8 Seasonal DIY Wreath Tutorials

One of my favorite diy projects to make is a seasonal wreath. I love how easy and inexpensive wreaths are and how versatile they are to my home decor. They can be either hung on the front door or anywhere inside my home. You might wonder, “How do I make a wreath?” Well, no worries! I’ve got your back. I’ve put my wreath tutorials together in one place. Booyah!

how do i make a wreath

Here are my wreaths to date, but you can be sure that I’ll be adding to the list as time goes on.  I only have five of the eight wreaths still intact. Whenever I get a crazy idea, I usually tear things apart to repurpose them into something new.


1. DIY Spring Wreath Tutorial

2. Burlap Spring Wreath {with interchangeable embellishments}


3. DIY Summer Wreath

4. DIY Burlap & Lace Wreath


5. DIY Deep Teal Yarn Wreath

6. Pine Cone & Book Page Wreath


7. Peppermint Wreath Tutorial

8. Burlap Valentine’s Day Wreath

Do you enjoy creating seasonal wreaths? 

Happy Wednesday!! :)



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  1. Amy B. says

    When you first made the peppermint wreath I began to crave Red Hots. Now I must have a bag at all times! You reminded me of my love for this candy. :)


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