{love story}

People sometimes look at me so funny when I say that I knew the person I would marry when I was nine years old. But I did. It really happens!

So much of our love story is my life story.  I hope you will enjoy reading!


Somehow, some way, we went from looking like this….

{honey, please don’t shoot me…ha!}

and this…

to being married on February 11, 2006…


Here’s our story…

I’m so blessed and so thankful to be married to my soul mate. He was worth waiting for.

If it was not for my sweet hubs, I would be the happiest single woman alive (now I’m just the happiest married woman alive!). My motto has always been that I’d rather be happy and single rather than miserable and married to the wrong person.

We don’t live in a fairy tale. Marriage is tough, hard work. We argue, disagree and sin. Yet grace continues to abound and our love continues to grow.

It’s a mysterious, amazing thing.

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  1. says


    Your love story is simply beautiful! I love the purity in it, the romance, and the Godly lives that the both of you lived, I mean I’m sure you went through some darkness in order for God to show you his magnificent light and love but, you must have had some really amazing, Spirit filled parents and mentors around you. I truly believe that your love story is one of the many ways that God intended for adventures of love to be. (If that makes sense, ha ha) Anyway thank you for your amazing recipes and awesome web site. I feel like God just thinks that you are such a beautiful gift to this world just like he meant for you to be. I feel like you need to understand that you are pretty amazing! Thank you. Lol.

    In His Love,


  2. Elise says

    I am 16 and constantly pressured by kids by age. I live in a Christian home. For months I have been trying to decide what to do in my life. Kids laugh because I have not had my first kiss or boyfriend, but I don’t care…I am waiting for my Prince Charming. Thank you for giving me a reason to still believe in that. Sincerely, Elise


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