10 Crazy Things I Say As A Boy Mom


Happy Friday! 🙂 I’ve had this topic on my mind to write about for a while. You know, the boy mom thing. Ever since I was a teenager, my mom told me I was going to have seven boys. I have no idea why she said that, but I always cringed. I had three younger brothers and I did NOT want to be a boy mom. HA!

God had other plans.

I have two sweet, lovable, crazy boys {so far!} and I love being a boy momma. I truly believe that God made me for this. 

My boys make me laugh {and sometimes yell…keeping it real!} because they are just…boys!

10 Crazy Things I Say As A Boy Mom | MyBlessedLife.net

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Here are some of the most crazy things I’ve said lately to my boys…

1. “SON! We do NOT pee in the carport! Only behind trees or out buildings!”

2.  “Have you washed your hands?” “Yes, mom.” “Let me see them and smell them.” HA!

3.  “Ridley, get off the fence! That’s what gates are for!”

4. “Better not jump on the ottoman or stand on the table. You’re going to lose your balance and fallllllllllll.”

10 Crazy Things I Say As A Boy Mom | MyBlessedLife.net

5. “Cameron, no. Please do not throw goat poop.” {If you know anything about goat poop it is pebble-like and apparently looks like something that should be thrown.}

6. “Pull your undies up. Ya-ya {my mom} is here and she doesn’t need to see you warming your buns by the fire.”

7. “Seriously? Can you please go put some clothes on?!”

8. “Can I see your tongue?” {This is what I ask Cameron (20 months) to make sure he doesn’t have anything dangerous in his mouth.}

9.  “I’m going to cut off all your pants {jeans, khakis and even pajamas!} because ALL of yours have holes in the knees.” Until it warms up we are embracing the holes. 😉

10 Crazy Things I Say As A Boy Mom | MyBlessedLife.net

{a scrap metal heart given to me by Ridley. i will keep it forever.}

10. “I love you to the moon and back.” {Okay, that’s not anything crazy, but I do say it 5 million times a day and in my sleep to, I’m sure.}

I try not to worry too much about my boys. I pray for them. I love them. I invest in them. I am a HUGE believer in divine protection. Even when I try my hardest to keep them safe, God shows me that He’s better at it than I am. 

10 Crazy Things I Say As A Boy Mom | MyBlessedLife.net

Boys are crazy, wonderful, insane, hilarious, funny, loving, amazing creatures. Yes, I did just say creatures. Ha!

I don’t know if we will ever be blessed with a baby girl, but I know for a fact that I love being a mom of boys. 🙂

If you are a boy mom, what is the most hilarious thing you’ve said to your boy(s)?




  1. It’s the boys who are saying the hilarious things at our house. We don’t have goat poop around here though, so that significantly cuts back on hilarious things for me to say!! I love being a boy momma, too!

  2. I am the Mom of two boys also. The funniest thing I ever said to my youngest son, Kevin, who was quite a handful is “One of us isn’t going to live until you are 18!” BTW, we both did. He is a joy, and is now the father of a 10-month old daughter.

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only mama that has to tell my little guy not to pee in certain areas.
    He’s fascinated with peeing in the grass after seeing a friend his age do it. He says he’s watering the grass. Boys just make me laugh! All the things you mentioned are the same things that happen in our house often too!

  4. My three sons are all grown now, but I had to laugh at your post! I remember those crazy days just like they were yesterday–the holes in the knees, telling them to put some clothes on, etc…They are all three fabulous young men now and we love to tell our family stories of all the craziness when we are all together! Enjoy every second of this fun and wild time in your lives–there is nothing quite like a house full of little boys! I did end up having a daughter after my three sons and she has had quite the experience having three big brothers! What fun!!

  5. I have 4 boys and one of the funniest moments that will never be forgotten was when the oldest 2 decided to pee on opposite sides of the same bush. The bush wasn’t that big. It went right through the bush and onto the other pee-er! Hilarious! Those two are 15 and 17 right now and always remember when they peed on each other!

  6. Haha! I love this! I only have sisters, and my husband comes from a boys only house. I’ve learned some very interesting things about how different boy houses are from girl houses since we’ve been married. 🙂
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  7. Lately about the only thing I say to my 3 year old is “get your hand out of your pants.” Don’t know if it will change as he gets older 😉

  8. Oh Myra….. I, too, am the mother of boys and I LOVED your post!! I was wondering how you narrowed it down to only 10 things!? My boys are now 18 and 14, but we can all think back to the things I’ve said to them over the years….they are laughing about them now. One night several years ago, we had just sat down to dinner and my younger son was goofing around and I said, “Just for that, you get to pray for our dinner.” He did and when he finished he said, “I didn’t realize that praying was a punishment!” Needless to day, I had some explaining to do!
    Another favorite….we don’t have goats, but after several hours of playing outside, and they came inside with those wonderful little boy smells, I told them they needed to get cleaned up because they smelled “goatish”. They both still laugh about that one!!
    Thanks so much for sharing – you made my day!

