Friday Fails – The Burnt Meat Version


I get so much joy from sharing the crazy stuff that I do. I honestly don’t “try” to be crazy, but I guess motherhood (or maybe it’s age) has just taken it’s toll on my brain cells.

I love laughing at myself. It’s great stress relief to share my stories with you and to hear that I’m not alone in my insanity. Ha!

So, on to this week.

Did you gag when you read the title of this post? I did just writing it. Major gross.

So Saturday night, I put a few pounds of ground beef in the slow cooker so that putting together my Mexican Lasagna for the church potluck would be easy peasy.

On Sunday morning, I made the lasagna, but ran out of time to put the rest of the cooked ground beef away. So, being the smart person that I am, I turned the slow cooker down to “warm” and got ready for church.

On Monday morning…Anyone else notice a major jump in time? {snort} …I woke up to a very strange smell. Something smelled a little burnt, but it was a gross burnt smell.

I followed my nose to the kitchen where in horror I remembered the meat. The now gross, burnt, smelly meat.


And you know what? It’s still on the counter in the slow cooker waiting to be cleaned out.  Ahem. {blush}

Oh yes, I’m totally on top of my housekeeping this week. Not.

Have you ever burnt the wazoo out of meat? Isn’t that lovely aroma just so welcoming to visitors? Humph.

Fail! 🙂

Do you have a “fail” to share? Link ’em up here! If you don’t have a blog, just leave a comment. Please follow the rules! I can’t wait to read your fails! Try to spread the love and comment on the other “fails” posts!


  1. Somewhat amazingly, in my 12 years of keeping a home, I don’t believe I’ve ever burned meat…. BUT I have forgotten pots of boiling water (with pasta or veggies in them) on the stove more than once. That, too, is one DISGUSTING aroma! I’ve also served up meat that, while I was shooting for med-rare, was most certainly still raw in the center. My sweet hubby ate that purple meat before I even realized and insisted it was good. He’s a keeper. 😉
    JessieLeigh´s last blog post ..Three Things You Should Know About Early Preemie Screenings

  2. O.k. this is funny. I don’t care who you are. I don’t feel so bad now, knowing I’m not alone in my forgetfulness. Even if I haven’t forgotten meat in the crock pot, I have had my share of similar moments.
    Thanks for the morning laugh.

    1. So so happy to provide morning amusement. 🙂 I laugh at myself and it’s fun to brighten other people’s mornings. 🙂 Have a great day Connie!

  3. Not sure what happened to my comment that I posted about my failed english muffins… that’s what I get for trying to be productive way too early in the morning after a night of my son not sleeping AGAIN.

    I cant even remember what I wrote… guess it wasnt that good!

  4. 🙂 I think we’ve all done a version of this! These are the kinds of stories your kids are going to remember and harass you about when they are our ages…at least thats what my sisters and I would do.
    Jeannie´s last blog post ..Monday Menu

    1. That is so true Jeannie! My Mom ran over parking place dividers when we were kids. Dad couldn’t figure out why the car needed a front end alignment until we spilled the beans about mom’s driving incident. We won’t let her live it down now…so hilarious! 😉

  5. Oh, Myra! This reminds me of me! Ha!!

    Years ago, I put some pinto beans on to quick soak… you know, bring to a boil for a minute and then soak for an hour. You guessed it! Left the house to go to a ladies mission planning meeting and during the planning, while we were discussing the menu for an event, someone mentioned BEANS!!! Forgetting to turn off the stove, I rushed home to a smoky and stinky house! God was so good to jog my memory before the house burned down! ;-D

    1. Kindred spirits, eh? 😉 So glad your house didn’t burn down too! How are things at work? I heard that someone new was hired. 🙂

  6. 🙂 I just barelly wrote a post about meat on my blog. I didn’t burn it but I did write about how I tried to re create my mother in laws famous roast beef….

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