5 Simple Ways To Decorate On A Dime


I’m excited to be celebrating “simplicity” with nine other bloggers! From coupons and healthful living to photography and organizing your home, there are simple tips for everyone. Click on the links below for simplifying inspiration in this new year!

Decorating, designing and creating are my passion. My best ideas strike either when I’m sitting in church {yes, I know that’s awful} or in the shower.  I love my “job” of decorating my home {and the homes of others} for as few bucks as possible.

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There are many ways to decorate your house on a dime, but I’ve come up with 5 simple ways to help you get started in 2011!

5 Simple Ways To Decorate On A Dime

1. Find Your Style

Even if you don’t know what your particular decorating style is, it is important to determine what you like and what you don’t like. Taking the time to do this now will save you a lot of time later when you’re out shopping.

My style is eclectic because I love so many different styles and trends and I can’t just settle on one.  Like mine, your decorating “taste” will likely evolve over the years as trends go and come.

2.  Get Inspired

When I feel like I’ve hit a dead end in my creativity, one place I find inspiration is magazines. I love ripping out pages of ideas that I want to remember. I also thrive on reading decorating blogs and craft blogs.  Subscribe to a few of them and get inspired!

There are so many creative and amazing women in the blogosphere!  Truly, we have so much inspiration at our fingertips!

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3.  Rearrange What You Already Have

The easiest and most inexpensive way to freshen up your home decor is to move around what you already have.  From wall art and accessories, to photographs and floral arrangements, change them up and move them around!  If you have items in storage that you haven’t looked at for a while, it might be the perfect time to pull them out.

Arrange accessories in “collections” to make a larger impact.  Fewer larger items are much more pleasing than tons of little knick-nacks that can appear as clutter – plus they are a pain to dust. Ahem.

4.  Shop Frugally

The very best places to find inexpensive home decor items are thrift stores and yard sales.   I’ve found furniture, accessories, wall art, and many other items that I’ve made over with a good coat of spray paint!  I also love to shop at TJMaxx, Homegoods and Hobby Lobby {50% off sales, baby!} to name a precious few.

Whenever you’re shopping for home decor items, look for timeless pieces that you can buy for next to nothing. My mantra is, “If you love it and can afford it, get it because you’ll probably use it.”  But don’t hoard.  Please.  I don’t want to see you on that show! 🙂

One day soon, I’m going to take you all along on a virtual thrifting shopping trip.  How much fun that will be!

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5.  Paint

Besides rearranging what you already have, painting is another super inexpensive to brighten up your home.  From walls and ceilings to furniture and even floors {gasp!} paint can transform it all! I’m planning on painting a wood floor in our house because it’s pretty icky from water damage.  I can’t wait for that project!

Anyway, back to paint… My favorite paints are Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams.  However, since everything I do is “on a dime” I have Home Depot or Lowe’s color match my Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams paint samples.  Lowe’s sells low-VOC paint and I highly recommend it!  I’ve also heard wonderful things about Sherwin Williams Harmony latex paint with zero-VOC. I’m going to break down and try it one of these days!

You also might consider stenciling an accent wall or a piece of furniture.  I’m excited to try my first stenciling project in the next few days.

If you are looking to decorate your home on a dime, try these 5 simple ways to get started!

What is your favorite way to decorate on a dime?

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  1. Great tips Myra! Thanks so much for the painting tip! I already found the Sherman Williams store in my area and will be heading there to look at paint next week!
    Can’t wait to see all your ideas come to life on this site!

  2. These are good tips. Rearranging furniture is something I do quite often, but I don’t often change up the accessories from room to room. I should try that, though. No reason not to, right? Its free 🙂

    I need to be braver about painting. I’m always glad when I do.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Wow, I was checking out your blog when I found myself looking at my closet! Thanks for giving the source. I like your blog, sounds like you like me like to spend very little for great looks.

  4. Awesome blog Myra! Beautiful layout, Well Done! Say were you aware that Benjamin Moore has several lines of paint to fit every budget? They have an amazing product called ECO SPEC which is a true ZERO VOC paint… (some paints call themselves ZERO VOC but when you read the fine print, that claim is when it is untinted… and lets face it, who buys paint untinted????, however BM’s Zero VOCs paint is exactly that Zero VOC, any colour, and sheen, and it is value priced.) Once again, Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog!

  5. Very good tips- I like re-arranging the furniture. When you want a quick simple change, adding a few colorful throw pillows or placing a few fleece throws can brighten up a room. Also a small tabletop fountain or accent lamp can make a dramatic change.

  6. Wow, this is inspiring. Thank you for this. Anyways, if you ever damage your wall or ceiling, a repair is essential to resolve the problem instantly so the damage won’t get worse.

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