Warm Apple Crisp


My mom asked me to bring a dessert for Sunday dinner, so I dug around in my recipe card file that I compiled back in high school.  And I found this — a recipe for apple crisp.

apple crisp

I truly couldn’t believe how easy this recipe was to make! So fast, easy and according to everyone’s “yum’s”, it was a hit! 🙂  I’m definitely going to be making this a few more times this Fall!

Enjoy the Fall flavor of apple crisp!

What is your favorite apple recipe for Fall? 

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  1. I love to add different fruits to my apple crisp to give it a unique flavor. Try adding a peach or a handful of cranberries to the mix. I also will add some nuts (walnuts or pecans) to the topping. This is a great recipe to use as a base, and then add your own embellishments that will give it your own personal flair.

    If you find yourself in need of nice bowls to serve your apple crisp in, you might want to visit Splendids.

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, when I am using just apples, I always use a couple of different varieties, one sweeter variety that cooks down more (usually a McIntosh) mixed with a more tart, firmer apple (like a Granny Smith).

    …and I love the way my kitchen smells when I make apple crisp!!!

    1. Hi Karin, Thank you so much for your tips! I’ve actually been thinking about making the Apple Crisp with nuts! I love all your wonderful ideas! 🙂 Oh yes, the smell is simply delightful!

    1. Jamie, thanks for your comment! The Granny Smith apples give it a tart flavor that is just wonderful! 🙂

  2. Thank you, Myra, for your blog and for recipes…Sorry for my English (I am Russian), but I try to speak English as much as possible. Your recipe of Apple Crisp is so wonderfull and delicious!!! I’ve just made it!! At the first time in my life! I always tried to find something like this, with this great texture…and smell ans flavor! It’s so easy and very very very good! I’ll be your fan!!! )))

  3. This is the best apple crisp recipe so goood! =) Sometimes i add walnuts yum! Thank you for this wonderful recipe love this blog!

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