DIY Non-Toxic Bathroom Cleaner {Detox Your Home Series}

Welcome to the amazing “Detox Your Home” series! I am SO excited to share this with you all because I’ve been working on this series since the “Day in the Life of an Oiler” series in January where 20 bloggers shared how they use essential oils on a daily basis.

With Spring right around the corner, it is time to not only detox our bodies, but it is time to also detox our homes. Toxic chemicals are everywhere in cleaning supplies, body care items, pet care products and more.  Our “Detox Your Home” series will inspire you to make your own household supplies naturally with essential oils!

Detox Your Home | Spring Cleaning Blogger Series

Each day this week, six bloggers are sharing recipes, tips and tricks for making your own non-toxic household items!! Bring it!

I’m excited to share my DIY “Soft Scrub Like” Bathroom Cleaner with y’all today. I love the texture of cleaners like Soft Scrub, but I can NOT stand the smell. Hello, nasty chemicals! I have written all about my love for Thieves household cleaner before, but this time I gave it a brand new twist! 

DIY Non-Toxic Bathroom Cleaner {Detox Your Home Series}

DIY Non-Toxic Bathroom Cleaner {Detox Your Home Series}

The bathroom sink was in desperate need of a good cleaning. This is Memaw’s bathroom complete with a lavender sink and lavender tub. The lavender toilet was replaced a few years ago. :)

This DIY Bathroom Cleaner really works! I took it over to my mom to see how she liked it for her Saturday cleaning and she gave it a thumbs up too! Using Thieves household cleaner concentrate is just one piece of the puzzle when detoxing your home from chemically-laced cleaners, body care products and pet care.

Many of my readers, friends and family have taken the oily plunge into the wonderful world of caring for themselves and their families naturally with essential oils.

The Chemical Free Home - Awesome Book!

What are you waiting for? The time is now!  Click here to learn more or contact the person who introduced you to the “Detox Your Home” Spring blog series! :) I’m offering a FREE copy of The Chemical Free Home to anyone {in the U.S.} who signs up with premium starter kit through April 7th!!  

Many of the recipes in this series are from The Chemical Free Home by Melissa Poepping who graciously gave us permission to share her recipes online.

Hurry on over to Amy Loves It for the next way you can Detox Your Home!

Be sure to check out all 30 posts in the “Detox Your Home” Spring blogger series below! There’s so much inspiration you will just be amazed!








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  1. says

    Glad you shared this today because my girls tub needs a good cleaning and I was wondering how I could whip something up with my Thieves cleaner to do the trick! Thanks for sharing P.S. I love the *shine* you get with the Thieves cleaner!

  2. Tracy Melvin says

    Loving this series! Thanks to you all for taking time to do this! Myra, Can the book be bought through YL?

  3. says

    Great post, thank you! Quick question though – I used (straight) vinegar to clean my bathroom last week and it seems to have created a bad film on my tile, sink and faucet. At first everything seemed spic and pan, but it seemed to attract soap scum or water minerals or something. Has this ever happened to you? What to do about it?

  4. says

    So interesting article! It is very good idea to use natural products in order to clean. For example the lemon juice is a natural acid which is not harmful for your health and you can use it in cleaning without any fear. Regards! Bloomsbury Carpet Cleaners Ltd.

  5. says

    The recipe is very nice! I like homemade cleaners and I use many different recipes in order to have a non-toxic cleaner for every place in the house. I would love to try your bathroom cleaner! Thanks for sharing!



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