We're Moving!!!

Guess what y’all?! We just found out that the offer that we accepted on our house back before Christmas went through!!! Our closing date is the 14th…yes, that’s eight days away. And we’re moving to the casa on Saturday…three days from now! We are insane.

Oh MY WORD! I’m excited and sad at the same time. Change isn’t easy, is it?

We are furiously working to prepare the casa for an onslaught of boxes, belongings, bedlam and a two-year old. Ha!

I just took everything off the walls to box them up and everything is already looking so bare. *sniff, sniff*

We made some amazing memories at this house. We brought Ridley home from the hospital to this house. He’s spent his first two years of life in this house. When we drive up he says, “haoooooomme” in the sweetest little Southern voice.  I cried when I went in the nursery to take down his pictures.

I’m going to miss my wonderful whirlpool tub. I’m going to miss the awesome striped nursery wall that I painted while 8 months preggo with Ridley. I will miss the beautiful fireplace, wide hand-scraped hardwood floors, smooth sheetrock, the dishwasher and loads of kitchen cabinet and countertop space.

But I’m carrying home with me. I’m taking my precious family.

And I have my memories…so many wonderful memories.

Umkay, enough with being sentimental! I’m excited to get moved into the casa and get set to beautifying it!

I’ll be back here on Monday, but in the meantime, keep up with updates on Facebook and Twitter!


  1. Sounds like you’ve got a busy weekend ahead! Good luck! And you’re right: change, no matter how good,bad, big or small, is never easy. BUT, can’t wait to see how you make your new casa a HOME!

  2. I teared up reading your post. I am sure it is going to be tough closing the doors next week and handing over the keys but remember all of the beautiful memories that are going to be made at this new house that is going to be AMAZING!!! Praying that you have smooth packing and a great moving experience.

  3. “I’m carrying home with me” – Love that!

    best of luck to you with your move – hope it all goes smoothly for you.

  4. Congratulations!! Oh, it must be so hard. A home has new meaning once you add the cute kiddos! But, with Ridley being a little guy, your new Casa will be home in his memories!
    Good luck with the move. Wish I could help!

  5. Moving is always exciting, but I’m glad you decided to do it. I remember myself a few years ago, I wanted to move to a new apartment in Montreal. I was afraid that this might not be the best solution and all the hassle of moving. But as it turned out all for the best, then the company https://demenagementpausecafe.ca/en/ made it so easy for me to move

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