Fall Mantel 2015

Good morning and Happy Fall! It’s my absolute favorite time of year! Hooray! In the past few weeks we have had the house re-plumbed and it’s currently being re-wired and everything is topsy turvy. I’m ready to get some organization and decorating done. To keep my sanity from workers being in my house every day, I decorated the mantel for Fall. :) I love how it came together.

Natural Layered Fall Mantel | MyBlessedLife.net

Welcome Fall!

Natural Layered Fall Mantel | MyBlessedLife.net

I was totally set on using cotton in this year’s mantelscape, so I ordered some from the Perfectly Imperfect shop. It adds a wonderful texture to the mantel.

Natural Layered Fall Mantel | MyBlessedLife.net

As always, I shopped my house and layered various things together until I liked how it looked. :)

Natural Layered Fall Mantel | MyBlessedLife.net

My mom asked me if it bothered me that this box was upside down. It doesn’t. I’m a weirdo. Also, I love the velvet pumpkins. I don’t think you can ever have too many of them.

Natural Layered Fall Mantel | MyBlessedLife.net

This amber footed bowl was Memaw’s. I’m so happy to have it out where I can see it…and where it’s away from little fingers. Haha!

Natural Layered Fall Mantel | MyBlessedLife.net

I got the Happy Fall Y’all sign from Hobby Lobby. I love it!!

Natural Layered Fall Mantel | MyBlessedLife.net

I’ve used the Autumn bunting for several years now. I think I’m almost tired of it. I will probably do something different next year. But it will do for now. :)

Natural Layered Fall Mantel | MyBlessedLife.net

I’m going to stop talking and just let you look! :)

Natural Layered Fall Mantel | MyBlessedLife.net

Natural Layered Fall Mantel | MyBlessedLife.net

Natural Layered Fall Mantel | MyBlessedLife.net

Natural Layered Fall Mantel | MyBlessedLife.net

And that’s the Fall mantel this year! I wanted to go more neutral rather than use the bright oranges like I have done in the past. Change is good for the soul. :)

Have you decorated for Fall yet?

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  1. Lanita Anderson says

    Hi Myra,

    I love your fall mantel….the fall items, as well as the vintage items, not to mention the velvet pumpkins! :) I love the footed bowl that belonged to your grandmother. I have a gold one that belonged to my grandmother – they are priceless treasures, aren’t they!? I’ve decorated my mantel, but I used fall leaves and brighter colors and I’m not too sure about it now….I may do some tweaking!! Thanks for sharing – I always enjoy your decorating posts!

  2. says

    I absolutely love the autumn mantel! It is so perfect. I had the same question your mom had about the box being upside down but I think it’s awesome that you’re laid back enough that it doesn’t even bother you. once again you totally rocked this mantel!! ☺️

  3. Kathy Mader says

    Your grandmother’s footed bowl is absolutely gorgeous. It’s nice you appreciate and utilize her lovely treasures. I also love the cotton, the lantern and the upside down box…hey, why not?

  4. Gwen says

    I remember loooong ago when you moved into your now home. It was emotional and time to make your home your own as did you call your grandmother MeeMaw? Would want. Painted brick as in the milkwash style why I think you were one of the first!!! It wasn’t all over blogland. I don’t even have brick around my fireplace. Just floor tiles it came with which were never on anything but around fireplace!! But I liked how they floated away into the background and I had kids in college and flights to and from for holidays and visits there and then life…but you were true to thine own self and did as your vision said to do and a new style emerged for fireplaces which many many have copied and adapted. I look at your mantel and see how everything is better accented. I love the felted wool basket a top a pail. I love it all!!! I can’t pick parts for its the whole entire look you’ve done. And preggo!!!!!! And working full time for the blog. Hats off!!!!

  5. francine says

    Mantels are always fun to put together. Yours looks great. The cotton branch is gorgeous. Can’t go wrong with nature. I’m a sucker for orange though I did buy a white pumpkin this year to add to the lot. Thanks for sharing your artistic talent.

  6. Sherri S. says

    It is just perfect! I am so glad you used the cotton. Praying you have a blessed delivery of your precious new little one. :-)

    Happy Fall…



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