  9. I too am a boy mom, I have 5 of them and 2 babes in heaven, so I may have 7 sons or I may also be a girlie mom, I guess one day I’ll find out. My mother never said I would have 7 children and whenever I envisioned motherhood as a young child, of course, all I imagined were girls, like my baby dolls. I love, love, love being their mom and they have made me laugh and cry and everything in between and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. Our youngest is 15 and quite the comedian so maybe one day we’ll see him on the Tonight Show or something. He always makes us laugh. And yes, on more than one occassion I have said wow I never thought I would of said that, yes being a boy mom is full of great JOYS!!!! Toodles, Barbi

  10. There are too many hilarious things we say to boys. My son didn’t always remember to zip up after using the potty, so my standard was to say to him “XYZ!” That still stands for Examine Your Zipper at my house, although hopefully now, at the age of 45, he remembers all by himself! LOL!!

  11. I have 3 boys & they are a lot of fun (& work)! I once told my 2 youngest they were lucky I didn’t “Lysol” them after making them scrub from their elbows down. They had found a dead squirrel in the yard & they were carrying it around by the tail. :/ I honestly am amazed that any boy ever grows up to be a man! lol

  12. “i am being as careful with that huge board with the large nail puncturing your shoe and foot so we can get you into the car to get you to the ER. Our doctor is meeting us there to get this thing removed and be sure there is no really serious damage to your foot.”
    Unfortunately, this is only one of MANY MANY things said to a very adventuresome boy child. He has been deployed to most continents with the military so I guess it was early training ???

  13. Let’s see, there was “do not EVER pee on the ceiling fan again!” And “why did you throw Meemaw’s cat off of her front porch?” (A 15 foot drop) And “how did the beanie weenies get on the ceiling?” There are many more, and my oldest of four boys is only seven. I expect there will be many more to come!

  14. When my younger son was about two, I had to inform him the toilet seat was not a hat. But only after laughing hysterically after he got the training potty toilet seat stuck around his neck. Ya, we had to cut it off.

  15. I loved this post! After having two girls, I now have my son. Totally new terrain. So this morning my son woke up bright and early and began to wake up the entire house on a Saturday morning just because he’s being “himself”. So after trying to repeatedly redirect him. He got out his hammer! I said “no ford! If you want to hammer, go in the playroom where no one can hear you.” (It was pouring rain so I couldn’t send him outside) I am pretty sure a person with no sons would question my judgement, but he’s been hammering since he was two, so he’s had 3 years of practice!:)

  16. I am a proud mama of two boys, ( I also have a little girl). I have said many of these things at least once if not a dozen times. We have visited the ER a dozen or more times. Having boys have made me see all the adventures that everyday life brings. I remember so many things that I have said to them. However when my little girl was a newborn and I was nursing her, I remember telling my then 20mth year old boy to get his hand out of the toliet. Needless to say he was after a toy that he put in there on purpose. Oh the joy!

  17. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but you will worry about them MORE when they are adults. That first (and second) truly broken heart, the jobs they didnt get…..aaah, the questionable decision making. Teach your boys (and girls) this early on: Follow your heart, but take your brain with you!

  18. PS….one of my sons has been in emergency rooms in 4 different states (and we have never moved)

  19. My son likes to play at the stairs. Running, hanging, gliding, etc. Every day I tell him to be carefull at the stairs. One day I said: “How many times should I tell you DON’T play on the stairs?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!” He calmly anwsered: “100 times mommy!”

  20. I have 2 boys, 32 months & 22 months, so your post made me laugh out loud. I suppose me saying something like “Don’t put that in your nose” is pretty normal.

  21. Honestly my boys so the craziest things…me I am just like no do not say that or please do not climb the counters to get snacks, Ill get them

  22. My son is 18 months. I’ve said, “don’t put beans in your ear, Don’t touch- that’s bird poop, and don’t climb on that.” All pretty normal for a boy mom 😀

  23. When my son was three I walked in the kitchen to find him sitting on top of the fridge….I asked him why in the world he was up there? His response..”because I’ve never been up here!”. Such adventure out there for little boys 😉

  24. Please take the baby squirrel back outside so its mom can find it and put it back in its nest. Then wash your hands!

  25. So far my favorite has been my almost 3 year old asking to ride our cat like a horsey… I told him that was “frowned upon in this establishment.” which made my husband laugh pretty hard. Maybe one day my son and cat will become friends… 🙂

  26. My favorite: “son, do not fart in the bathtub, I know the bubbles are cool, but it’s gross!”

  27. I just read this! Life with boys is a whole different ballgame for sure! I am a Momma of 3 boys, 6, 3, and 1! They all love to be naked as a whole but when we just had my first he came outside in his underwear and my husband stopped him and said, “You cannot be outside in your underwear!” He goes back inside for a minute and then comes back out stark naked! My husband (bugged eyed) says, “What?! You cannot be outside naked either!” to which my little one replied, “But you said I couldn’t be outside in my underwear?!” Classic kid common sense 🙂

  28. “Stop hitting your baby brother with a hammer!” (Don’t worry. It was a toy.) Three boys…2, 5, and 7. I love them to pieces!

  29. I have three sons and a little girl. Life with boys is NEVER boring! ;0) You just never know what will turn into a sword or tool! Lately the saying has been ” Gentlemen, knights later, wash now! As they are using my spoons, plates and bowls (that their suppose to be washing) as shields, swords and helmets!
    And with three older brothers my little girly girl also has some funny story that I will enjoy telling her husband some day!

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