Lovely Farmers’ Market Adventure

I’ve been wanting to check out this amazing farmers’ market for a while. It’s much fancier than our local market and is only held once a week. I love the variety of products that are sold – meat and dairy, breads, honey and relishes, fresh herbs and flowers. Yesterday, we checked it out and my mom came along too. It was so good to have an extra set of hands!

What’s not to love about a fabulous chalkboard sign with gorgeous produce in the background?

I love zinnias, so I picked up a bunch of them for $5. The colors are so vibrant!

 Beautiful sunflowers.

These farm fresh eggs came home with us. I’m so thankful to have a source for fresh eggs!

The sun was a bit bright, but I love this picture of my adorable big boy. 🙂

I also bought figs and peaches. I mentioned several days ago that we had a fig bush in our backyard that was covered with figs. Well, I have no clue what happened, but there are no figs there now. Maybe they got eaten by birds??

I might have to mix up a batch of these delicious Strawberry-Peach Pancakes this weekend!

On the way home, we came up to a traffic jam, so we took a little detour through fields of cotton and soybeans. The sun and clouds were so beautiful. I love the silhouette of the tree as well.

Here’s a photo of my sweet, little man that I instagrammed this week.

Do y’all go to the farmers’ market? What is your favorite thing to buy there?



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  1. I love farmer’s markets. We are very fortunate to have a few local markets with lots of local goat dairies! I really love chevre. There is also a wonderful market in nearby Santa Fe that is much bigger and held twice a week. Buying locally grown products makes me more excited and inspired to cook than almost anything else.

    Faerl Marie

  2. Farmer’s Markets are so wonderful. You’re pictures are beautiful, love the flower shots. And, your little guys are so cute!

  3. Our local farmer’s market has some great melons in season right now, although I’m sure my husband would beg to differ. He says there is nothing like a Grand Bay (Mobile, AL) watermelon (we’re in central Indiana). My father-in-law lives in Muscle Shoals, I’ll have to tell him to check out the market in Huntsville! Our local market is every Saturday morning, do you have a local one that is more than once a week? What a treasure!
    Jaime´s last blog post ..The Start of Something Amazing

  4. Myra, that looks beautiful! Everything looks wonderful and delicious! I have several friends here in L.A. that actually raise their own hens/chickens and have fresh eggs all the time – one is my piano student and they sometimes give me eggs {as a gift} from their chickens. Amazing!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun
    Becky@OrganizingMadeFun´s last blog post ..Behind the scenes of the Project Shed

  5. We don’t go because I am too lazy! I don’t want to go to the farm for milk, then to the farmers market and then to the grocery store! I would love to spend a few hours walking around kid-less though!

  6. My favorite thing to get from the farmers market every year is goats milk soap. I found the lady who makes it a couple years ago. She has wonderful prices and a great variety of scents. We try to stock up during the market for the rest of the year.
    Erika Roberts´s last blog post ..Visiting A Vintage Gathering

  7. We love farmers markets. We go to our local farmers market every week for butter, milk, and eggs. We also get fruits & veg, pastured meat, & honey.
    Anytime we travel we always look up farmers markets & try to go to at least one.

  8. I love farmers markets!!!! This one you posted about looks awesome! There are Mennonite families in our area and they are always looking to sell or trade their fresh fruits and veggies. I love it! Thanks for this post!

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