Blueberry Dump Cake


My family has been eating dump cake for years. Making it with my mom is one of my favorite memories from when I was little. Traditionally, dump cake recipes use boxed cake mixes. Since we’re avoiding processed foods, I made this cake a bit differently…sort of an experiment which turned out spectacularly!

Have you ever had dump cake before?

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    1. @Deb Huffaker, Hey Deb! I’ve always used cherry pie filling as well, but I checked the label and saw that it had Red 40, so I went with the blueberry. I’m going to look for a more healthy cherry pie filling at EarthFare. 🙂 And ice cream? YUMMO!

  1. Where does the melted butter go? Sounds easy, but I can see me even messing this up if I were to guess. :]

  2. I can see we’ll be having dessert tonight!
    Thanks for sharing, it’s been ages since we had a dump cake – and it didn’t turn out so well. We were camping and used a cast iron kettle to try to make this in the fire, but it burned big time!!!

  3. When I make this I use frozen fruit or in season fresh fruit. So easy, literally just dump each layer onto the next. Our favorite is Raspberry Dump cake.

  4. We love dump cake. My grandmother taught me how to make it when I was a kid and I have now taught my oldest daughter. It is her signature dish. She loves to make it. We make ours with cherry filling and pineapple. I want some dump cake now.

  5. This sounds great! I’ve always made the cherry pie filling recipe also but I have a freezer full of blueberries we picked this summer and I’ll try using those instead of the blueberry pie filling. Hey, it can’t be bad! It’s cake and fruit, right?

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