love to start making the switch to glass storage containers. I might keep a couple plastic for pop corn but they would not need lids :).

  40. I am in transition. I rarely use Tupperware but have it for extras or back up. I would love to only have glass. Slowly getting there…

  41. I too want to ditch the tons of plastic… hate it. Started accumulating stainless steel bowls at thrift stores. WISH they had lids that fit… I try to use them more but of course they cannot go in the microwave. I NEVER microwave in plastic. If someone made lids for the stainless I’d love them… but then using a microwave opens up a whole other mess of problems….

  42. I have been using (and collecting) glass cookware, storage containers and glass jars for the last 40+ years. Pyrex and Corning are of course the easiest to find and the most popular. About 15 years ago, I found a set of 6 purple Pyrex pie pan at a yard sale for $2.00. I kept finding them dirty in the sink. Found out my hubby had been using them as plates. He loved them because they had the higher sides and his food didn’t fall off when he was eating in front of the TV. LOL! My pantry is full of Ball and Mason jars for food storage. I wish now that I had bought stock in those companies,,,,, I would have made myself rich.

  43. I started using more glass since we eat leftover dinner for our lunch. I was worried about heating plastic up every day in the microwave. I still use both but try to stick with glass. I heard the other day some disturbing information about microwaves! So maybe I shouldn’t microwave things!
    Cassie´s last blog post ..3 Ways to Ensure Quality Time

  44. I agree! I am a glass-lock fan and have both new and thrift-store finds. I have found knock-off brands at homegoods, as well. My preference is for a rectangular shape to save space in the fridge, cabinets, etc. Mine have been going strong for several years now with no cracks or breaks. Totally agree with you about the sight appeal! We belong to a local CSA and I love to see all our pretty cut up veggies and leftovers in the glass. My husband says people at work always comment on how good his lunches look! 😉 And they make for a beautiful pinic or lunch at the pool in the summer.
    Thanks for posting.

  45. My plastic collection was dwindling, so I finally convinced my husband that investing in glass with some Christmas money was a good idea! We got ours at Ross (on clearance nonetheless!) but TJMaxx has a huge selection, too! Our 4 cup Pyrex bowls were $2.99 each compared to $10.49 at target!

  46. We made the switch over a year an a half ago when we got rid of our microwave and I’m so happy we did. There was an initial adjustment period but everyone survived. I love my pyrex for so many different reasons but I agree with the poster above who said she likes how they look in the fridge, lol. 🙂

  47. First time here, and I love this post!

    I switched to glass for a reason you didn’t mention: food allergies!

    My youngest son has a rare food allergy called FPIES and he is incredibly sensitive to his trigger foods. So sensitive, that the very minute amounts of proteins left in plastic (plastic is porous and you CANNOT remove all the food proteins once they’re in there) could cause reactions in him.

    I have to take my chances with the lids, but I try not to fill my containers so full that the lids touch food at all.

    Glass containers are safe for my son, and that’s good enough for me! (But the other reasons you listed? COMPLETELY true and apply as well!)

    Just thought I’d share in case anyone didn’t know this about food allergies! 🙂

  48. I’m coming late to this post, but I must say I agree! I haven’t learned much about microwaves, but from the disgusting effect on the food, I quickly concluded that there was probably something to the, ah, critique I’d heard of them.

    Ron takes his meals in those same containers with the rubber (plastic?) lids…aren’t those the most amazing inventions? 🙂 He was heating them in a toaster oven before, when working for a small company. We may just need another one!

    And yes, yes to the better “clean” feel with glass dishes…some of these cheap plastic storage containers when you try to wash…itck!

  49. I can’t believe I came across your post. I’m so tired of plastic containers and have been doing research to find glass containers that would work in the fridge, freezer, microwave, oven and dishwasher. I’m definitely going to check out the sets you listed as your favorite. Thanks for your post!

  50. I got the Purex set with the bowls and casserole dishes for Christmas. I love them! Totally want more.

  51. Great article! Dr. Randy Jirtle of Duke University ran several studies on BPA. He studies epigenetics. Basically, the layer around your DNA is in charge of deciding which genes are turned on or off. It’s called the epigenetic layer. Many people have mutated genes which could cause them to have problems such as cancer or sensory processing disorder or autism or fibromyalgia, but these genes are only “turned on” or “expressed” (meaning you actually come down with the condition) if the epigenetic layer around the cell is thinned out. BPA is a huge contributor of thinning out the epigenetic layer and turning on these genes. One of the best health gifts you can give your children is to raise them without cooking in plastic.

  52. I just started making the switch. A frugal tip: Until I build my pyrex collection, I have been storing left overs in mason jars and cleaned out spaghetti sauce jars.

  53. I have converted to glass but now I have blackberries every year and started saving plastic butter containers to freeze them. So what would be a economical way using glass to freeze and take up less storage in my freezer? I freeze 1/3 of my large freezer full of my blackberries and we are adding 3 more berries to our garden this year… HELP!!

  54. I’ve enjoyed reAding about everyone ‘s switch to Pyrex with snap-on lids. Seems like a great idea, but I read a while back that not all Pyrex is still made in the US, rather much is made in China. The article cautioned about using it due to many pieces breaking in the oven. The article scared me. Have any of you heard anything of that nature? Using the stackables sounds great , bit not if they break while in the oven. Is that a false report? I’d love to know.

  55. Great article! I have been in transition for over a year, however, I have had two sets of Pyrex nesting mixing/serving bowls for over 30 years! Making it a habit to use them more. Thank you for the tips on micro/ storage containers as well as wether to buy. Still in the market to find larger canisters with silicone seals…so far, not so easy, but I REALLY want to rid my kitchen of stinky plastic!

  56. I also prefer to use glass for food storage. The only place I’ve held up is in the freezer – glass never seems to work for me there and a disaster is just one ‘plink’ away so I use repurposed plastic peanut butter jars in the freezer. Otherwise I shun plastic as much as possible & use repurposed wide-mouth glass jars or canning jars or lidded glass storage dishes. Like you, I discovered there are fewer dishes to use when you can store/heat/eat all from the same dishes.

    ~Taylor-Made Ranch Homestead~
    Taylor-Made Ranch Homestead´s last blog post ..Low-Waste Reusable Gift Wrap

  57. Hi
    Love this article! We are in transition and I will be sharing this with my hubby so I can complete the transition lol. All of your reasons I agree with, but my main reasons for loving my new obsession with glass is that we actually USE up more leftovers because we can SEE them. 😉 and as a result of this we actually are planning for leftovers and over-eat less and both hubby and I are losing weight. I always thought we threw away too many unused leftovers because they were “out of sight out of mind” and I love that a yummy meal is now treasured and looked forward to as leftovers instead of over stuffing accidentally so it wasn’t wasted. Double win!

  58. I agree with one exception. I have found older Pyrex and other glass storage at flea markets and antique stores that have glass tops rather than the plastic tops available now. The glass tops keep things just as fresh and don’t get out of shape from the dishwasher or crack at the corners after many uses. I prefer them

    1. I think no problem with glass containers from China. However, you should care about original if they are plastic containers.

  59. My wife is a health and exercise nut so we made the switch to glass beginning about 2 years ago. The only problem we have found with glass is the plastic lids. They tend to get brittle when used in the microwave. We usually take the lid off and cover with a paper towel. Works for us!

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  61. I am going to switch to glass and it’s safe for our health. The idea is really impressive. Do you have any idea to keep the big glass pots in the freeze? It’s really annoying but some of the food needs big glasses containers as well.

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