5 Simple Ways To Update Your Home Decor

Happy Friday, y’all! I hope you’ve had a great week!  If you missed my post yesterday about the 5 Simple Ways ebook, be sure to download your free copy! :)  Today, I’m excited to share 5 Simple Ways To Update Your Home Decor. Make your home the best it can be for the least amount of money possible with these tips!

Here are my five simple tips to update your home decor…

1.  Declutter and dejunk.

It’s easy to get the cart before the horse and begin decorating before cleaning out and cleaning up. Decorating is the fun part, but by decluttering old paperwork, donating items to the thrift store and selling unnecessary furniture, you will be able to decorate much more efficiently and you might even make a bit of money to fund your decorating update! Don’t be afraid to get rid of what you don’t love any longer!

2.  Add architectural interest.

My very favorite way to warm up a space and make it feel “lived in” is to add architectural interest.  I’m a sucker for vintage windows, my old stove board, ironwork and board and batten. In our old house, we installed board and batten on the extremely-textured walls. It made a dramatic change!!


Yowza! After!

The board and batten method we used wasn’t cheap. Because of the imperfections in the bumpy walls, we installed paneling so the wall would be smooth between the strips.  My friend Decor Chick has a super-inexpensive board and batten tutorial that rocks!

 3. Paint a piece of furniture.

If you’ve never painted a piece of furniture before, prepare to get addicted. I’m no expert at painting furniture like my friends Shaunna and Kate, but I’ve achieved some good results.  I’ve snagged beat up furniture at yard sales and thrift shops that is just begging for a new life.  One of these pieces is my apple green desk which everyone loves. I took a risk painting it green, but it still makes me smile and it’s perfect for every season!

Just lovely!  The white garden stool is also a thrift-shop-rescued piece that paint totally changed!

I completely transformed this laminate nightstand with spray paint, a little sanding, stenciling and new knobs. It is one of my favorite pieces!

My friend Kate just took her readers on a little shopping trip for her 8 Essential Furniture Painting Supplies! I say ditto. :)

4.  Beautify your bookshelves.

Bookshelves aren’t just for books and collecting dust.  Consider using a shelf or two to display decorative accessories or photo frames. This small addition will add character and personality to an otherwise “boring” shelf of books…and it’s basically free!

Here you can see how I transitioned bookcases in our living room {2 houses ago} from cluttered to simple and neat.  There’s nothing “wrong” with the more cluttered look. I just got tired of it and I really do like having to move fewer items when dusting.

I’m sure someone will mention that the books are turned backwards in the “after” photo. I’m a weirdo who enjoys treasure hunting for specific books. Ha!

Give your bookshelves some “oomph” that reflects your personality!

5.  Seasonally decorate a shelf or mantel.

You might think that decorating seasonally is a lot of work, but it can be as much or as little as you want.  Whether you go all-out for every single holiday or if you just rearrange a few things as season change, either choice is a great way to keep a mantel {or a shelf} fresh and new throughout the year.

Above, you can see a few of my seasonal mantels – Spring, Summer, 4th of July, Fall and Christmas.  Some are simple and others are more extravagant.

Do whatever floats your boat. The possibilities are endless!

If you’re looking to update your home decor after the holidays, I hope these 5 simple tips have inspired you!! :)

What is your favorite simple tip to update your home decor?


Check out the other 5 Simple Ways series posts below! There’s SO much incredible information on saving money, being more efficient, organizing, fashion, couponing and more!



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  1. Great tips, Myra! My Hubby and I made a resolution with one another to focus on our home. We are right in the middle of a huge declutter and donate phase. We’re both enjoying all the space we are freeing up. Now if we could just find the time to put up some board and batten in the livingroom…. ;-)

  2. These are fabulous tips, Myra! Thanks for the reminder that style does not have to be pricey! Love the tip about adding architectual details-I do this often and love the change it affords. xoxo
    linda (burlap+blue)´s last blog post ..grain sack chair (the burlap+blue way)

  3. Those are great tips! I love your apple green desk, too!

  4. I’m in the declutter and junk out phase right now. Then hopefully moving onto some renovation!
    Ashley´s last blog post ..I’m baaaa-aaaaaack!

  5. My house needs serious help. I have done exactly 1 project in the last 2 years. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Shaina´s last blog post ..Closing the Door on 2011 and Looking Forward in 2012

  6. Myra,
    These are great tips. One of my changes after un-decorating from the holidays is to style my mantel, again. It’s always a good opportunity to just do it different. I’m always mixing and moving items on my bookshelves, a subtle change but makes it feel different. I’m very mood based when it comes to decorating–

    Nice post.
    Julie@gosimplysavvy´s last blog post ..organizing with shelves:: weekly product pick

  7. Love these ideas. I started painting a headboard and side table. Think I might finish it with stenciling idea like yours.
    Seasonal tree-I kept a small Christmas tree in my dining room all last year and decorated it with different color/type ornaments. So much fun. After today I’ll be changing to winter colors until red/pinks in Feb.

  8. Myra,
    I love your ideas- and I am especially inspired by your idea to create a seasonal mantle. I added that to my “to do” list for this year. I am including a picture and a link to this blog post tomorrow on my Links to Love post over at http://www.momof6.com!

  9. Thank you for the mention, Myra! I’m really no expert either…just not afraid to get messy and go for it. And make plenty of mistakes, lol. You know I’m in LOVE with all of your furniture makeovers!

  10. Cynthia Smith says:

    I have a question about your front door…I love it and was wondering if you just painted your door or actually replaced it?

  11. Great tips Myra, and your desk is so lovely! The green is perfect. :)
    Jennifer´s last blog post ..Smoothies! What better way to increase the fruit in your diet?

  12. These are great befores and afters! I love the green desk and the architectural changes to the living room. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Teresa Hudson says:

    This site is a blessing to all those needing some great ideas and advice. Thank you for sharing. Y
    ou are a new friend!


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