Google Reader Disappears Tomorrow!!!

Good morning, lovelies! This is a quick reminder that if you read in Google Reader and you haven’t switched to a new reader yet, Google Reader disappears tomorrow {7/1}.

It would be sad for you not to receive posts any longer, so here’s what you can do today…

Subscribe via email – This option is simple and easy. You will receive emails when I post each week. Typically I write 3-4 times a week with diy projects, recipes, natural living tips, life hacks and sometimes thoughts about motherhood. 🙂

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Do you like on Facebook? I love my Facebook community. It’s so fun to interact with you all there. To be sure you don’t miss posts on Facebook, be sure to select “Show In News Feed.” Changing this little setting is like magic. 😉

Other Blog Readers To Check Out…

I have switched my reader to Feedly. It’s a great reader option that I’m really enjoying. It’s super easy to import your Google Reader feed into Feedly. Go and do that now, if you haven’t!

I’ve also heard good things about these readers…

I hope that helps you out if you  read blogs in a reader! Don’t forget to take action before tomorrow 7/1 when Google Reader disappears!

Happy Saturday!!




  1. Myra…I am not really sure what this means for the sidebar, Blogs I Follow on my own blog. I did switch my favorite blogs(including yours) over to Bloglovin. I used to read all my favorite blogs from my sidebar as it was so easy to do that. I hate change!!lol….
    Arlene Grimm@ Nanaland´s last blog post ..Oh NO!!

  2. I have two other suggestions. Yahoo has a my Yahoo page. On that page you can add any RSS feeds you want and tab your catagories.

    Thunderbird mail program also has a option to add RRS feeds.

    I also found a stand alone program for RSS feeds. I have been using this for all feeds because they are in one spot . The program is called RSSowl. You can customize it as you wish (I deleted all sports feeds, and others that I did not want. Its fast. And it is easy. Here is the link:

  3. Hi Myra,
    Just wanted to send you a “better late than never” thank you for this post! After using Reader for a number of years, I had been in denial that it was disappearing. Although I had done some research on alternatives, I just could not get motivated to figure out which one would work best. So, when you posted this it was like a little lifeline for this “last minute” girl! I followed your lead and transferred over to Feedly and have been using it happily ever since! Thanks!

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