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This past week we were in Oak Ridge, Tennessee where my husband had a work training class.  One day, Ridley and I popped into Goodwill and I found these things.

I don’t know what they are, but I saw that they had potential, so I snagged them right then and there for $3 each.  They look like some sort of stamp or mold or something?

Do you know what they are??

I pulled out my favorite spray paint – Rust-oleum.  I went with Heirloom White because they needed to be lightened up.

After the spray paint was dry, I used my sanding pad to rough up the edges just a bit.

I love these….”things.”

One has a new home on the mantel that I’m working on for Summer.

The other is on a bookcase that I’ve been re-working.

Just because before & afters are so fun…

For only $6.00 I have two new accessories. Isn’t spray paint amazing?! Love that stuff!

A few of my favorite spray painting projects:

So, what do you think these stamp-ish, mold-ish things are?

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  1. Hmm.. I have no idea what they are, but I like that you painted them white. Pretty! Nice conversation piece.

  2. Those are stamps which can be used on just about any soft, pliable surface. My best friend uses these in her art and her husband just bought her some in Afghanistan that are over 150 years old. The ones you have are beautiful!!

  3. They would make really cool pottery stamps to be sure! But most likely they were wall stamps or fabric stamps, seeing that they had left over paint on them. They are very cool none the less! 😀

  4. I have a friend who has some of these hanging on her wall, I think they are wall paper stamps.
    They look amazing!

  5. We used to live there! Can you believe I have never been in the Goodwill?! I donated tons of stuff, but never entered the building.

    Did you visit any other destinations while you were there?

  6. Those are stamps or “caps”. The workers in Bali make them out of bronze to print their Bali fabric. I learned this from a tour I took at the Hoffman Fabric Company. 🙂 These were probably made for the same thing, ie: fabric or wallpaper, as someone mentioned.

  7. I can’t believe you only paid $3 for those! Great find. You can pay a lot of money for these.

  8. I bought some of these at a street fair in NYC, they were labeled as Indian fabric stamps. Mine still had some black ink on them and were used to stamp the paisley pattern onto Indian designs.

  9. I agree with everyone…I have seen these in fabric art stores. Many come from India too.
    Love the idea of painting the stamps white!!
    Visiting from Southern Hospitality 🙂

  10. Oh my gosh, I am soooo envious! I have 6 of them and paid 15.00 each for them. They are block printing stamps, mine are from India. What a find! I think you should sand them a bit and knock off some of the white paint. Mine are just hanging on the wall, never been painted with. Love the rustic feel of them!

  11. I believe they are fabric stamps from India. I have a small collection of them ( I display them too) that were purchased from a gentleman that brought them to the US. They are also excellent for stamping in clay!! I know I paid much more than you must have at Goodwill! Way to go!

  12. These are block printing blocks from India and I know the same is also used in Indonesia. I have few of these that I bought in India. They look very cool!!!! I want to buy more on my next visit 🙂

  13. Read in the comments that they are fabric stamps. Wouldn’t it be cool if after you are ready to redecorate, you use some dyes to stamp old sheets or pillow slips or something…maybe even a plan t-shirt?!

    I love this project. What a great find!

  14. These look great – I love what you’ve done. I picked up a bunch in Indonesia about 20 years ago and have been using them as bookends or general props to stop things falling over on the bookcase. 🙂

  15. Those are stamps used to make ‘batik’ patterns on cloth, similarly found in Thailand & Bali. Great find, they look amazingly architectural and will be great conversation pieces for years to come!

  16. I have no clue what those are, but I have you beat. I included my website because I’m a new blogger. I picked up a pink frame at a yard sale for probably .50. It was metal with some neat cut outs, it’s pictured in my blog. Anyway I liked the detail hated the colors. I figured I would spray paint it. Well I found an easier and cheaper way to redo it…. SHARPIE! Now its a silver and looks great. I know its simple but it was my first DIY project. I loved it!

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