Playing With Bubbles

Happy Friday!  Ridley and I have been enjoying extra time outside in the last few weeks. He loves playing with bubbles and he wants to wear his bike helmet all the time. Ha!

He’s my sweet, stubborn little man.

I love these little Converse shoes I scored at a consignment sale for $2.00. They are his favorite shoes!

Reach for the sky!

Few things are better better than blowing, chasing and popping bubbles.

Don’t let that sweet smile fool you. He’s a rascal. And I love him immensely!

What is your preschooler’s favorite outside activity?




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  1. says

    oh he is precious! and I have a little rascal that melts my heart with his smile too!
    love his adorable shoes, what a sweet deal!
    and of course you need a bike helmet for blowing bubbles…or sidewalk chalk (a favorite for my kids) and even on the swing set.
    love how their little minds work!!
    thanks for sharing your day~great pics!
    Kerri (a simple princess)´s last blog post ..empty

  2. says

    My son is really enjoying riding his bike right now. We also went on a walk at the local nature reserve yesterday and he created an explorer bag (our of a sock he found, yuck, but I have to encourage the creativity right) and both kids were really enjoying finding rocks. It great how the simple things bring such great pleasure! BTW my daughter is wanting to wear her helmet all the time too! She wore it all afternoon while we were at the park, ha ha.
    Emilia Brasier´s last blog post ..Tulip Fest Outing

  3. says

    Well I don’t have preschoolers anymore, but when my youngest (who is now 8) was smaller, he loved to play with sticks, re-enacting Star Wars or just playing war. It’s the warrior in every boy!


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