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Happy Monday, y’all! I hope you had a fantabulous weekend and you’re all geared up for this week!  My husband was out of town last week, so I didn’t do much around the house at all – no DIY projects or craft. {gasp!} I spent my time finding fun things to do with Ridley. It kept us busy and mostly not missing “Daddy” too much.

My little buddy.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’m loving Instagram. I just downloaded it when they came out with the Android app and I’m hooked. What I love so much is that Instagram makes it easy to capture sweet moments like never before. Sometimes it’s a pain to lug around my larger DSLR camera, but using my camera phone is perfect.

I found this awesome divided basket at a thrift shop for one dolla! :)

One of my Memaw’s roses. She has a super tall rosebush.

Lily {my niece} and Ridley ridin’ on a little 4-wheeler…very slowly.

I loved catching this moment of my Dad reading to Lily and Ridley.

We went to a festival this weekend and as we hiked from parking to the festival, we crossed a beautiful creek.

My little man loved riding a horse. I was petrified that they didn’t have him strapped on or something, so I kept reminding him to hold on tight. :)

Ridley did a little kiddie bungee jumping. He was so brave!

We finished off Saturday with lunch at Moe’s and grocery shopping.

We had a fun, busy week and weekend and now I’m ready to conquer the neglected laundry piles and the kitchen, oh yeah, the kitchen. I’m hoping to begin working on the boy room cleanout and makeover this week. If you see any extra energy floating around, send it my way!

I would love to connect with you on Instagram. My username is my_blessed_life.

Do you Instagram? Leave your username in the comments so I can follow you!



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  1. I love instagram too! You might find this article of April 10th interesting they are selling to FB for $1 Billion dollars….why couldn’t I have thought of that?

  2. Jacinda Cote says:

    I love instagram! :P I just wrote about it in my blog as my newest addiction. It’s so true that it’s much easier to use instead of hauling your camera around! :)
    my name is: @sewseraphic

  3. I have a droid too and have been loving the instagram as well! :) I’m viviennewagner
    Vivienne @ The V Spot´s last blog post ..Venison Chili (Because Chili con Bambi sounds funny.)

  4. Totally hooked to Instagram as well!! My hubby surprised me with a new iPhone just a couple weeks after Blissdom! I downloaded the app right away, but didn’t really start using it much until a couple weeks ago!! I am following you & I’m pretty sure you are already following me too!! Love all of your pics!! Have a great week!!
    Mandy Rose´s last blog post ..Welcome To My Dining Room

  5. And that last comment was from me!! Ha ha!! I’m hanging out at Mandy’s house today……whoops!! :)
    Tonya Diehl´s last blog post ..Thrift Store Chair Makeover….

  6. All of the sudden I’ve been hearing about Instagram everywhere…and I don’t really even know what it is. I will have to download the app and get with the program :)
    Katie´s last blog post ..Spicy Chipotle Chex Mix

  7. Awesome photos! I love the thrift store dollar find, and I really love Moes’ too!!

    Ridley is so adorable!
    Lisa´s last blog post ..Power Tools Cure Ping Pong-ing!

  8. Looks like you had a great weekend!! I love Instagram as well! My username is tarashea03. Have a great week! :-)

  9. I love it too!! It’s so addicting and I haven’t used my camera once since hubby bought me a new phone! I started following you! @decoratinghemlock

  10. I just started with Instagram today :) my username is littlemama769

  11. I haven’t ventured into Instagram yet. One addiction at a time, I say. =)
    Was your hubby at T4G last week? Our pastors were planning to go, but had to cancel. I know all about keeping kiddos busy while daddy is gone. My husband has four trips business trips a year and each of them are anywhere from 10 days to two weeks long. Looks like you all had fun, though!

  12. Mine is photolovr4. I JUST started using it and I like it so far. I’m probably showing my ignorance, but the only thing I really dislike about it is how it MAKES you crop the picture in a perfect square. Grrr. Still, it’s a great app! I’m following you now, btw! :)
    Jessica´s last blog post ..Fun Friday: Random Things

  13. Hi myra, i just added instagram on my ipad and lovin it so far. I added you and LOVE your pix. Thanks for sharing. Follow me and hopefully you’ll see some cute pix!

  14. Oh yeah oops, my name is lsfloridagirl211.

  15. You guys look like you had a great time. I totally know the feeling of planning while Daddy is away. I’ve been hearing about the Instagram alot I have to look into it.
    Evelisa´s last blog post ..Monday’s Make-it … { my ‘no mess’ wall hooks + drill tip}

  16. Love instagram too!!


  17. Live_tolove .. I’m just starting out but follow me please

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