My Child Is The Energizer Bunny

On Saturday evening, Ridley and I drove exactly one mile down the road from our house to “the farm” where my parents, Memaw and my Aunt and Uncle live.  I had to roll Memaw’s hair for church on Sunday, so my mom {Ridley calls her Yaya} played with Ridley outside.

When I was done with Memaw’s hair, I went outside and caught some of the real time action.

He likes to go…

and go….

and go…

{chasing a ball}

and go…

and GO….

When he finally slows down, Ridley loves his little Mini to ride around in.  He’s a crazy driver and won’t be getting his license any time soon. Ha!

Is your family enjoying some beautiful Spring weather?

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  1. says

    Oh man. This makes me nervous about having a boy. My 3 yr old girl is already the energizer bunny. Does that mean I have a chance of having a calm boy?

    So cute though!

  2. says

    I can totally relate! Love little energetic boys! They make you feel younger during the day but at night after bedtime you feel sooo much older ha! We are enjoying the Spring weather too, and not looking forward to the violent storms headed for Alabama tomorrow!
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  3. says

    Awwww. I love it!
    The weather is getting nice here, but ALOT of rain. Only a couple of nice, Spring days so far this year. I’m glad you guys have the beautiful weather down there.

  4. Hannah L. says

    Just L-O-V-E my little man (ok, so he’s not mine, but I love him all the same!) =) Haha….he defiantly keeps you on your toes! =)

  5. says

    Enjoy that little cutie while he’s little. They really do grow up very fast!!! I wish we were enjoying the nice weather that you are. Spring is playing hide and seek with us here. We get our hopes up and then it either snows or rains!!!

  6. Amy says

    I know that you live in Alabama and haven’t posted since the tornadoes hit down there – I hope you and your family are okay. Sending love and prayers!


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